Jun Kusanagi is back!

Jun Kusanagi is back!

For some reason I completely missed the fact that Jun Kusanagi – who definitely is one of my all time favorite JAV model – is back in business (see comment of Zam). Besides ‘Resurrection Of A Super Idol’ that’s mentioned by Zam, she recentely also released the video ‘Fetish Mode‘.

JList about this video:
(…) Although having been away from the AV industry for over 3 years, she still holds the same luster that she did when she started so many years ago. Starting of with a stylish dance mix which shows off her luscious breasts while wearing a skin tight spandex skirt, she soon heads to the poolside, bearing a more revealing micro bikini where she shows off how skillfully she uses a dildo to bring herself to orgasm. (…)
For those who can read Japanese, also check out her blog at DMM Aldult and Attack From the Fuckin’ Adult (a kind of Japanese adult movie database).

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  1. Yeah she would have to have been around 9 when she started out then. Come on Jun, we love ya but do you think we’re that stupid? Glad to see her back though I dl’d a long clip from her new movie a while back but just hate watching all the pixilization in Japanese porn. SO really can’t recommend her new or old stuff outside her pictures.

  2. Here is a part of her bio from our archives (written by our good old doc many years ago):

    (…) Jun started her career in late 1996 as AV actress Mizuho Kanou (her real name is not known), debuting with the hard core video Pin Pin Girl in October of that year. After starring in five more such videos (the last being The Contrary Soap Heaven in May 1997), it appears she decided to retire from AV, seemingly with a view to a career as a photo model. In July, her publishing company at the time (Alice Japan) released a compilation video of some of her best sex scenes up to that point – Forever – as her swan song.

    She then re-surfaced in August of 1997 as photographic model Narua Asami with the photo book Queen Bee. She also appeared in several magazine layouts under this name at around the same time, and into early 1998. During her absence it appears she had some orthodontic work done, as her teeth were a little crooked in her earlier videos (as with many Japanese AV actresses), but they now appeared quite straight.

    This is how things stayed until March 1998, when she re-entered the AV market under her old name of Mizuho Kanou with Kyonyu Tensyou. Shortly afterward, she appears to have signed an exclusive photographic contract with Eichi Publishing, the largest and most famous of Japan’s erotic publishing companies. As often seems to be the case with Japanese erotic models, this necessitated yet another name change – to Jun Kusanagi. (It seems as though the publishing houses, rather than the models themselves, own their names, so many Japanese erotic models change their names at some point in their career.)

    She kept on going until the middle of 1999, at which point it seems she announced her official retirement. (…)

    So to be honest, I think she’s indeed 28 yrs old as she started doing AV when she was 18 yrs in 1996.

  3. Ah, it’s good to get credit of my Jun bio for once – it’s all over the net without any credits these days!

    And yes, she is 28 and as far as I can tell, she is natural! With her current breast size that’s not too hard to believe, but during her prime it was an absolute genetic miracle. I still find it hard to believe even now, but as somebody who owns all her photos albums, and almost all her original videos and magazine appearences, I just can’t see any evidence that they were fake. Absolutely amazing!

  4. Oh yes: you could see her breasts gradually shrinking over time in her videos and photo albums, which obviously strongly suggests they are natural – if she switched to smaller implants, you would see a sudden change in size at some point. Also, her breasts expanded considerably when she got excited, which is also consistent with natural breasts. An astonishing combination with her tiny, tiny waist! I guess when you win the genetic lottery like that, it’s inevitable that you can’t keep it for too long – she’s nowhere near what she used to be now.

  5. Dr. Lee says it perfectly. She was an anatomical miracle. But she has not aged gracefully (if it is appropriate to say that of one who is still so young). When I saw the opening scene of Pin Pin Girl 10 years ago I was blown away. Sad what has happened to her magnificent breasts. All that having been said, she is still beautiful (and I have bought the last five videos that have recently come out to add to my large collection of her “work”).

  6. Hey guys, wow it’s been awhile! I used to help run the Jun Yahoo Group. Just decided to stop buy when I heard about her new flicks, but yeah she’s seen better days. But this site’s looking nice, good job! By the way, I noticed several Jun Photobooks on eBay that I’ve never heard of before, namely “Live!”, “Rope”, and “Teacher”. The latter two are quite expensive ($57) and from 2003, while the other’s comparatively cheap and from 2002. But from the look of the covers, the pics in all three are much older. Does anyone know more about these?

  7. I have read somewhere that she had a rib removed. Confirmation anyone?

    But yeah, at her prime she was the greatest. Sadly I have lost interest in her.

  8. I think this is just one of those baseless rumours that gets around the internet to explain what seems physically impossible. In her prime Jun really did seem to have an impossible body, but having examined almost every one of her videos with a very fine-toothed comb, I keep coming back to the conclusion that she’s all natural. I guess when you have a body that amazing it’s inevitable that it will be very hard to keep!

  9. doc…i saw a video of her in the states and her boobs seem to have shrunk….i guess that goes with age…..

    btw, having ribs remove..is that a real procedure?

  10. Yep, that’s why everyone’s dispapointed with Jun these days – she used to be super slender but with large breats and spectacular curves, but now she’s just skinny, with average breasts.

    As for the rib thing, it’s something I’ll have to look up – it sounds like it could be an urban myth to me. I’ve certainly never heard of it actually being performed, even though it’s something you often here about in relation to models with spectacularly small waists. Sounds a bit too extreme to be true!

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