Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco for Playboy Philippines

Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco
Andrea Shin (left) and Ruby Basco (right)

Filipina model Ruby Basco is a fun-loving girl, while Japanese-Filipina model Andrea Shin can light up a room with her smile. That’s why I’m happy to see them both featured as Playmates of the Month for Playboy Philippines’ first anniversary issue. True to the Filipino passion for dance, Ruby is a cheerleader. True to the Japanese passion for anime, Andrea is a Sailor Moon fanatic.

Ruby and Andrea both appear in the Philippine edition of the game show Deal or No Deal. As you can see from their Playboy shoot, they don’t need cases full of prize money to make you happy.

Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco
Ruby Basco
Andrea Shin
Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco
Ruby Basco and Andrea Shin
Ruby Basco
Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco
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0 thoughts on “Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco for Playboy Philippines”

  1. Last time I checked, the Philippine islands encompass hundreds of ethnic looks. So I can’t imagine one “look”.

    I am anticipating all the critiques that they don’t look “Asian” enough. Lately it’s either that or they look “too Asian”. Whatever that means.

    I like them. They are hot!

  2. More totally un-Asian Filipinas, and in the case of Andrea Shin, I have to say totally unattractive for me as well. She has a very masculine looking face, and she’s too thick for my taste as well.

  3. hot hot hot, although I honestly only was looking at Ruby Basco I do believe there is a second girl in the pics:) Not sure why people expect Filipinas to look asian so much. Filipinas are not generally asian, they have a diverse mix of other ethnicities often latin mixed in and look much more Pacific Islander.

  4. They are very nice women. Too bad playboy doesn’t show nudity and never has. I just can’t get excited by air-brushing and closed angles.

    Besides, every photo-shoot is really the photographer’s transgendered fantasy about himself being the girl. The chicks always look bored and frankly annoyed with it all.

  5. They’re Asian enough for me, and I can’t believe Stripes thinks they’re bad enough looking that they’re only acceptable from the neck down. And really, too thick? Andrea is curvy, and I also think she would look much less masculine in person (especially in a skimpy dress).

  6. I sure as hell remember Filipino “Playboy” mags in PI containing lots of nudity and hardcore comics as well! They may not have been the official Playboy mags but they were advertised as such.

    I may have been way too young to be exposed to those images but I know what I saw… damn… I just remembered some of them… haha!

  7. i disagree with dr.lee, i saw her personally, and she’s so pretty, feminine and much more younger looking than you thought. she has a pretty wholesome face. i like her!

  8. and she has naturally sexy body too! they are both beautiful, i just like Andrea Shin better in person. I think the photo was too edited that they made them look matured.

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