Maya Sakura

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that hot new Japanese Playboy model Maya Sakura (who was featured on Asian Sirens previously) has just launched her official web site! As it is brand new, there isn’t a whole lot of content yet, but I’m sure that will grow with time. And the design is quite nice – attractive yet easy to navigate and not too flashy (unlike a lot of model web sites these days!)

Oh, and you can get a desktop wallpaper of the hot image above when you sign up to her updates mailing list!

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  1. Ab implants. Doc? (In addition to the obvious breast bags, of course.)

    BTW, I must say, she is in VERY good shape for a 73 year old.

    (From her myspace page):

    “The door is open, please come in…”

    73 years old
    LA, Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, California
    United States

  2. i HATE silicon tits!!!! especially on Asian girls, because, well, they are all i care about when it comes to women.

    im not a big fan of the muscles either, but her face is nice

  3. I agree with Raksasa. Personally, I don’t like fake body parts either. Also, her abs reminds me of my husband’s. They’re so lean, it’s practically masculine. Very unfeminine, in my opinion.

    The only nice thing I have to say is that she does have pretty face. 🙂

  4. eep, sorry but i have to agree, those are some serious man abs! o__o;; she does have a pretty face though. i think i mentioned in a previous comment that i wouldn’t really have guessed she was japanese – good that you have confirmation now.

    i hope the plans to go to the US progress nicely! 😀

  5. doc, you have to let me hold your camera or something..she is super hot…i love fake tits…and tone body :)) finally some boobs ! 🙂

  6. I would pay to get on her site.
    As a matter of fact…I did.

    She is totally hot! I have no idea what the hangup is on implants. Saline or fat tissue. Who gives a flying fart. They look good. Isn’t that what matters?

    And what’s this about her abs. They look great.

    Well…there will ALWAYS be complainers. If your stanards are so high send a picture of the woman your with now.

  7. wow, more chicks to AS. Doc you just have to post more naked women…i cant take any more fashion pictures…. 🙂

  8. I must be the odd man out because I don’t find her face very attractive at all (sure, she’s better than average but if you have you own pay site and have been featured in playboy you should be a lot better than average). And, her boobs look really lop-sided which I don’t find attractive. I don’t have a problem with fake boobs but these are too globular.

  9. What’s this world coming to when a girl can’t have muscles or a hard body. I’m jeaulous of her abs…makin me all hungry and stuff…she is so hot. ^_^

  10. At last a myspace page that is a little bit organized. 🙂
    Her official site, on the other hand, seems a bit empty. No photos preview and I would like to see more of her face in several perspectives. And more of her other parts too. Thanks for that Zamscan, now I got what I needed (sort of). 🙂

    Her abs are impressive! That’s a lot of time at the gym.

  11. “Her abs are impressive! That’s a lot of time at the gym.”

    Or, under the knife. That’s why I asked Doc if he thought they might be ab implants. They really look questionable, to this untrained eye.

    I love a toned and tight stomach on a woman (a man’s stomach should be a bit rounder, of course :#) ), but, at least in some pictures, this is beyond what I find attractive.

  12. I’m like totally lost with some of these comments on her. She’s hot and that’s all there is to it. To me, there should be no questioning hot girls like this.

  13. i don’t know arf, don’t you think her abs look a little too masculine? it’s those v-lines around her hips – i usually think that’s like the HOTTEST THING on dudes but … it feels weird seeing it on a chick

  14. Serious christine…she is hot. Right? I’ve never heard of v-line implants before…but I’m sure if I’m wrong, the Doc will surely correct me. I just love seeing the v-lines and nice abs on girls and of course Maya.

  15. To me, they are only masculine when they’re on a dude or tranny. Not a woman. It’s like a healthy chick being somewhat vascular from working out and eating right. It’s HOT!

  16. Yes, there certainly are abdominal transplants. Many stars and models get them, nowadays. Go ahead and Google it for yourself.

    While her abs might be real, I certainly wouldn’t put it past a Playboy model, with obvious bowling-ball fake breasts, to get abs while she was at the “Body by Fisher” makeover. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, and I’m sure (if she did it) it helps her career…so, more power to her.

    I just find it kind of creepy. My loss, I guess.

  17. Bigfoot Dean, I thought you were kidding about the ab implants! Abdominal transplants are something entirely different – they refer to replacing internal organs in the abdominal area.

    The sugery people do commonly have on their abs these days is of course liposuction. While Maya may have had this, given that she has obvioulsy worked out so hard on her abs anyway, I see no reason to assume that she has. When you work an area this hard, it is only natural that the fat will melt away.

  18. Oh, and I don’t think Maya’s abs are too masculine – to me they’re just smoking hot and super sexy! For me, as long as a woman retains that feminine, hourglass shape (which Maya certainly has), she still looks like a woman – only in this case, she’s an absloutely super fit one! However, when a woman’s waist starts to thicken from working out, that’s when she starts looking like a guy to me (or when she starts having huge pecs etc.). I think Maya’s body is actually a marvel in pushing how fit and muscular a woman can be – while still loooking like a woman!

  19. And daznlover – pretty much all forms of surgery are not pretty sights when they’re being done!

    Actually, one of the most revolting “medical procedures” I’ve ever seen is a baby being born – it looks like some kind of blue, slimy alien parasite when it first comes out. Yuck!

  20. Her site does seem a little empty but she just opened it. It’s only been two days. I’m sure more content is coming. Most models only update with 2-3 new photosets per month anyway. So she is right on course. As long as it’s updated regularly I’m happy.

  21. The last apperance women with muscles on this site was Kiana, but this one has more muscles and implant also.
    The implant make her body seems not on the best proportional way.

  22. Doc, I think she has too much make up especialy in her eyes.
    By the way, I agree with you about waiting.

  23. Doc, I certainly defer to your expertise in these matters. But, there are certainly cosmetic surgery sites which refer to “Abdominal Augmentation” and “Six pack implants”. I didn’t mean internal organ work, rather cosmetic surgery.

    Maybe it’s just a fancy name for lipo, but I was always under the impression it was a little more involved and specific…that is, to form more perfect six-packs.

    In fact, one site specifically refers to abdominal augmentation as “muscle augmentation using solid silicone implants”. If you care to check them out, I’ll post the url.s, but I’d hate to link to anything that’s not an Asian Siren.

    A few years ago, when I worked out of the Paramount lot, in LA, there were rumors that several famous male celebrities had this procedure (I won’t divulge the targets of these rumors to spare them should they be total bullshit).

    Perhaps this is the craft of a few crackpots, or just bullshit internet sites that aren’t for actual existing surgery.

    The only reason I asked is, for a woman Maya’s abs are REALLY developed. And, as a skeptical guy, i just assume most of the body parts on many of these models are fake. (Nose, eyes, chin, breasts…why not abs, if it were available?)

  24. Pectoral implants are certainly quite common, so abdomoinal augmentation is certainly not inconceivable. However, in practice this would be very difficult to do: the musculature of the abdomen is a lot more complex than the chest – pectoral implants are basically just breast implants for men. Would be interested to see your link though – I think it is on topic in this context.

  25. OK, you asked for it. I hope my fellow posters don’t blame me for not linking a babe.


    This guy goes into the most detail. Based in South Beach…figures:

    In addition to the quote I posted earlier, he also writes:

    “Once the muscle is fully exposed then six pieces of very soft but solid silicone implants are custom contoured to fit over each of the six segments of the adbominis rectus muscle which gives the 6-pack appearance”

    Another doctor lists this procedure as one he performs, but provides little detail:

    Finally, from the same site as above, this link lists the procedure as costing about $2,224.00 (National Average).

    Now, I figure if you can do it for men, you can do a similar procedure for women…no? Of course, it wouldn’t be a six-pack because of that whole Eve situation.

    :#) Kidding…I know.

    And, since I now feel guilty about all these women-free links, let me add a random gratuitous link of a smoking hottie:

    This is from the now-defunct Asian Cuties Blog (which I found, some time ago, right here on AS). They had nice pictures, but the level of the comments was embarrassing to say the least.

  26. Yep, this surgical procedure does indeed look for real, but is obviously very new – I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. And I very much doubt that Maya has had it – her stomach simply doesn’t have the classic six pack look this surgery would produce.

    As for Tian Shin (who I absolutely agree is smoking hot!), we featured her previoulsy here – please repost your link there.

  27. another thing is – if maya was originally very slim, getting a six-pack is relatively easy with enough work at the gym. problems arise if the woman has had a c-section or has a genetic “pooch,” which is a bit of fat in front of the ovaries (to protect the ovaries). i think that in maya’s case, maybe she was originally very slender, and had a flat stomach. with enough working out (and eating the right things – like lots of protein and egg whites or something), she probably got her muscles the way they are now

    there are a lot of skinny asian guys at my school who take the same abs & back class that i do. they’re doing the same moves that i do (except they’re a bit better), but they have more definition than i do and i am jealous. 🙁

  28. Poor Christine.
    But do not make your jealous be your reason why you take six pack implant surgery.
    Be your self, and keep your body slim. And everyone will love you. Like us in AS.

  29. Sometimes I’m as sharp as a bowling ball.

    Actually, that link is already in that thread, Doc.

    And Christine, women don’t need defined abs, just nice little tummies to lick…er, look at. You don’t need to keep up with the “little Asian guys”. :#)

    And, Doc, that last pic of Maya you posted, with her on her stomach and smiling (yipee!) is very hot, indeed.

  30. I want to thank everyone for your comments about me and my site. It is good to share your opinions. It is not good if everyone always agrees. If you would like to know anything from me, please ask. 🙂

    I know there is not a lot of content on my site right now, but that will change a lot over the next few weeks. I would love to hear any constructive suggestions.

    Dr. Lee, thank you for all of your nice words and support. I am looking forward to meeting you and Sachiko soon.


  31. Hi Maya – welcome to Asian Sirens! I don’t know how much you follow the comments at AS, but we have a hard core brigade of posters who always comment against breast surgery. But I can guarantee that (given that the most popular models here and throughout the net all have breast implants), they do not represent the majority. Indeed, given that, the response to you here has been very postive indeed!

    And I’m really looking forward to meeting you too!

  32. Dear Maya,
    for thank you, you can give one kiss to each of us who gave comments. If you don’t mind of course.

  33. nothing wrong with boob jobs. especially nice ones! two thumbs up 🙂 you must share the pix big doc..

  34. Eventhough, she is not typical jgirl look. But if she kiss you, will you ask her: is that a jkiss or you want to keep it personally in the bottom of your heart.

  35. Actually, I have to say that I don’t understand why everyone says Maya doesn’t look Japanese. If you saw all the Japanese surfer girls on the Gold Coast, for example, you’d see that many of them have this sort of look. Few are as pretty as Maya though, and I’ve never seen one with such an awesome body! 😉

  36. i agree…her bod is the bomb. ! love the tummy, the boobs, and the tush. a complete package i tell ya 🙂 i assume she doesnt do nude, or does she?

  37. i dont know why but Niners’ comments always give me the willies :)) must be the cultural thing….sorry bro.

  38. Speaking of videos, another thing nobody’s mentioned so far is what a great model Maya is – she really knows how to pose, and is obviously very comfortable showing off her body. She’s worked with some great photographers too.

  39. very nice…! hard bod and a pretty face…. 🙂

    niners..i am just kidding with you bro… as to who is mature, you can be, i never claimed to be :))

  40. I think I’m falling in love with this marvelous woman and her abs, boobs and buttocks! She can do no wrong in my opinion. I’m happy now…:)

  41. some of us are mature….i would never claimed to be 🙂 i do think i have “heart on” feeling for Maya though ; )

  42. Welcome Maya. That’s a seriously tight stomach you have there. I even thought you might have had implants there. Go figure. Doc Lee schooled me, though.

    Good luck in your work. For what it’s worth, I think you look particularly nice in the pictures that show you softer, more feminine side. For example the shot embedded by Doc Lee.

    And, SMILE! Your’s is lovely.

  43. Yeah, welcome Maya. Unlike Bigfoot Dean, I thought maybe you had one of those entire facial implants, you know the ones like they are doing more and more of nowadays, cause I’ve never seen a face that beautiful and perfect before. And of course I will question something so nice, till my face turns blue. Butttt…I went and schooled myself and realized…NAH…your just hot. Just joking of course. I would never question something as perfect such as your face or those awesome abs of yours. Downright hot!

  44. hahaha what a cute conversation! anyway lee mentioned something i never thought of before – maya’s modeling skills. i’ll have to consider that in the future when critiquing people on here, but he is right in that she’s very good at posing

  45. Just wanted to agree with Raksasa, MoonLight, and others: another unfortunate boob job. Big turn off.

  46. Cool! How bout’ those abs…knarf? Surely you must agree their fake implanted turnoffs…right? ^_^ Cause I don’t. I’m at a loss for words right now.

  47. Welcome Maya and I like it more when you smile, too. 🙂

    Some constructive critic: I couldn’t find a taste or preview of your photos, at your website. Once I picked one set, it asked me for a member password. To convert visitors into members, I would find it wise to have one or two preview sets, to give them a taste of what they will get to see often from future photo sets. Just my 2 cents.
    Keep in shape! 😉

  48. love the abs…takes a lot of work to get that 6 pack. love the boobs too. 🙂

    christine, your pix looks nice 🙂 can i have a pix too? makes mine look like zizi zhang 🙂

  49. I do love free previews…and save them if they are good too. Is that weird? And I’m not kidding…^_^

  50. Maya, if you’re still following this thread, not only do you have a beautiful face, but your body is absolutely incredible. As a workout nut myself, I can appreciate the work you’ve put in at the gym. Actually, I would love to read about some of the things you do to keep your body so toned. Good luck with the new site.

    As a side note to the rest of you, abdominal etching is becoming pretty popular for people who are in good shape but their abs aren’t quite where they want them to be. There’s a detailed article about it in an issue of Fitness RX from a couple months back. To me, it doesn’t like like Maya could have done it though because her entire body is so perfectly toned from head to toe, not just the abs.

  51. Yeah, I’d be interested to know more about Maya’s exercise routine too. Just out of curiosity though – I’m allergic to gyms myself! 😉

  52. Thanks again for all of your compliments and opinions!
    Because a few of you asked…I do exercise about 3 or 4 times a week. It’s not a special routine, just cardio and a little weight training. I do try to swim after each time though. I am careful (not crazy) about what I eat. Even I live in America, I still try to eat a Japanese diet. Fish, rice, vegetables. Not big meals. I do think I am lucky too. Lee, you should work on your allergy! The sneezing and rashes go away after a small while…
    Thank you for the info Wylde8. I don’t know a lot about all of the different plastic surgeries. Except for my one “controversial” one. 🙂

  53. Maya, I have to say, you have very good exercise schedule and still add with swimming. It is not easy to do it.
    Doc, you should have more private conversation with her, in order to heal your allergy.
    Let the rest know ok. Good luck.

  54. Thanks for the reply Maya. It sounds like you have a very well-rounded workout program for yourself. Besides, you don’t need to know about the different surguries. When you look as good as you do, its best not to mess with anything. Best of luck with your new website. And we all hope you come back and visit us here on asiansirens every so often.

  55. I have to admit…Maya, I am jealous of those perfect abs and mid section of yours…the way they flows so beautifully into that lower pelvic region with that butt and thighs of yours down below. Very inspirational to sit and stare at. I think it’s time for a bike ride now.

  56. Wow. Great find here. She’s the best looking Japanese woman I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

  57. Arf, just put up a picture of her in front of you and you’ll be working harder in no time!

    Maya, if you’re still following this thread, please, please don’t change anything to look more “Westernized”. You’ll only become more generic. BTW, you English is almost as good as your butt:-)

  58. Her boobs do look too fake in the Playboy videos, though — almost rock solid:-( Everything else ichiban!

  59. Her website is down now. Was a member for awhile, some time back, but she never really added much new stuff. Shame, the stuff she did have on it was really nice.

  60. Can’t believe her website is gone. Her Model Mayhem page is still up though, so I’m assuming she’s still doing modeling. I sure hope so, because she’s too hot not to.

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