Mariana Renata, a fine Eurasian mix!


Mariana Renata is an Indonesian model and actress. Born to a French father and an Indonesian mother of Javanese-Chinese-Italian descent, Mariana has graced the catwalks of Paris, Jakarta, Singapore, and Vietnam before she became one of the nationwide icons for Lux’s soap brand.

I did some ‘research’ and found some more photos and video for you!



Name: Mariana Renata
Ethnicity: Eurasian
Date of birth: Dec 31, 1983
Place of birth: Paris, France
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 54kg

Mariana Renata on the web:

Mariana Renata @ (extensive photogallery)
Mariana Renata @ (extensive photogallery)
Mariana Renata @ (clips)
Mariana Renata @





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0 thoughts on “Mariana Renata, a fine Eurasian mix!”

  1. hey dr lee:

    if the import models looked like Mariana Renata i wouldn’t be complaining anymore. I’d keep my mouth shut and keep drooling… 😉

  2. She is incredibly beautiful. wow. But she also has a team of photographers better than 97 percent of the other girls found on this site. =)

    Good job on this one, Robin.

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of her since couple of years back, she’s trully one of the great Indonesian models.

    On top of that, she now acts in motion pictures and she’s become the icon of Lux soap and planning to continue her Post Graduate studies abroad. Beauty and brain, a deadly combination my friends…

    Not to mention, she’s still at the tender age of 23.

    Indonesian girls rocks!!!

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