Naughty Lucy Liu


I know most of you have already seen the naughty Lucy Liu stuff, but since she is working hard on her film career let me just do another post on her. Those of you who still haven’t seen the topless material, just click








More photos at: (1)

The Serpent fuck

Payback beat-up

Ally McBeal – lesbian kiss

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  1. blueskies…i know a lot of people thinks she is pretty…but i see her as just ok…..pretty, but not exceptional…not my taste at all…i think because she doesnt have the sexual draws…imho

  2. I have always found her attactive but I’m not really sure why. She has no one great quality. She really needs to do a decent film.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: not pretty by Asian standards, but a nice, trim and taut body. But most importantly, she knows how to act sexy like no other actress I’ve ever seen!

  4. You said it right, Dr. Lee. She has this way of being kittenish one second and a femme fatale the next. No doubt she would be wild to spend some quality time with.

  5. You know I never really found her attractive inher rools and when people would here that I like “asian women” they’d ask me if I like her and Id say most notably NO. However in her younger days she looked better, nothing to write home about but more to like then. I guess I like her ewith a fuller rounder face the the very angled sharp cheekbone self that she is now.

    Maybe its just that curves are calming and angles are nerving.

  6. i am guessing that bai ling’s “sexiness” in spite of her not being that pretty is the same sexiness that lucy liu possesses? i never understood her hotness either.

    i can attempt restarting posts too! yaaay 😀

  7. its her eyes…there is something about those eyes…they way they sit on her face…and the freckles…body is great…just something about her eyes

  8. Ok, I know I’m not Mel Gibson, but I just don’t get all the Lucy Liu stuff.

    I don’t think she is very pretty. I find nothing at all sexy about her………

    I also used to think Pluto was a planet

  9. Average looking at best. Good actress but doesn’t hold up against some of Asia’s better know porn stars. Charmane Star is one who puts her to shame in all catagories.

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