Lyla Dee

Lyla Dee

Lyla Dee is a very beautiful aspiring Asian model. She is a loving and charismatic person. I was personally impressed by her great personalities and work ethics. I wish her continued success in her modeling career. Check her interview with us at and her official site at
Lyla Dee

More on Lyla Dee:

Height: 5’1
Measurement: 36-24-34
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Favorite Foods: I love food period. Anything and everything.
Favorite Movies: Korean movies. I am a movie fanatic.

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0 thoughts on “Lyla Dee”

  1. Asian Web Models: What do you like to wear to bed?
    Lyla Dee: I like to be naked. My doctor told me its healthy for you.

    That doctor was pulling something off……. 🙂

    She thinks she’s boring and she likes korean movies. Probably my soulmate!

  2. You know, she is a pretty girl. But these girls who show every part of their boobs except their nipples are annoying after a while. Either pose topless or just do lingerie and bikini shots. The tease stuff is just silly. Oh, my hair accidentally fell over my nipples. Oh, my fingers just happen to be here. Enough already.

    OK, rant over. Sorry.

  3. I agree ProfAbe, the teasing stuff is silly. And I do like to know what the ethnicity of a model is, but I do not take ethnicity into account in making me a fan of someone or not. It’s silly that a model even has to switch up or lie about their ethnicity to attract more fans.

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