Model identified: KT So


On Non-Nude Beautiful Asian Girls blog (yet another Asian babe blog?) I spotted these old photo’s of KT So. See More… for more images 😉 Or follow the original link for all images (12 photo’s remaining, disappearing fast, judging by the broken links).



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  1. Come on Robin, I actually originally used a pic from this series when I did my post (although I replaced it at KT’s request). I think she has one of the best bodies of all the current import models, but for me her OTT nose job ruins everything. A shame. 🙁

  2. Oeps. I guess I did not recognize her :-\ Found these photo’s and really liked the poses. It was late friday afternoon at work, so it was kind of a rush-post.

  3. Whoah, Serenna does have a great body! Interestingly, she looks quite a bit like KT – unfortunately including the nose job, although in Serenna’s case it’s not enough to spoil my enjoyment from the neck down. 😉

    Why did she choose the same name as the very high profile big bust model?

  4. I agree with Tony. This is a classic example of a beauty ruined by ugly fake breasts. Her lithe body was so sexy before. A pity.

  5. There’s nothing wrong w/ KT’s nose, nor did she have plastic surgery on it. Many Chinese people have noses in that shape. As far as Serena, yes, she’s beautiful overall. However, KT’s beauty is a bit more natural and pseudo-girl-next-door-ish (aside from the new rubber knockers).

    Even though KT went the way of the plastic, she’s still one of my favorites – especially personality-wise.

  6. It’s seems like everywhere I look now, my favorite models are getting fake breasts. At least KT’s boobs didn’t ruin her body, they are really great. I just feel that she didn’t need them. She was cute without them, and with them, she looks more slutty.

    I like big breasts, just not big fake ones.

  7. Serena Lee got a nose job over a year ago when she was in Korea. Don’t know what she looks like now. She is now in UCLA going for her Masters and yes, there is a slight resemblence to KT. I guess that is why i mention it in my post. The nose and mouth are very similar.

  8. I gotta go with Tony Dorito on this and these models already look great as is but arguably the fake breasts does add more sex appeal. I don’t think petite girls should do it because it ends up having that unappealing doorknob shape, because they don’t have enough skin in their body.

  9. Well Freddy, I’ve seen thousands of Chinese women, but I’ve never seen one with a nose this prominent – unless they’ve had a nose job (which very many Asian women have had these days, unfortunately). It also has the characteristic accentuated bridge of a nasal implant, as well as that peculiar “stuck on” look that is almost always the result of surgery.

  10. Hi Dr.

    I see, so you were thinking she went small-to-big on the nose. I suppose that’s possible, and if so, unfortunate as you say. I tend to think it’s her natural nose.

    But as far as the “thousands” you’ve seen w/o such a nose, I suppose they stay separate from the “thousands” I’ve seen who do. (?)

    Especially if their family lines originate from places like Ningxia, Xinjiag or Qinghai, they carry ancestry that includes Mongol, Central Asian and some Eur-asian dating back hundreds of years. Much “mixing” took place during the Mongol Empire, as well as via the Silk Road.

    Many hooked noses came to be through these transplants. China has not always been a race of button-noses, and continues with that tradition.

    Not to spew a history lesson here on the boards, but Dr., you’re just not correct… sorry!

  11. Don’t worry guys, were used to Lee making definitive statements about models having plastic surgery which turn out to be wrong.

    He sometimes fogets to put “in my opinion” or “it looks to me” in front of his statements.

    That is why those of us who read here frequently never take his plastic surgery comments seriously. It’s so funny because he sometimes makes statements sounding so sure of himself, you would think he had been in the room and witnessed the surgery. But in fact, he has no way of knowing for sure.

    But we know that is just Lee and we have learned to take it more as entertainment value. 🙂

  12. Can you name one example where I have been shown to be wrong? Models saying they haven’t had surgery means nothing – they always say that. The only case I know of where I think my initial impression may have been incorrect is Charisse Kaylin, and then I openly admited as such.

    Notice that you guys are completely sure when you say she hasn’t had surgery. How do you know? Your pronouncements are just as certain as mine.

    As to Freddy’s “history lesson”, I am aware of this, and have seen many such hooked noses, but they don’t have the accentuated bridge that is characteristic of a nasal implant, nor do they look this “stuck on”. If KT’s nose is natural, then she should have a nose job! 😉

  13. Exactly. In my experience, this sort of ‘wierdness’ is only for one reason. Also, let’s not forget that these days the vast majority of models do have surgery – nose jobs amongst Asian models have become almost universal. There have been many models who I thought were natural but turned out to have surgery, but with the possible exception of Charisse there’s never been a model who I thought had surgery who turned out to be natural.

  14. I always thought that she had a weird nose. I guess I was paying too much attention to that ass to notice her nose. And she has such a great ass, but I feel that ever since she got that boob job, the fake tits took the attention away from that bootie, which I felt made her unique amongst an evergrowing sea of Asian-American models & car models.

    Alot of women don’t need surgery. I keep seeing many instances of women having surgery when they don’t need it and looking worse afterwords. Like women who get implants who don’t need them and their nipples are all over the place or they get them entirely too big and look ridiculous.

  15. Yeah, we know she had a boob job, so why is it so hard for people to believe that she had a nose job too, when her nose looks so odd and it is a far more common type of surgery for Asian models than breast surgery?

  16. Been looking at more close-ups of her face, and I’d say she probably has a chin implant as well. This one isn’t as definite as her nose, but once again this type of surgery is almost universal for Asian models these days. It would also contribute to the ‘oddness’ of her face.

    Korean and Japanese surgeons regularly do work I wouldn’t recognise if I wasn’t told. Why can’t US surgeons do this?

  17. I heard from a Korean guy I know, he said that all of his high school girls that he knew has either a facelift, breast implant or both. He also said that it was the parents present for their 18 birthday.

  18. Yeah, it’s so common these days that I’m always surprised by the vociferous response when I say a model has had surgery. I’m also surprised that models still claim to be natural when they aren’t. Haven’t we moved on from that?

  19. I hate when models say that they are all natural when obviously they are not. I wish they would be honest and say that they had surgery so they can make money posing for pictures. But that will never happen.

  20. I would just love to join with KT and her girlfriends above and start suckling and feeding like a little baby. Then maybe one day, I could grow up big and strong.

  21. haha, I’ve got a funny story… it’s a bit racy though, I don’t think that the good Doctor will approve.

  22. Awww…I hope it ain’t a girl with the ole sausage surprise in your hotel room, is it Flip? 🙂 “Honest guys, I didn’t know till the next morning” :)))

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