Nicole Narain


Okay, I admit Nicole Narain is a little bit of a stretch, but this famous Playboy model does actually come from 1 quarter Chinese descent and 1 quarter Indian descent. Should she count as an Asian Siren? That I will leave up to you.Stats:

Age: 35
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: 1/2 Afro-Guyanese, 1/4 Indo-Guyanese nad 1/4 Chinese-Guyanese
Located: Chicago














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  1. She georgeous.

    definitely has Blasian looks, but, she could pass for Indian/Arab.

    i just wish she had more ass.

  2. I agree with Denver11.

    She was terribly hot back in the day. Recent phots have made me do a double-take. (“Is that her?”)

    Black/Asian can be quite a nice mix. Some (obviously not Nicole Narain) are the result of African-American military guys spending time in Japan or Korea. When I lived in Tokyo in the early 90s I saw a good number of attractive Japanese women having flings with black solidiers. I have seen this (although to a lesser extent) in and around Seoul, too. A few of these connections have resulted in marriage.

  3. I come to this site to see the best of the best of beautiful Asian women and in general AS does a good job of that. Where to draw the line on what constitutes an Asian women is rightly open to some debate.
    However for me, this woman is clearly not Asian looking despite her 1/4 Chinese heritage.
    Variety is important, we don’t want articles on AV idols every time but I have to question this girls right to have an article on AS.

  4. Nicole is a distant mix but she’s pretty hot. 25% ethnicity makes her eligible, that’s my vote.

    I love her brown skin and at 35 that’s a rockin body! Eyes, ass, general shape, she’s doing very good.

    Nice video with Colin. Interesting that he went to her place, but the performance wasn’t that great.

  5. Wow, I was just looking at pics of Nicole yesterday. As long as someone is 50% of Asian or Indian ethnicity, I feel that qualifies them to be featured here. And Indian women are featured here, so Nicole qualifies.

  6. Cutie girl…….Especially for 35. And yes she qualifies as Asian. If she has a percentage of Asian…….she’s legit! Not to pleased with the sex tape thought. One would think a 35 semi celeb with her looks would have more experience…hence a better performance than what she shown on the tape. Collin was lame too….he should have turned her lil ass out!

  7. she’s 1/4 chinese and 1/4 indian making her half asian… you’ve featured plenty of half asian/half white women, but if she’s half black, suddenly, her “asian heritage” is called into question. why? i bet it’s because most of you are white.

  8. Good call pander, though in my opinion plenty of non whites would have the same sentiments. Clearly half white half asian or so mixes are viewed quite differently compared to half black half asian. Which is unfortunate.

    Like that one asian contestant on some ‘asia idol’ competition. She was half black and it stirred a bit of racist hatred towards her. I doubt she would have gotten such grief if she was half white. Not to get into racial politics too much but there is a racial ‘hierarchy’ and preference in this world when it comes to mixes.

    At any rate Nicole looks good and has kept in shape and is natural. I don’t mind a different look from time to time.

  9. @pander: as I say above, I think she qualifies, but there have been question marks over whether we should feature Indian women here at all, so it is understandable that there should be a question mark over this girl. I think it’s also about how the girl looks – as a general rule, white/caucasian mixes look closer to pure Asian than black/Asian, although of course that isn’t always the case.

  10. her face is gorgeous. i looked at some photos of her when she was younger and she was even more beautiful back then. well, she clearly hit the genetic jackpot, haha.

  11. …btw i don’t think her being 35 is all that remarkable? i think at that age it’s mostly the way you style yourself that portrays your age, but if a woman at 35 had, say, long hair and didn’t wear mom jeans, i don’t think she’d have a hard time coming off as younger in appearance as well.

    i’m sure it’s really difficult to keep her body looking the way it does though. that’s admirable.

  12. Wrinkles too Christine…

    Number one reason for wrinkles and crow’s feet is the sun. Stay out of the sun!

    Of course, the darker your skin is genetically, the stronger your resistance to the sun’s damage.

    Those models that always have to have a tan in their 20s will be spending big bucks on skin products by the time they are 30.

  13. The photographer here really did a good job with her…notice in many photos how her hair is strategically covering the outside of her eyes- where her “crow’s feet” (wrinkles on the outside of the eyes) would be…on the farther away shots it does not matter.

    On the last pic, which is a close up, notice how the photographer shined a light specifically on the right side of her face- hiding any wrinkles….

  14. The second pic from the bottom or the squat shot is my fave. That’s hot. She does have sort of a flat butt though. Not that I’d mind.


    1. Indo-guyanese means Indian-Guyanese
    Half Indian (from India), half Guyanese.
    Most Indians are asians.

    2. Chinese Guyanese are almost exclusively asians.

    3. Afro-guyanese means black Guyanese, not African Guyanese. All Afro Guyanese are black.

    The only legitimate source I could find on this, below, stated: “Her mother is Afro-Guyanese while her father is 1/2 Indo-Guyanese and 1/2 Chinese-Guyanese”


    That means she is 50% black, and 50% asian, not a quarter asian.

    That said, it is common in Hollywood to engage in exaggeration in your bio, and her race is difficult to determine with casual observation.

    If an attractive girl that looked 100% caucasian said she was 1/4 asian, I’d probably happily take a gander at her naked body, so I will do the same for Ms. Narain.

  16. Like it a lot.Gonna give her an ass exemption.Chalk it up to a naturally athletic frame.She’s totally hot.

  17. I will further comment, that though she may be Afro-indo-chinese guyanese, in picture 2 she has a Vietnamese rear end. 😉

  18. “That means she is 50% black, and 50% asian, not a quarter asian.”

    I don’t necessarily consider Indian women Asian women. I think it ignores their cultural history a little too much, so I usually prefer separate the two. I don’t think associating them to a continent is really that fair considering their histories and their appearances are so vastly different.

    Or, I suppose, I consider Indian women when I think of Asia, but not necessarily Asian women. Though to be honest, my opinion on this changes depending on my mood. I have considered featuring Russian women too from the area of the country that looks more traditionally Asian but thus far I have talked myself out of it because I have a feeling it will be frowned upon on AS. I can’t remember the name of those areas though.

  19. Funny posts… Some of the most gorgeous women I have seen in real life and on the screens have been a mix of African and Asian.

    Semantics aside and as Colin kept putting it so eloquently… She is @#$%ing amazing and does’nt have to be a pro to get anyone off.

  20. Wait… who is questioning her Asian heritage? Only one person did that, and barely. The question asked was whether she qualifies as an Asian Siren. That’s not the same thing.

  21. One half Asian. I believe there have been others here that were half Asian, so why not her? Although, I don’t care much for her.

  22. I think a lot of you are confusing race and country of origin.

    Again, the prefix Chinese, and Indo refer to country of origin. The prefix Afro refers to being of black, (not African country of origin as many mistakenly assume)

    There are black Chinese (Obama’s niece, for instance), and there are black Indians, but there are no asian or white Afro-Guyanese.

    While many people Europeans have problems with the US based classification of Indians being considered East Asians, but it is what it is.

    Many Hispanics in the US dispute that they are caucasian, though there are neither black, asian, nor mixed, though likewise, most Hispanics are caucasians.

  23. PS. The most repeated error seems to be the Indo-Guyanese portion.

    Someone who is Indo Guyanese is typically 100% asian, not half black, half asian.

    And again, its common in Hollywood for people to claim screen credits and attributes that are not factual simply to get a part, but who knows.

    e.g. When a casting agent asks “Can you swim?”, you say “I was a junior olympic qualifier in the 100M butterfly”, etc.

  24. Last time I looked India is in Asia as is the Middle east. In fact Asia is the most populous continent on the planet and encompasses parts of Russia…

    Anyway, the girl is hot and should qualify for both Asian and African Sirens, if there is an African sirens.

  25. Still hot, but she was a real stunner when she first popped on the scene. Has aged well though, can’t buy good genes. I so wish I was Colin…

  26. India Is Asia!!!

    I’d love to see Indian women here.

    There is this Indian girl at my bank with a really nice rack.

    I actually try to look at the banking documents when I’m at her window.

    Hey – it’s not my fault she wears her blouse like that.

  27. We have a few Indian hotties around here working at the local Dunkin Donuts. They must have invented Donuts or something.

  28. daznlover: Exactly! The ladies know what to feature. My eyes are always drawn to exposed cleavage, even if it isn’t that deep.

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