Filipina Sex Guru Endorses YouTube Competitor

You’ve got to love an Asian siren who’s sexy even when she’s talking business in a business suit. Filipina sex guru Asia Agcaoili is the spokesmodel for YouTube competitor Megavideo.

Wonder if Filipinas have a natural affinity for social video.

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0 thoughts on “Filipina Sex Guru Endorses YouTube Competitor”

  1. LOL, CEC32…

    Mike, filipinas love to show off and be on the spotlight, so videos are just what they love most. 🙂

    This megavideo scene has very low quality, not a good sell for the new site… Weird.

  2. CEC32: Nowadays, you can’t talk about Filipinas and social video without Happy Slip. 😉

    daznlover: Yes, Filipinas have been sharing videos over mobile even before YouTube. 🙂

  3. I want to see her Megatitties. She is hot; she looks especially good in the linked photos to the earlier AS post, with the beautifully pale skin (which really appears to be a function of lighting and exposure, not skin). And there you see just how good her natural hair color looks vs. here with the fake highlights (recall readers the other thread on Asian hair).

  4. i was checking her pictures in the previous post of her…if those are fake, then that is the best looking job on any asian woman. period. imho of course. damn. shame those other links dont work anymore.

  5. on national tv? really? must get video!! (dont ask why)
    joking aside, then that is the best boob job i have seen.period. maybe i should get out more but…lalapalooza!
    i say that with one restraint. her nipples in the picture look as though she is pregnant.
    doesnt matter all the same.
    now i have to find that video!

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