Natsuki Abe

Natsuki Abe

Natsuki Abe, born on December 13th 1981, is another beautiful Japanese AV star. So far she did 16 videos in the few years she is business now. Haven’t seen anyone of them but I was impressed by her photos at

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  1. She is one of my all-time favorites, too. So gorgeous! What a face. Her videos are great. I am not fan of breast jobs, but hers was very effective.

  2. This woman is stunning, but all the links show a blank page with the text “Under Construction”. Why? I see that diginudeart sees the same thing, but daxnlover also gives a scanlover link and implies that it works for him. So what give?

    I want to find more photos of Ms. Abe! She’s extraordinary, and beautifully proportioned.

  3. The reason why some of you guys are getting a blank page with the text “Under Construction” is because is blocked in your area. I currently live in China and I get the same thing. Try using a web proxy like or

  4. Hi theraiders2008, thanks for your suggestion about why I can’t get to, but as I live in California (USA) I would have thought it very unlikely that my ISP was blocking But it turns out you are correct! I can get there through I’m astonished. ISPs in the US aren’t supposed to pull that censorship crap. Just goes to show that the net is not as open and free as Americans like to think it is! But then these days, a lot of Americans are delusional about a lot of things.


  5. I wish I could agree with you Asian connoisseur about her breasts being real, but using the lessons of Dr. Lee—I don’t think so. I have 15 of her videos and her breasts at times seem too perfectly round (like drawn with a compass), too firm, and exhibit a weird edge every once in a while. Look at the photo on this site—the second one in the fifth row where she has her arms above her head:

    Please convince me that I am wrong. I would welcome it.

  6. Good to see somebody’s paying attention! 🙂

    Still, having said that, this photo isn’t entirely conclusive: because her breasts aren’t very big, it is possible for young, natural breasts of this size to look relatively round and firm.

    However, natural breasts this size should flatten out and not stick up in the air when she lies on her back. If they still remain round, firm and perky when she lies on her back, then they’re fake.

  7. I feel like I’m learning a lot about implants lately. Dr. Lee’s advice that we can only judge well by watching the naked breasts is really useful.
    Thinking of all the possibilities that this method opens up!

  8. knarf, I agree that the photo you referred to (2nd in the 5th row) shows her breasts remarkably round and symmetrical. But that pose, with her arms over her head, can do that in some young women. Check out the 1st photo in the 4th row. Note the concave curve in the upper half of the breasts when her arms are by her sides and the breast tissue is relaxed and not stretched. That tells me they’re natural. There are other photos of her in that series taken on the beach where she is sitting and they look totally natural.

    As to how they look when she is on her back, some young women in her size range have firm enough breast tissue that their breasts hardly flatten out at all. I can speak from personal experience on that point. 😉 It is an amazing, and stimulating, sight to see!

    I checked out all her photos on and I’m still not persuaded that she has implants.

    All that said, she is stunning woman and I’m flattered that she has chosen to share her beauty with the world.

  9. There is absolutely no way natural breasts would stay that round, firm and perky when their owner is lying on their back – it’s just impossible for human breast tissue to do this. It’s not just the fact that they don’t flatten out, but also that their form doesn’t change from when she’s standing up – this is a dead giveaway.

  10. Dr. Lee, I respect your opinion. I can only say that if Ms. Abe has had implants, they are extremely well done and relatively small compared to what most women get when they elect to have that surgery. The fact that when she is standing up with her arms at her sides, the upper half of her breasts are decidely concave, is a rarity among implant patients.

    Some young women do in fact have such firm breast tissue that when they are on their back their breasts hardly push out to the sides at all, and they look amazingly “perky”. I should know; I used to be married to one. And I’ve seen a few others up close and personal. <G>

  11. You’d better read this article – like many people, you judge implants by the standards of the obvioulsy fake, over the muscle types almost always used in the US. Most Japanese boob jobs are ‘concave’ on top because they are placed under the muscle – this retains the natural slope of a woman’s breast. And once again, it is impossible for natural breast tissue to look like the picture I link to above in that pose. The only way this girl could possibly have natural breasts is if this particular pic has been Photoshopped to make her breasts look more perfect. Which is possible, but unlikely.

  12. I would say she does have small implants that are indeed well done. I say this because of the symmetry of her breasts and the upward displacement in some of the pics. She clearly is not overly augmented.

    She is young enough to have no visible signs of rippling that some older women with diminished breast architecture or thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue that comes with age. Older people tend to develop pockets of fatty deposits whereas younger individuals are more evenly distributed… until they get to a maximum capacity and it redistributes.

    Everyone is naturally designed to store some adipose tissue all over the body. Hence the “skinny-fat” condition that many asian, as well as non overweight caucasian women display. Proper muscle-tone and healthy diet as well as youth alone can support an amazingly high BMI. The body is built to support the fatty deposits. The beautiful curves of a woman are almost entirely adipose tissue (when natural). Sadly, its a very brief period of time that everything is in harmony.

    Even more rare is the balance of maturity, intelligence beauty and health all at the same time. The camera can only display so much. Thank goodness we don’t have to listen to these glamour shot girls blabber on about the purse they want to buy with the money they make.

  13. The one thing i can’t stand about this site is the constant focus on “Real or fake?” WHO FUCKING CARES?? The girls still look incredibly hot, don’t they? You would still shove your grandmother aside for an opportunity to squeeze those tits, wouldn’t you? If you say no to the last point, I have to question your hetersexuality and, hence, your reason for viewing this site in the first place.

  14. Hey Bob!
    I do have curiosity to discuss it, because by being more knowledgeable I can use this to start good convos with some babes at the clubs. Think about the possibilities… 😉

    Anyway, whether they are fake or not, I usually like them, unless they are really too big and impossible to believe in.

  15. you are sick doc:)..what happened in your child hood to make you love such humongous mammary glands….sometime too big is too big..minka probably cant sleep on her stomach…ha ha

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