New Miss Korea Lee Ji-sun

Lee Ji-sun

It doesn’t seem like it’s been over a year since Lee Ha-nui (pictured in this entry) was crowned Miss Korea but it has and on July 30th, Miss Seoul, Lee Ji-sun succeeded Ha-nui (also spelled and pronounced as “Honey”) by being crowned the 51st Miss Korea. Brief article here.The aspiring fashion designer, who holds a Korean and an international license in Pilates, denies having had any plastic surgery (*yawn*) but the debate about that is still raging on.

By the way, the Miss Korea Pageant stopped being televised in its own country several years ago due to objections by (mostly) women’s groups.

Lee Ji-sun
Wearing the Miss Korea sash over a traditional “hanbok”

More photos of her here

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  1. She does’nt look Korean.Tha’ts a decent nose job…but it looks like it leaves her sounding nasaly.

  2. i feel like the nose job looks very obvious. her nose is just so abnormally chiseled

    that last photo of her isn’t very flattering. anyone else agree?

  3. Yeah…looks more like a restaurant hostess than a beauty queen.Probably would’nt hit onit based on that pic.

  4. hit on “it?” dang stripes, i thought she looked bad in that pic but i didn’t think she looked that bad hahaha

  5. I love that first shot with her hand on her hip like that. Like she she knows she’s hot. Pretty face…nice body. I want some.

  6. Quite beautiful and hot body. Not the typical korean beauty, for my eyes. She’s even beautiful without makeup too, saw it in some of the photos CEC32 linked to.

  7. since the show is broadcast internationally on discovery networks, does anyone watch the show with anthony bourdain called “no reservations” ? and did you see the one where they went to korea? ok, now my point…he went there with his assistant, nori kai (probably misspelled that) THAT is the woman that needs to be posted on here.

  8. Just did, LawBoy. Nari Kye is one of the show’s producers, which means that she’s a behind the scenes person, so there probably aren’t that many photos of her out there on the net. Just came up with this one that accompanies the article about her trip to Korea with Tony Bordain.

  9. Very! In fact, right now it is the most fashionable place for women from all over Asia to have plastic surgery, as Korean surgeons are so good at producing a relatively natural looking result.

  10. I’m a little curious, Doc…what is the average rate for a breast job in Korea, nowadays? Not for me of course, but for the wife. Also, is it cheaper than in the U.S. or better?

  11. If anything, plastic surgery will be more expensive in Korea than in the US. But you’ll very likely get a better result, if you’re after a relatively natural look.

  12. Of all the comments and links I’ve seen posted at this site…..the one that “dyanko” posted takes the cake for being the most unrelated and moronic ever.

    dyanko, what the fu*k is supposed to be the purpose of that link to that lame photo you posted?!

  13. As I think it qualifies as spam, I’ve deleted dyanko’s post, and I’ve deleted him and blocked his IP address as well. Note that I do not give any chances to people I deem to be spammers; all spmmers will be treated in the same way.

  14. I didn’t see that dyanko post, but be careful because these days some viruses are transmitted over simple images. As simple as that. It’s a dangerous web world…

  15. Plastic surgery will help women feel more beautiul knowing how competitive the world is on beauty and attraction towards men. Men out there, you know you only stare at the pretty girls. That’s why women have to do plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not genetic and will not pass onto your kids. That’s the sad part. Therefore, each generation will have to do plastic surgery to look beautiful. That’s why Korean mothers don’t look like their daughters. Haven’t you guys notice! If you want to know if Miss Korea is real, compare her features to her family. I’m sure her mother got a different plastic surgent. Hint! Hint!

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