Esty Ng

Esty Ng

23 year-old Chinese-Malaysian law student Esty Ng was born and raised in Sarawak on the island of Borneo. She’s currently going to school in Malaysia, and plans on getting her degree rather than going into professional modeling, an occupation she feels she isn’t qualified for, despite opinions to the contrary.Esty tells me she appreciates every little thing in her life that she finds interestingly beautiful and captures them in pictures to share with her blog readers, which explains why there are literally hundreds of photos at her blogs.

Esty also told me of her obsession with elephants. “For me, they just seem to be the nicest creatures on earth, and they are the only animal which cannot jump. Besides, people believe that elephants bring good luck and so do I. Thus, I collect everything which symbolizes an elephant,” she says.

Esty Ng

Esty Ng

Esty Ng
This and above: From photo shoots in Malaysia

Esty Ng
At a promotional event in Malaysia

Esty Ng
In the computer lab at school

Esty Ng
With a Chinese Christmas hamper that probably weighs almost as much as she does

Esty Ng at Movie World
At Movie World near Brisbane, Australia. I thought this photo was cute and when I asked her about it she said, “trust me, the roller coaster behind me was indeed the most horrifying one!”

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  1. By Brisbane, do you mean Brisbane in Australia? Movie World is actually on the Gold Coast just south of Brisbane.

    As for Esty, she seems pretty average to me, but at least these photos are natural – what you see is I suspect pretty much what you get. I’m sure the girl in the last post for example wouldn’t look any prettier than this without all the makeup and touch-ups (and quite possibly less so).

  2. @ Curits G.: I don’t know. Why don’t you send her a message through one of her blogs and ask her?

    @ Doc: Yes, I edited to clarify.

  3. Not hot but pretty-girl-next-door cute. I suspect in real life I would be totally charmed. OK, I know I would be….

  4. She definitely looks better when she’s not dolled-up and “trying”.

    Her normal appearance is cute. Her glam pictures are horrid.

  5. Natural beauty. Beautiful smile suggests she may be a really warm and kind person too (but you never know…).

  6. “Warm & kind”? And she’s gonna be a lawyer? I don’t think so, LOL.

    Yes she’s definitely the kind of girl I’d like to get to know, especially the pic in the computer lab.

  7. I’m sure you guys will all love her, not doing the slightest thing for me. Looks like a nice girl though. You all can fight over her, I’ll take Nhi Kim Do.

  8. She’s very cute. And without the usual tons of makeup you get a pretty good notion of what to expect in the morning. :))) A positive notion!

  9. This is the kind of person I’d want to photoshoot with and/or be friends with. She looks cute, healthy, well rounded and nice. Maybe she’ll become a public defender.

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