Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen

Sexy Michelle Zen is quite a combination of ethnicities. She is Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian, German, Cherokee Indian and Irish. Wow, that is some mixture!

Standing 168cm (5’6″), 23 year old Michelle has been modeling since 1999. She has traveled extensively including assignments in China, Hong Kong and the Bahamas. Michelle is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. You can read more about Michelle’s background in her Yahoo Group and her My Space pages. Sample more images of Michelle by clicking on

Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen

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Michelle Zen’s Yahoo Group
Michelle Zen’s My Space Page

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  1. They certainly look a whole lot bigger in the second shot than they do in the first and third shots, so unless they went overboard in Photoshop, I’d say yes. Apart from that there aren’t any obvious signs.

  2. Hey guys! Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback 🙂 I didn’t expect to get so many nice comments!!
    To answer your question regarding breast work- I assure you that I have not have any done. In fact, I am considering getting a breast reduction as they do give me quite a few problems including holding me back from getting different work. You would be surprised what a change in outfits or even what Photoshop will do to change appearance!
    The chronological order these pictures were taken is from first to last: Picture 4, Picture 3, Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 5. I hope that answers some questions. And thanks again for all the feedback. You guys are awesome. 😉

  3. Hi Michelle. Did you perhaps ‘grow up’ a bit between shots 1 and 2? Either way, I definitely wouldn’t consider a reduction – they certainly aren’t too large by any stretch of the imagination, and a reduction will leave scarring.

  4. She is lying down in the first shot and standing up in the second so I think it is the pose that is largely responsible for the apparent difference in size.

  5. I believe Michelle also goes by Michelle B and she’s in Xposed/Savvy. Damn I just love eurasians.

  6. Actually hotbytes2000, what you can see in the fourth pic is a padded bra. If that was her breasts, I’d say they were fake for sure – natural breasts aren’t that hard! 😉

  7. There are a lot of “Michelle B.”s, and the Savvy photos aren’t very informative. Looking at her other photos though I believe the Michelle B. above is indeed Michelle Zen.

  8. Once agin badboy, you don’t understand – please re-read my message carefully. There are many girls who call themsleves “Michelle B.”. Clearly, the one in the Savvy article is Michelle Zen. But, what I want to know is if the Michelle B. in my pic above is Michelle Zen. The Savvy pics don’t tell me this, but some of the other pics above do. Get it now?

  9. Lee, I guess your message didn’t read that clearly to me. I thought you meant that the Michelle B on Savvy wasn’t necessarily Michelle Zen. I never claimed that the photo you posted of Michelle B was Michelle Zen and that wasn’t why I posted the link. I suppose I didn’t read it that carefully as I misrembered “informative” as “conclusive” in my response.

  10. When I pointed it out, I didn’t have conclusive information either but if you look at the pictures, you’d know it’s the same person. Maybe Michelle herself can verify this once and for all?

  11. I looked at both pictures and it looks like the same person. The thing I don’t understand is why the same model has different names or change her name all the time.

  12. Wow. I didn’t realize there was so much interest in me! haha. Sorry for all the confusion with my name. I am indeed Michelle B.. Let me explain the change. That photo that was posted was at the LA HIN event last year which happened to be my very first import event. I had no clue what the import scene was about and I was pretty new to the whole thing (hence I looked like a complete mess- I don’t know why I thought that top looked good.. haha!) The reason the Savvy/Xposed shoot has me listed as the same name is because that shoot was actually taken a couple of days before the HIN event.
    After attending the event, I realized that Michelle B would not work as my industry name. And you are right, there are many Michelle B’s out there. I don’t change my name ‘all the time’, but rather this was just a silly mistake on my part that I made very early in my import career. 🙂
    hehe.. I didn’t really expect so much discussion on me! I hope I’ve cleared up the name confusion!
    And all this talk about my boobs is making me blush 😉

  13. Well Michelle, as is well known I am very disappointed with the current standard of up and coming import models, but you are gorgeous!

  14. I’ve been greatly enjoying Michelle’s most recent pics on her MySpace page, but I have to say I’m finding it very hard to believe that nothing’s been ‘added’…

    Whatever the case though, she’s really looking great!

  15. Dr. Lee-
    I’m not out to prove anything. I was simply answering a question that was posed to me.. take it as you will. 🙂
    Do you go to any of the HIN events?

  16. Hi Michelle. As I am in Australia it is unfortunately impossible for me to attend these events. If I could though you can be sure I would come to see you – judging from your most recent photos, you seem to be looking more and more gorgeous all the time! Along with Stacey Lee, you are definitely my favourite amongst the new generation of import models (actually, for me you’re even more gorgeous than Stace!).

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