Nhi Kim Do

Sorry dudes. She wanted her photos removed.

Super adorable Nhi Kim Do is super adorable. Only 18 years old, she has already made an impact in the modeling industry, and will likely continue to do so for years to come. Until then, enjoy her cuteness, and wait to see what she does in the next several years.Stats:

Age: 18
Height: 5’2
Located: Las Vegas, NV
From: Utah (?)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese



Official Website

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  1. she is cute, nice photos at her myspace page. Judging the Miss Vietnam Global contest must be a tough gig. Great boobs, money well spent.

  2. This girl has been blessed with some very impressive – though highly artificial – photography, and she’s wearing pretty heavy makeup too. In real life, I think she’d actually be fairly bland – the way trainwreck remembers her is probably a more accurate representation of reality. Her legs are way too stocky for my taste as well, although her body’s quite nice from the waist up, and she is quite cute (but certainly not spectacular).

  3. Oh, and her characterisation of Miss Vietnam Global as “The Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women from across the globe, gathered into one place” could hardly be further from the truth, sadly.

  4. I think were are being hypercritical on her legs. But nice rack, face and hair. With regards to makeup, well, that is a reality most of us will never experience with her.

  5. …and I always walked her home from school…what a coincidink…all four of us went to the same school…who woulda thunk it?!

    Seriously though, her fictional “rack” is heavily photoshopped. Without that and the scary makeup she looks like any other mall chick around here. Not that that’s a bad thing!

  6. I agree. I wouldn’t have noticed her back in the day, she was just a skinny Asian chick. I LOVE those lips though.

    Chargers :p

  7. Holy Crap! I DON’T know this girl from high school! Small world huh? As a matter of fact if I walked by her on the street I wouldn’t even recognize her….probably again because I never met her but I think as usual she gets graded harshly here for being a SoCal ChaCha. Which is unfortunate cause I think she’s splendid.

  8. Ehem. Does the script seem to be getting a little repetitive around here? Travis offers up some cute Asian girl. The first responses are almost uniformly positive. Then Doc dumps a load on her worthy of the morning after a major Chinese banquet, and everyone else takes a shot. Okay, yes, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But sheesh, even the NFL has rules against piling on.

  9. okay i retract my earlier post… after some more *ahem* research she isnt all that cute. Yes she has an amazing body albeit probably expensive. I live in san diego so that doesnt bother me. What does bother me is whats above the neck… she really isnt attractive… Having a “banging” body doesnt make up for a mediocre face. dont be fooled by the tons and tons of make up

  10. Honestly, it really is amazing what a heavy application of makeup, photoshop and great lighting can do for a girl.

    The person who is profiled here is NOT real. The jury is out on whether the natural Nhi Kim Do looks anything like the girl we see in these pics. I expect not.

    There’s no question though that the fabrication we’re seeing in these pics is pretty damn hot. If only girls like this actually existed… 😉

  11. I think the reason for the initially positive responses followed by not so positive ones is that I make people aware of what they’re actually looking at – an almost totally artificial creation. This makes a great first impression, but when you look a little closer, you realise the emperor has no clothes.

    I wouldn’t even say this girl has a “banging” body – the tits are padded up and Photoshopped, and her legs are very stocky. She does look quite trim and fit though, so her body’s still nice enough – just not that great.

  12. Oh, and in response to johnnie, I almost certainly wouldn’t date her – she’d probably have that “I’m the hottest girl on earth” attitude that a lot of Asian American import models seem to have (even when they’re totally ordinary), and there are far more attractive real girls down here.

  13. Since no one here seems to like her anymore, can I have her?…I’m serious too, I really do want her.

  14. Damn you Doc! Her legs are a tad stocky. ;^D
    Nothing a few lunges squats & cardio could’nt fix.Probably still eats Cheetos for breakfast.She’s not fat.She just lacks tone & definition.Hope she figures it out before her metabolism goes.Still an excellent porn prospect.As is her friend.Lose the nose ring toots.

  15. Nhi Kim Do:

    Do I Like It Yes
    Do I Know Her Sure Wish So
    Do Me Right Here Now

    Cute. Super cute. Way too cute. I have no idea what some are talking about when it comes to ‘thick’ legs. Sure, she wears a lot of make-up but she’s a model, what do you expect. How can one comment on her lack of tone and definition when the photos are not that revealing.

  16. I don’t think she can really slim down her legs through exercise, as she’s already quite trim and fit. She simply has short, thick legs – it’s just the way she’s built.

  17. Oh, regarding examples of how stocky her legs are, check out the last few pics in the “Miss Vietnam Global” gallery on her MySpace page – the contrast between her and the quite slim and leggy number 13 (who I find a lot more attractive in these photos, although I’m not sure her face would look so good close up) is particularly striking.

  18. @dr. lee

    i agree with the comment about her legs.
    some women tend to build muscle rather than tone muscle even when doing the same workouts. it ultimately all comes down to genetics.

    however, i do have to vouch for the fact that she actually doesn’t carry the “i’m all that and you can’t have none” attitude that most attractive asian females have.
    and when i say most, i mean most. T_T
    she actually was pretty genuine, which to me makes her more decent than a good majority of the aspiring import models out there. haha.


    O M G . hahahahaha what are the chances?!
    are you a chica or a cholo?

  19. I like number 21 up the stairs! although her face is only a blur I am sure she would look great up close 😉

  20. oh and @iceman.

    haha i feel so defensive for some reason on this post.
    she’s all real.
    so no expensive body parts there.
    but it’s amazing the types of plastic surgery girls can get at no cost with the application of photoshop.

  21. I have to agree with _J – the only surgery I can see any clear evidence of was done in Photoshop. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear she doesn’t have the usual Asian American import model attitude (although in fairness, that may have changed since _J knew her), but I still doubt very much that I would date her, unless she has one hell of a personality and/or intellect.

  22. My son went to high school with her! Wait a minute – trainwreck; go to bed right now! Seriously, though, 18, this hot and lives in Las Vegas; I’m in trouble just thinking about it:-(

  23. Natural breasts! they are magnificent, photo 2 had me thinking they had been worked on. They are great in photo 6!

  24. Her tops in both those photos are seriously padded to push her breasts up as much as possible, and her cleavage in photo 6 looks Photoshopped as well (but then so does the whole photo). I’m amazed that people are still fooled by old fashioned push-up bras!

  25. Travis, you’ve outdone yourself again. Thanks for posting her, never seen her before but she’s amazing.

    I have to disagree that negative follow up comments are because Dr Lee points out the shallowness etc. You certainly have valid points you always make, not arguing there, but it’s always the same seven or eight posters who agree with you. And then there’s always the followups to that from me and others. There’s just two factions here, and they’ll never change. In fact I’m not sure why I even bother responding but I feel compelled to.

    But once again, this whole they don’t look like this in real life is stupid. Just go to a car show, they’re all there and they all DO look just like they do in the pictures. Of course they wear lost of makeup and tiny clothes but that’s how they look in the pictures. To not like how someone looks is personal opinion, but to deny they look in person is just dumb. If you can’t get to a car show you can find candid pics of most of them at Scanlover.

    Lastly, Dr Lee might truly not date her in real life but most of you naysayers would go weak in the knees and run away in a sweat if this girl gave you the time of day.

    Keep em coming Travis:)

  26. slackerking: you are entitled to your taste, but I most certainly would not “go weak in the knees and run away in a sweat” if this girl gave me the time of day. Some of us simply have higher standards than being impressed by a girl if she just wears a bikini at a car show and puts on a ton of makeup to cover up the fact that her face is actually totally bland. Heavy makeup is a big turn-off for me, and stocky legs are a huge turn-off. I would pass on this girl and check out somebody like number 13 in the Miss Global Vietnam pics.

  27. Mmmm… 28 and slutty, just what I need… haha! I think the only way she’d even speak to me is if she wanted more wasabi and ginger… haha! I like the 2nd pic, though I am highly doubtful that she is 18.

    Although not too many of us here really like her I think she’d get some sushi, on me, if she turned out to be really nice and not have a fake Minnie Mouse voice… eeewwwww!

  28. Dr. Lee, I don’t think you actually read my post.

    Secondly, higher standards by who’s taste? Like we all keep pointing out, taste is subjective and no, just because someone likes less makeup that doesn’t make them more refined. The way some of you find the import models a dime a dozen, that’s how I find all those lookalike, skinny, boy-like and odd shaped japanese models. You can have the girl next door, I’ve already got that.

  29. I’ll take 19,20,21 and 24 but 13 and 27 look ragged (and not vietnemese at all, latin middle eastern?). 13 has a nice body though:)

  30. slackerking: the point of the matter is, you are entitled to your taste – and free to express it – but don’t just presume that I or other people here would go ga ga over a girl just because you would.

    I don’t generally go for “girls next door” either. All you have to do is click on my name to see what I like – big tits, small waist, slim legs, and ideally, long hair. She may not be to your taste, but why the hell would I have any interest in a girl like Kim when I photograph someone like Sachiko?

  31. To be honest, this girl is extremely average. I’m surprised that other Vietnamese people find her all that pretty. As an Vietnamese-American, I almost take offense at the notion that she could be any decent example of Vietnamese beauty. That’s being honest. Her photos have been photoshopped to oblivion. And I echo the Doc. Real beauty is something that ANYONE can capture with their camera. That includes trained monkeys and children.

    Also, this young woman is a fine example of a lady who only looks pretty from a particular angle.

    Her popularity must indicate that basically all Vietnamese-descent girls can be models. Maybe I should change my career.

  32. I care way too much about how my family, friends and colleagues would perceive me to do something like that, daznlover. 😉 Besides, I rather enjoy being admired for my other, non-physical features. They are stronger, anyway.

  33. Acumen is certainly far more attractive than Nhi Kim Do IMHO, but it is true that she has a lot of other things she can be admired for as well. 🙂

  34. Because Doc is such a morally upright and decent man, I’m sure he will not un-closet me. 😛

  35. Upright and decent? Doc, who?
    j/k! 🙂

    acumen, why did you think I meant nude photos? AS could just feature you non-naked. Would that bother you?
    Not disputing your non-physical features, in any way, which I’m guessing make you even more attractive.

  36. daznlover: No, I didn’t think you meant nudes. I just wouldn’t want to appear in any form. No one is missing out. It’s not like I’m some rare desert bloom or anything. (:

  37. Dazn, the Doc know’s and he’s a tough judge.
    come out of the closet Acumen, please!
    No drinking Doc? next you will say you don’t like Chisel 😉

  38. Doc, I remembered you mentioned that before — just playing with stereotypes.


  39. Enjoy this conversation while it lasts. We received a very nice email asking for the posts removal (with a good reason – no hate like the other people) and I am likely going to oblige after I receive a response to a few questions I had.

  40. Actually Travis, I think the stated reason is total BS – she just isn’t happy she hasn’t had uniformly positive comments. After all, these photos are still up on her own web site, and she still promotes her import activities there.

    My advice is not to take it down.

  41. “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    Delusion rears its ugly head.

  42. “If you can’t take the heat, take off everything.”

    No Nukes! No Nukes! No Nukes!

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