Anarose is an young model from Hawaii. You know, I went home and I looked online to see where I could learn to be a lollypop, but there are currently no classes available at the local junior colleges. Darn.Stats:

Age: 18 (!)
Height: 5’4
Located: Hawaii
Ethnicity: ?





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  1. Simply gorgeous! That said, I think in a few more years she will be even more stunning. At 18 she still has a bit of growing up to do to.

    She’s a future 10 in my books.

  2. Ten bucks says she will be an “extra” in that new “Hawaii 5-0” television series being filmed now…

    Attractive gal…

  3. Anarose is just but a girl
    I wouldn’t want to give her a whirl
    Doin’ 16 down deep in the hood
    Gets you 15 to 20, no good
    In ten years she’ll be quite a pearl.

    I know she’s really eighteen
    The models they certainly do screen
    I’d rather still wait
    It won’t be too late.
    In ten years she’ll have the sure Siren sheen.

  4. There is no need for alarm
    Not to take away from her charm
    Cute certainly she is
    She’ll do well in this biz
    To look certainly causes no harm.

  5. (shrugging shoulders) She’s okay….but doesn’t quite stand out. Needs to do more to put a shock in the system, you know what i mean?

  6. Doc, you’re the perfect companion for a trip to Philippines or Thailand. I’ll check the ladies while you keep the beers cold. 🙂

    Anarose seems just ok in some pics, but wonderful in others. 18 sexy years old…
    She looks pretty hot most of the times.

    I’m a fan of the dark hair and the brown skin tone. And on my opinion her origins are either from Hawaii or from the Philippines.

  7. Yummy. She’s a pleasant variation from the norm for me. 18 is quite young, but she doesn’t flaunt her age like many other models do, so it doesn’t bother me.

  8. Breathtaking, has everything going for her that I want going for her. I’d seen the profile before, good to see some more pics. Will check back in a few years.

  9. I just returned from a week on the Big Island, and there are so many ‘girl next door’ beauties there…so plain and extraordinary.

    While I agree that Anarose’s face isn’t breathtaking, I find her sublime.

    I’m not sure why some – surgeon’s in particular – wouldn’t like a girl that doesn’t have a nose job or a boob job?

    Life is full of simple pleasures…exquisite gems in uncomplicated packages.

    Anarose – to me – is one of those. But maybe I’m just a snob for the simple beauty…!!!

  10. I’ll have a Blue Christmas without her!

    Anarose is a stunning wahine
    I’ll take her in that pink bikini
    She’s a jolly young elf
    Who I’ll keep all to myself
    And away from the Doc, that meanie:-(

  11. i likee this girl so velly much
    and i like her lack of tatts and such

    i’d write more i would
    but alas im tired
    i need to work
    before im fired….

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