JoJo is a one of the Chinese models that has very few stats that are easily locatable unless one speaks Chinese or has some idea where to look. However, now with this site, at least she’ll have something people can find for her in English. Hooray SEO!Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?











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  1. Comfortably approachable girl-next-door type, of whom you say to yourself, “You know, she’s kind of cute!” Fine by me.

  2. Hahaha, like that, “possibly cute.” Gosh, surely she could nix some of these less cute pics from her galleries, esp those that give her the look of a rather low IQ ditz. Yes, possibly cute!

  3. Surprisingly, it seems I like her more than most other people here – she’s almost the definition of “cute girl next door”. I think she’s really quite pretty, and her body looks very nicely proportioned – although she could certainly benefit from a visit to the Doc’s surgery. πŸ˜‰

  4. yeah, i don’t get it either – i think she has a really pretty face and a good body (although with legs on the short side relative to her torso, it seems). i thought she would’ve elicited a more positive response!

    i find it generally attractive when the bone structure is more apparent in asian faces, as in hers (her cheekbones/jaw are all very well-defined), since it’s very common for asian women to have rounder, chubbier faces with features lacking in definition. but it seems that in the US, having sharp features is more frequently considered unattractive? like the face is thought to be too angular or even gaunt at that point.

  5. In the face of surgical β€œimprovements” on such women as Julri Waters, naturally tiny breasted women like JoJo can be quite refreshing and sexy.

  6. I like a well-defined jaw…she is cute.

    Weird pics though…kind of like when rich people with pets get photographed, and they have props lying around, and they dress the pet up into a spaceman outfit or some such nonsense, and the dog looks at the camera with a “What can I do? I am just a dog.” expression.

    In a couple of these pics she looks confused.

  7. Cute typical Chinese girl-next-door. Thrilled with the lack of surgery. Lovely natural body with bush. Agree that the props are an annoying distraction.

  8. W0W!…JoJo’s so fresh and delightful. Makes you just wanna be in the picture with her…cuddling in a dirty way.

  9. NO boob job!!! She looks perfectly fine as she is, I agree she does have that cute girl you long for in college or co worker type, with fancy makeup and whatnot she could be a real stunner.

    I find the mention of ‘angular’ faces/jaw line to be interesting. It’s been my impression that when it comes to Asian women, most guys tend to prefer ‘softer’ features and less angular ones.

  10. It certainly “impresses” my Japanese tiny-titted girlfriend. Because it’s the truth.

    Her tits are fine as is. Perfectly proportioned to her body.

  11. I doubt that many guys are saying things on this forum to impress women. (“Hey baby, look what I said in my Asian-Sirens post! Will you sleep with me now?”)

    I love large breasts. I love really large breasts. (Seem to have loved them ever since I suckled at my mother’s breasts as a babe–but that’s another story and I better not go there.) But I also find breasts of many sizes attractive–including many small and tiny ones. The older I get the more I am appreciating variety.

    “Tasteful.” Ah, there’s the rub. I have seen a good number of Japanese breast jobs that I have enthusiastically approved of, but in the total universe of boob jobs these artful gems are rare birds. Most boob jobs are regrettable, bearing no resemblance to anything human, and most definitely not an improvement on what was given by mother nature. And a good many of the boob jobs heralded as “great” on this forum are just awful. But this does essentially boil down to aesthetic judgment. I prefer women to look like real human beings.

    I do think it a bit disrespectful when guys say “she should get a boob job!” as easily as if they were asking her to alter her make-up or change her dress. Criticizing what a woman brings to the table is one thing. Calls of β€œoff to surgery with her!” are quite another.

  12. I agree with knarf. My distaste for boob jobs is an aesthetic one, nothing to do with trying to win favors with women. In fact I have never even told any women I don’t like boob jobs!

    I too appreciate all breast sizes- as long as they are natural. I have yet to see one boob job that is either proportional or aesthetic. The absolute worst are the ones featured in Playboy, nothing turns me off than seeing what looks like two round balls staring at me.

  13. i love fake tits. this girl badly needs some. i feel it would bring her body back in proportion because she seems quite tall 5 8″ perhaps? at least a full B if not a C

  14. knarf – your last paragraph was right on….

    Strout – I was at a party at the Playboy mansion about three years ago. I did not have a good time. I honestly could not tell the girls apart. All had the same blonde hair and seemed to have the same breasts and even personality too.

    They probably were telling each other that I seemed confused!

    I think this is one reason why Playboy is losing money…it’s the “sameness” of their models.

    Now if they just hired Doc, Travis, Christine, and Candyman to choose the models, things would be looking better. Natural, fake, Chinese, Thai, etc…

    But if Playboy really wanted to go for gold, they would choose a VIETNAMESE model already! (It’s been like a week people! Where the Vietnamese at? Where they at?)

  15. Variety really is the spice of life, and breasts are no exception. Small ones, big ones and fake breasts all have a place.

    As for this girl, there’s so many seriously nice women on the Chinese body art (人体艺术) sites.
    I know AS has been doing a lot of articles recently on girls from these sites (rightly so). By why this girl? She’s so plain compared to some of the others i feel.

    For me, this girl ”Leleβ€œ has a look that just blows me out of the water.
    Is it just me?

  16. @Strout: “I have yet to see one boob job that is either proportional or aesthetic.”

    That’s just a totally ridiculous and ignorant statement. To say that not one boob job is proportional or aesthetic – when there are many (particularly Japanese) that only experts can spot – is totally absurd. Your point of view is clearly based on an ignorant ideal, and doesn’t have anything to do with reality (or I suspect what you really like).

  17. knarf, I was only being honest. She is too plain for a model. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date her. Heck I’ve dated too many women with small tits.

    Anyway, I’d hold her hand through surgery, if that would make things better. lol

  18. Absolutely perfect, stunning, and other adjectives that words can’t describe yet. Nearly best post I have seen on this site in the few years I have followed!

    I am in Shanghai now and about to leave, women seem to be taller here than the last city I was at in the southern section. But what is Shanghai hotel?

  19. …smbgaiden…ask around the shanghai hotel was a legendary hhmm hmm (clears throat) ‘establishment’….which funnily enough was located inside the shanghai hotel on Wulumuqi Lu…the entire 2nd floor was devoted to healing the weary traveller…quite acrobatic to from what i hear…it however didn’t survive the recent October crackdown by the central chinese government on vice as it had in previous years…a victim of its own success, it was simply too high profile before the coming 2010 Expo in the city…needless to say there are a multitude of such establishments in shanghai which are legitimate bath houses/saunas which will have some form of “premium” service for those willing to pay…its just the way things are done over here…

  20. Well Dr. Lee I will admit I am no ‘expert’ in terms of being able to know the tell tale signs of a boob job in all cases. But, there IS something about even the most natural looking boob job that makes me suspect, based on proportion, body size, etc. etc. And I stand by my statement, I personally haven’t found any of the boob jobs that I could tell outright as having been done to suit MY tastes personally.

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