Beijing Olympics – Preview


Here’s a glimpse of what could be expected at next year’s summer olympics in Beijing… enjoy 🙂





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  1. Yeah Kanyer, you keep on doing this, despite Robin and I continually asking you to please give us information! Asian Sirens’ original motto was “more than just pictures” – this isn’t a newsgroup!

    Still, having said that, this is a fantastic collection of photos (although I do wish she’d shave)! If only we knew where we could get more. 😉

  2. Guys, basically if I had more info, I would’ve had included them in the post already.

    Doc, pls see all my other previous posts; where available, information was always provided. So it goes without saying…

    “Dont get too close to the trees or you will lose sight of the whole forest” 🙂

  3. But surely you can at least tell us where you got these from? Also, if their original source is unknown, you could say something like “I found these pics the other day in such and such a newsgroup, but I have no idea where they’re originally from. Can anybody enlighten us?” Another obvious thing to do is ask whoever you got them from.

    We also asked you repeatedly to correct your last post, but you never did – I had to do it myslelf.

  4. I think she’s very pretty. She’s also got a good body.
    Bear in mind that she’s wearing little or no make-up and, if body hair isn’t your thing, a few strokes of a razor will take care of that.

  5. I think she has a great attitude, especially in the second picture, and a great body. The hairiness goes together with that… sometimes it’s nice to see a woman who’s naturally good looking, confident and not especially worried about spending time and energy with silly little razors, tweezers, etc.

    Of course, she’s still naked for our benefit, so all that only goes so far. :>

  6. I had meant third picture, but it’s all good.

    These are my first comments ever on AS, by the by. It’s nice to be here.

  7. I’m going to echo CEC and danz. Strong, but attractive, in a natural and unpretentious way. In “real life”, I’d be gaga over a girl like this. I’m sure with makeup and a great tight dress, she can steal the show from women who may, at first, seem more glamorous.

    The second b-ball shot and the last pic at the pool table really work best, IMO, to show off the best of her body. In some of the others her muscular legs are a little overpowering.

  8. Dazn is right; she is what I think of as one type of typical Chinese, strong little woman. They come in other flavors, but I like this one too.

    Those are great boobies.

  9. another unshaven armpits pic.
    do I like it?no, I LOVE IT!
    wow..if only I can sniff those armpits..

  10. All the judges will give more attention to the bodies rather than the game.
    So, if the game is played by men, the judges and referee should be women.
    Christine, what your comment about her muscles is.

  11. She looks nice but there must be some air brush touch up here. They sure made a mess out of her bush..

  12. I most enjoy the pool shot. It shows her lean body that is nicely shaped too. She is not high fashion but would be nice to be with for sure. Nice hops on the court too.

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