Nikki Chao @

Nikki Chao @ (Photography: Greg Hadel)

There are plenty of explicit photos to be found on the web of Nikki Chao, but you will find the best photo’s on Yes, they have something called the X Files there (I wonder how did they come up with that name? ;-)) You will find the wildest uninhibited pornstars, photographed in style in that section.Some facts:

Birthday: March 09
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5′ 4″
Bust: 32B
Waist: 24
Hips: 34

Nikki on the web:

Nikki Chao @ (1)
Nikki Chao @ (2)
Nikki Chao @
Google search (if you have some time to spare 😉

Nikki Chao

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  1. she’s cute in the black but my girlfriend has a booty kind of like a black girl have anyoneelse heard of any other asain girls wit big booty’s hit me back

  2. I’ve heard Nikki has retired. Never really thought she was “all that” – but I guess she’s cute in her own way.

    I seem to remember that Tia Kai got pretty pissed at her at one point after their girl-girl shoot because Nikki & Co supposedly published nude(ish) shots of Tia, even though they agreed not to.

    She seemed to also have a pretty solid connection with which fortunately seems to have gone by the wayside (and morphed into the ever-nauseating But I remember her splitting from them in anger a couple of years back and starting – wise girl.

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