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This weekend marks the second time this winter I have been confined to the house because of snow. At least I was able to catch up on a few things and find out about Melanie.Overall, I find Melanie to be pretty hot and reminds me of Justene Jaro in some of the photos that she is in. If I knew her in real life, then her hotness would have come in handy in helping to melt this snow I almost strained my back to shovel from my sidewalk.

I do find her look to be harsh at times. I would like for her to leave her hair jet black and to get rid of the blue contact lenses because she doesn’t need them. Asians do not look as good with blue eyes.

She should also start posing full nude in my opinion. She has the body for it and would be very successful at it. In certain photos she does show a nipple or two, so why not go all the way. Maybe down the road she will.

Age: 21
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 100 lbs
Location: Anaheim, California












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  1. That black & white photo is just soooo sultry.She’s trynna’ get ready to go somewhere…and I’m trynna make sure she’s late!

  2. She looks as if she was ridden hard and put away wet…

    Harsh looking…plastic-y….is she Vietnamese or Cambodian maybe?

    Reminds me of Pamela Anderson with the bad implants and lip job.

    She does know how to pose very well, the photography is first rate and artistic, but the make-up is too harsh and not quite right for some settings…

    I wish I could go back a year and ask her to tone it down. She would be even better more natural.

  3. I essentially agree with Strout and French.

    Another woman who is trying way too hard. Overproduced and off-putting. She might be kind of pretty under all thatβ€”can’t tell. I wonder if her mother recognizes her. (β€œMelanie, is that you?”) A number of things jump out at me–in order: terrible implants, weird eyebrows, pumped-up lips, irritating tattoos, obnoxious contacts, and a bit thick around the midsection. Like the cowboy hat.

  4. i think she probably is prettier underneath the makeup; here’s one where she doesn’t have as much makeup on: pic

    that was taken from her modelmayhem profile, where she also says she is a makeup artist. i think that makeup artists in the US usually overdo it. i’ve tried getting my makeup done at many makeup counters here and they end up putting on craploads of stuff on my face, and i walk out looking worse than when i came in. so, i think that’s probably why she’s got such heavily applied cosmetics.

    i also don’t think she’s received botox lip treatments. many asians have naturally full lips; i think she has them too. she just used liner to outline slightly outside her lips, making them look even larger, and accentuating her cupid’s bow. i actually believe that this is the look that she was shooting for and she believes she looks good with all of this makeup on. she’s only 21, so maybe she’ll reconsider her aesthetic choices in the next few years. otherwise i think that, for many girls, this is just who they are and they’re happy with all of the cosmetics! of course, personally, i definitely think she looks better without.

  5. Actually Chrsitine, I think she has a fair bit of makeup on in that shot too (and it is very heavily touched-up), but the style is very different, and I agree she looks far more attractive there. That photo aside though (which appears to be a very flattering aberration), her look is way too harsh for my taste – this is something I often have a problem with in the case of current US import-style models.

    What’s her ethnicity BTW? Cambodian? Hmong?

  6. I’m not too bothered about the make-up etc…. I know under there is a beautiful woman.

    I’ve never been a fan of implants but it’s not something to put me off either, a pretty face will always win me over and I think under that make-up there is one.

    Love the black and white photo as well as the second to last one.

  7. How strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an implied nude model that is willing to let her genitals show only if they are technically covered by something, even if that something is see through. Good on her though.

  8. This “implied nudity” stuff is really getting beyond ridiculous.

    She certainly could be Vietnamese, though if she is she isn’t the kind that I prefer (Vietnam has a huge diversity of ethnicities).

  9. She’s hot! Nothing I don’t like, except she wears a bit too much clothing. I really wish I could see more.

  10. Well I definitely approve. She has that Wan Chai freelancer look – boobs, tatts, fulsome lips and no sharp edges whatsoever.

  11. The picture of her in the Cowboy hat is “the real her”. She’s not as interesting there as she is with the close up/oily pics.

    She’s definitely sexy though, but at only 100 pounds / five nothin…she’s average

    …with the exception of those breast implants.

  12. The breasts look like bolted on bowling balls.
    Mean looking, yes I agree.
    “Botox lips?!” I doubt it! Botox is for paralyzing muscles which smooths out wrinkles. Perhaps you mean collagen?

  13. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m sure they do mean collagen. πŸ™‚

    I also find it funny how breast implants are often referred to as “silicone” when – in the case of US implants at least – they are most often saline.

  14. There are a lot of wonderful pictures of this beauty, found with a simple search. But I would have to agree with the bad implant consensus. In this day and age, these young ladies should be able to get more natural-looking implants. Overall though, she has a great look, and I’m definitely a new fan!

  15. Arf’s pic is probably my favorite of her next to the cowboy hat one. She’s pretty, but in general I’m turned off by lips that full. Hopefully she’ll lose the “implied” in “implied nudity”.

  16. What I find interesting is that a lot of these asian models in the U.S., whether native or foreign born, seem to, almost on autopilot, get implants and other cosmetic surgery. And in terms of implants, go for the most obvious and out of proportion ones. Not all of course but just going back a few months it’s pretty obvious.

    I’m just curious, do they think they need to enhance themselves to be more ‘accepted?’

  17. She’s pretty hot yeah. i wish she would smile a little though. it would make her look cuter Imo. ;O tired of this ‘sexy’ face.

  18. this young lady doesn’t do much for me afraid, her new breasts are unfortunate. She’d probably be much more beautiful without them.
    On the plus side:
    Lovely bottom though!

  19. Sexy, tanned, curvy and petite. I like them that way! Full lips, hot boobs, Melanie is great in my book.

    Maybe just too much makeup, I’ve seen a pic in myspace which isn’t so glamorous. But I’d still get the hots for her.

  20. I like her, but I guess I’m a sucker for the So-Cal asian look.

    The boobs are big and the lips are Restylane, not Botox, but they’ll go down with time. it gets reabsorbed into the body.

    I think the fault in some of her photos is actually her eye makeup, versus anything else.

    The black and white photo is good, but the winner is the face shot where half her face is covered by her hair.

    Looks like an Asian Adriana Lima

  21. And I’m not conviced she wasn’t born with the lips. They’re remarkably consistent throughout makeup, hair and time changes.

    Some Asians have really great, full lips.

  22. I’d be willing to bet that she’s Khmer. I see lips like that every day, and not just on the Apsara’s adorning the walls at Angkor Wat.
    The rest of the package is pretty nice, but a smile and a laugh would go a long way.

  23. Strout: “I’m just curious, do they think they need to enhance themselves to be more ‘accepted?’ “.

    More like they feel they need to enhance themselves to get business. Take a look at girlie magazines like Playboy/Penthouse to see what mainstream America wants to look at. You don’t see many waifish, “natural”-looking women there.

  24. best thing about her is her tattoos. and her butt’s not bad. and she looks kind but she’s young yet.

  25. My experience: Self-esteem plays a part here…when a woman is 20 years old and already has the implants, tats, naval piercing, hair extensions, WAY too many clothes, and calls herself an “aspiring model”-because some temp boyfriend sprang for the “professional” cookie-cutter photos, then I look at the parents. They messed up.

    The “model” is seeking acceptance- just like every single one of us. It is human nature to want to be liked, to want to be accepted, to receive attention.

    Healthy people can draw a line- they can choose to decide what they are willing to do to conform to what the industry is seeking, and not go beyond that. Unhealthy people constantly move that line- until it becomes meaningless.

    In the USA, only 1% of college football players end up playing professional football in the NFL. A huge deciding factor is the size of the player. Scouts look at their stats- how tall are they? How strong? How fast can they run? Result: Some take steroids to conform to what scouts look for.

    Some models do the same. They conform to what is prevalent at the time. In the 1990s, Playboy went all out for 36c Blondes, in the last ten years, nude models are expected to be clean shaven and waxed.

    Even hairstyles go in cycles….

    AsianD- one reason why I stopped getting Playboy is because they almost never featured Asian models. I actually told this to Christie Hefner once (I run in some interesting circles). I could no longer distinguish between Miss March and Miss July because they were both bleached blondes with the same implant doctor.

    Anyhow, the successful model will differentiate herself in some way- looks, personality, marketing, artful photography, etc…

    Conforming to what they think the largest possible audience desires is more often than not a mistake. It gets them immediate attention- but what they did was to become a commodity- that is, no different from 1,000 other aspiring Asian models. Then it becomes a race to the bottom- how much less money will this model take vs. that model in order to appear at my club on Friday night. What else are they willing to do to get the job?

    Most of these models have no personality in their photos…they are as interchangeable and forgettable as the Playboy ones I mentioned earlier.

    Perhaps they “enhance” themselves to be more acceptable in the business. But again, they soon become a commodity.

  26. Shewwy! I just read all of that back there and don’t feel any better about myself. Shoot, I think I may have low self esteem too. πŸ™‚ Guess I’ll go back and look at Melanie’s beautiful brown body and cheer up.

  27. Figured this girl would be controvesial. I like her alot (I know, surprise surprise), she’s most definitely viet, cambodian or khmer.

    So let me get this straight: People, especially women who have tats, piercings, implants, trendy clothes etc. are all suffering from poor self esteem. That’s insulting on so many levels, even if it is true of a percentage of people there are just as many who do it for other reasons. Everyone has self esteem issues, but some people just want to be who they are. People minimize their self esteem issues in a thousand ways.

    Also, all people are commodities they just choose to be that commodity in different businesses. Each of us is a commodity at our work or chosen profession and as such we choose how far we’re willing to go to be successful. Being willing to go farther doesn’t make a person’s value any less (or any more), and in fact if people didn’t keep pushing the envelope we’d still be stuck in the dark ages.

    I’m eternally grateful for all these models, I’m with Arf I think I’ll go back and lather my low self esteem in Melanie’s glow.

  28. btw, most of these girls in the US choose to look like this because that’s what’s hot in the nightlife scene. They’re all young and have a huge nightclub and car scene presence. If you’ve ever been out in the Hollywood, Miami, NY club scenes you’ll know it’s not an asian thing, it’s just the look that is prevalent at the moment (and has been for the past 20 years or so). I haven’t been to clubs much lately, but for many years I did and these are the girls all the guys want. There may be many areas of the country it doesn’t play as well in like the Bible Belt, but the metropolitan areas of most major American cities are full of girls of ALL ethnicities who look like this. It might not be for everyone, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  29. For once, I have to agree with slackerking: this oft-repeated notion that anyone who has this kind of thing must have “self esteem issues” is both exceedingly presumptuous and insulting.

  30. …and truthful. I stand by what I wrote earlier.

    I’ve been to more than a few casting calls.

    “Getting noticed” has a lot to do with self-esteem and acceptance. “Staying noticed” is the definition of successful modeling.

    As the Godfather said, “This is the BUSINESS we’ve chosen.”

    Slackerling, I agree with you on this point, (using your own words)- this very common look is what “all the GUYS want.” So how successful will Melanie’s modeling career be if she looks the same as 1,000 others?

    However, your conclusion is wrong when you wrote, “…so let me get this straight…” These models who follow the herd are not “pushing the envelope”- they are hiding in the crowd. They are a commodity.

    Someday we should do a post of similar-looking models with the same exact poses. Huge bonus points for Asian models who pose in front of a poster of Audrey Hepburn (so common it is scary).

    Try to go to a party at the Playboy mansion sometime. You will then know why Playboy is going broke. Those aren’t “models” there- they are bleached blonds with huge boobs. In 2-3 years, they will be doing something else…yes, they will still be hot, but they won’t be “models”.

  31. You are still being insultingly presumptuous French. Just because a girl gets a boob job or whatever, doesn’t mean she has “self esteem issues” – some will of course, but many of us who don’t have boob jobs do as well. This oft-repeated “a girl who gets a boob job must have low self esteem” crap is exactly that – crap. In fact I think it often says more about the people who spout this mantra – guys who don’t want to admit they actually like big tits are at least as likely to have self esteem issues themselves.

  32. Most guys I know who complain about implants (me included) do not dislike large breasts. (I love them.) They dislike the implants because they look weird, unnatural, unreal, bizarre, etc. They might also object because they think the smaller breasts looked just fine, so why mess with them. On the other hand, there are guys who just like smaller breasts. This does not necessarily mean they are repressed or lying or trying to impress someone, etc.

  33. “Psychosocial Factors Predicting the Motivation to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery”
    von Soest, Tilmann M.S.; Kvalem, Ingela L. Ph.D.; Skolleborg, Knut Chr. M.D.; Roald, Helge E. M.D., Ph.D.

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:
    January 2006 – Volume 117 – Issue 1 – pp 51-62

    Abstract Background: The present study investigates psychological factors expected to predict the motivation to undergo cosmetic surgery. It is hypothesized that body image, self-esteem, teasing history, acceptance of cosmetic surgery in the individual’s environment, and self-monitoring relate to motivation to have cosmetic surgery.

    Methods: Questionnaire data were obtained from 907 participants who responded to a survey distributed to a representative sample of Norwegian women aged 22 to 55 years. A second sample of 195 female prospective cosmetic surgery patients was recruited from a plastic surgery clinic. Measures of the hypothesized predictor variables were obtained from both samples. Surgery motivation was operationalized in two different ways. First, the women in the first sample were asked to indicate whether they wished to undergo cosmetic surgery, such that women who wished to have surgery could be compared with those who did not. Second, prospective patients were compared with women from the first sample who indicated that they did not wish to have cosmetic surgery.

    Results: Analyses revealed all predictor variables but self-esteem to be related to either the wish or the decision to undergo surgery, or to both. Social acceptance of cosmetic surgery and body image were the strongest predictors of cosmetic surgery motivation.

    Conclusions: The study gives new insights into psychological factors predicting cosmetic surgery motivation. Furthermore, the influence of social factors on cosmetic surgery motivation is emphasized, and it is suggested that these factors be included in future research designs.

  34. i appreciate that you took the time to look up the study and summarize it for us knarf. but as someone who studies stats for a living, i definitely think it’s going to take a lot more than one paper to convince me that plastic surgery is not correlated with low self-esteem. in our department, we do consulting, and i’ve heard numerous stories of professionals in the medical field who refuse to accept that their data simply does not support their claims. it’s just not what they want to hear. many current economics, public health, and sociology papers also incorrectly use stats in order to justify their claims.

    obviously it would be presumptuous, as lee said, to generalize all women who undergo plastic surgery. honestly, i’ve at some points considered it myself, and i don’t think i have low self-esteem: the reasoning is, if i have the money, i don’t understand why i shouldn’t change something about myself so i can look a lot better (in my opinion). there are obviously a lot of women who undergo plastic surgery and don’t have serious image problems.

    but i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some significant (as in – more than you would expect out of a non-plastic surgery sample) correlation between low self-esteem and plastic surgery. i imagine it would be related to the age of the patient, and certain types and amounts of plastic surgery. chances are, a woman who just goes in for a nose job because she doesn’t like her hooked nose is going to be coming from a different perspective than a woman who goes in for a breast augmentation, nose job, butt augmentation, jaw reshaping, brow lift, and lip injections. similarly, the young twenty-somethings that get the radical plastic surgery makeovers are probably going to be very different from the older women who get botox.

    so i really think that french definitely has a point – he is saying something about certain women who undergo certain kinds of plastic surgery and exhibit certain behaviors. even then, there will always be exceptions (like the sasha greys of the modeling world), but i find his statements to be pretty accurate about women who, at such a young age, enter such a competitive field where their worth is based solely on their looks.

    but i don’t think he’s generalizing all women who undergo plastic surgery.

  35. I should have made it more clear that the summary was not mine and the wording was not mine, but rather that of the authors of the article. I had no interest in injecting my interpretation of the results, or my opinion on the matter at hand. In fact I too have suspicions that there is some substance to French’s assertion. So did the authors of the article, as they hypothesized that self-esteem would be a factor. And I assume they so hypothesized because there were some results in the literature pointing in that direction. A main point I want to make is that this is an empirical question, one that can addressed by going out into the world and investigating. I just did a quick Google Scholar search and this was the most relevant and up-to-date study I could find in a short amount of time. That it went against my leanings was irrelevant. And of course science is an open, tentative endeavor, and this is just one paper. But it is interesting, and it is based on systematically collected evidence rather than just opinion or speculation.

  36. I do agree that the sorts of people who keep going back to the surgeon to have multiple plastic surgeries almost certainly do have problems, but those who just get a nose job or a boob job or whatever are, I suspect, usually pretty much as healthy as anyone else. And even people who have multiple surgeries can do so for business reasons e.g. big bust strippers. In fact I’d say business is probably the number one reason models get breast implants (many remove them when they retire).

  37. Regarding the study knarf refers to, I do agree with Christine that we need more than one, but as it is the only one of its type that I know of, it’s the best we have to go on for now, especially given the absence of scientific evidence to support the notion that plastic surgery is related to self esteem. Of course it will be sometimes (especially those who we might call “plastic surgery addicts”), but for the most part, there just isn’t any hard evidence to support this oft-repeated and assumed notion.

  38. Regarding low self-esteem I tend to agree that it may play a big role, specially in younger women. At late teens and early 20s, women are usually very unsure about their bodies. Even in cases when they are very sexy. Eg: you tell them they are great and they say they are fat. It’s a lost battle sometimes.

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