Michelle Malkin, a very controversial Filipina

The above clip I received made me do some research. I had never heard of Michelle Malkin, but she looked kinda cute and seems to be quite a controversial person in the USA. So here we go.Michelle Malkin (born October 20, 1970 in Philadelphia to Filipino parents) is an American columnist, blogger, author and political commentator. She is a social and political conservative. She makes frequent guest appearances on national syndicated radio programs and on television networks such as MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and C-SPAN, and is currently a columnist for Townhall.com and the Jewish World Review.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

Some links:

Michelle Malkin @ wikipedia.org
Michelle Malkin @ youtube.com
Michelle Malkin @ hotair.com
Michelle Malkin @ images.google.com
Michelle Malkin @ michellemalkinisanidiot.com

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  1. Yeah Michelle is a pretty radical thinker and very conservative. Her ethnicity is Filipino but she’s all American. The liberal crowd say alot of deragatory things about her. She is gorgeous though. 90% of you guys I’m sure will hate her message but you gotta like the package it comes in. πŸ˜‰

    I on the other hand love both…she is my idea of the perfect woman. Sachiko is really going to hate her. Flame away, try and be nice fellas…..

  2. a conversative minority woman…how strange…maybe she thinks she is a twinkie…:) flame away liberal pinkos :))

  3. plus the package is not that good….now if she shows some breasts, maybe i will change my mind….this could qualify as a grudge boink? πŸ™‚

  4. She is one of my favorite milfs. Ive seen her on the street around DC. She surely is a spinner with attitude.

    She is great to look at but geez… she could talk the wood out of a tree.

  5. GREAT ONE ROBIN! i have been a fan of hers for a while; as a matter of fact. before i ever knew what she looks like.

    she rocks. can’t beat a hottie with a brain! great thinker and arguer whether you agree with her or not. she has BURNED sooooo many lefty idiots and irresponsible media organizations in print and on the air, you can’t deny the intellect.

    lawboy: are you saying she’s a twinkie (yellow on the outside; white on the inside, for those of you who don’t know…) because she is a conservative?


  6. She’s another drinker of the Cheny, Rumsfeld & Bush Koolaid. I like her looks but can’t stand her politics. I wonder if she will comment here when she finds herself on a site like this! haha!

  7. I love her when she is bashing Islamo-Facists and when she bashes the Left for being the socialist, surrender-monkeys that they are. But I hate her social and religious conservatism and I especially hate her extreme anti-immigration views.

    She’s got guts and I respect that. She is like a smart, sexy Ann Coulter who actully uses arguments rather than pure invective and insults (although Coulter can be funny especially when she skewers Hollywood liberals). But in the end she often resembles what I hate about conservatives; their religious hellfire and brimstone morality.

    She reminds me of what Trey Parker from the Southpark series said of politics, “I hate conservatives, but I really hate fucking liberals.”


  8. Oh, one last thing. I always get a kick out of the fact that all the “socially conscious” liberals always refer to her in such loving terms such as “asian whore” or “flip bitch”, etc. Just go on over to that bastion of love and compassion at Daily Kos and see how those nice little liberals speak of Malikin.

    Where would we be without the love and tolerance of the Left?

  9. This woman is one of the most evil people in America, a true hater of mankind and warmonger. Anti-environment, anti-teacher, anti-woman’s rights, pro-war, pro-Bush, etc. A true bitch.

    My wish is that she loses it all and has to work as a bar girl.

  10. ProfAbe,

    Gee, I wonder if you’re a liberal?

    Oh and by the way, it took all of one post after mine to prove my point about the tolerance and compassion of the left.

    Too funny.

  11. “My wish is that she loses it all and has to work as a bar girl.”

    Just to point this out, but isn’t it obvious that the “bar girl” statement is racist to its core. You see, Malkin is Filipino, and all Filipinos are whores that work on Santos Street. So Malkin should get what that Asian conservative whore deserves and that is to be a blow job whore like the rest of her race. Am I right ProfAbe?

    See what I mean about our racially tolerant liberals. The Left is the political home of some of the biggest rascists on the planet. Its such a joke that they present themselves as “enlightened.”

  12. So she supports racial profiling eh? I wonder if she’d do that if Filipinos were at the recieving end? I’m always amused by Asian immigrant right wing extremists – if the US government had followed their philosophy in the past, they wouldn’t have been able to live there themsleves! I guess they’re allowed to live there but other immigrants can’t. Uh huh.

    I won’t even bother going into anything else she says. Still, at least by posting her here, nobody can accuse Asian Sirens of political bias! πŸ˜‰

    As for liberals saying nasty things about her: while I don’t approve of that myself, they are simply very angry about what she says, that’s all. And given what this girl stands for, I can understand that.

  13. And as for zama202’s accustion that ‘The Left is the political home of some of the biggest rascists[sic] on the planet’, let’s get real here: they’re not the ones writing books supporting racial profiling.

  14. Lee…i guess this is one posting where what would normally be an off-topic discussion is completely on-topic with her!

    I better turn off the email notify on this one or i’ll have 50 alerts in my in box in the morning! πŸ™‚

  15. Yep! If a post does have a political flavour (like this one or Sachiko’s, for example), then political discussion is on topic in that post.

    Still, given this girl’s openly racist views, I wonder if writing about her is a breach of our posting guidelines? πŸ˜‰

    On the other hand, she’s going to absolutely hate being here, so bring it on! πŸ™‚

    Actually, given the above, isn’t any Asian Sirens reader who supports her views guilty of almost as much hypocrisy as she is? I mean, if people like her had their way, sites like Asian Sirens wouldn’t even exist!

    Sorry, I take that back: nothing can compare with the hypocrisy of an Asian immigrant who is an anti-immigration racist!

  16. BTW, while I have been responsive to models’ requests to have their posts taken down for personal reasons in the past, nothing’s going to make me do what this girl wants. I guess we’ll see her in court. πŸ˜‰

  17. amen ProfAbe…anti immigrants…she should look at herself in the mirror…it is so funny to see asian, african american or hispanics on the tube spouting out conservatives ideologies….i am very tempted to use one of my CLM’s waiver here to really describe how i feel about this crazy bitch….:)

  18. She isn’t an immigrant. She was born and grew up in the United States. Or is there some magic number which makes white Americans non-immigrants?

  19. to kimnguyen_03: what do you mean, is this me talking? are you asking if i support her ideas? Well, i dont know her ideas exactly, i just posted her because she looks kinda cute! πŸ˜‰ But since I am anti-Bush, and pro-environment, I guess i am not on her side!
    (And I will not participate any further in this thread, cuz i dont feel like discussing politics on a babe site! Have fun ya’all! πŸ˜‰

  20. To Niklas: whether she is a first or second or third generation immigrant is irrelevant. If the US government applied her philosophies, she wouldn’t be there now.

  21. unless you look white, act white, and think white..no matter what generation you are..you are subjected to some discrimination in this great country of ours…this is a scientific fact base on sociological studies…since this girl looks very much a minority she should think twice before expounding her beliefs…this is what happens to minorities children growing up in the US..they forget where their “flip” (not to be offensive)parents came from and what they faced when they first got here….she is probably ashamed of her own culture..it is called reversed racism….i have seen these types before…sad for them.

    wish she would come on this site and let us have it:)

  22. An American living in Shanghai for the past seven years, I haven’t caught too much of Michelle Malkin’s routine. When I have, I’ve found all of her arguments to be right out of the Fox News School of attack conjecture.

    Essentially, she’s an easy-on-the-eyes, flame-throwing entertainer posing as a journalist; she appeals to emotion while asking little by the way of reasoned logic or reflection from her audience, in an attempt to enlist them in what comes off as a hate-driven cause.

    Conservative or liberal labels asideβ€”and man, am I sick of these labelsβ€”Malkin’s type pollutes the political-slash-media landscape of the United States, and is part of the out of control virus that continues to blindly take a once very decent country down the drain.

    That’s said, she’s hardly an Asian Siren in my eyes.

  23. To Dr. Lee: How so? She was born to Filipino immigrants who applied to be naturalized legally after living in the United States for a few years on a work visa. Possibly the only difference, would have been that she would have inherited her U.S. citizenship through her parents after they got naturalized rather than being born with it. She’s not anti-immigration per se, but she does talk a lot about stricter controls on who they let in and who should be given U.S. citizenship. So would it be correct to say that in your opinion even if her ancestors had been there since 1905, neither she nor her offspring would EVER have the right to ask for stricter immigration controls simply because they wouldn’t be “pure” or white?

    To LawBoy: Well, she says her grandfather’s Filipino, but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything she wrote where she referred to herself as being Filipino… You could be write, or maybe she really doesn’t identify that much with that part of her heritage.

    Looks department: well, she looks nice in some pictures and some videos, but I get the feeling a lot of it’s the makeup.

  24. IMHO Malkin is entitled to “her” opinions. I’m under the assumption that how one is brought up and the environment one grows up in really molds a person.

    Wonder what set Malkin off to develop her current viewpoints?

  25. I often ask myself why otherwise reasonable, intelligent people would support Bush and the circle of evil doers that tell him what to say and do.

    All I can come up with is a few categories I have noticed.

    1) Most wealthy people tend to support republicans because they feel that no matter what happens to the social fabric, that republicans will always pass policy beneficial to the wealthy.

    2) Then there are those who aspire to be wealthy and like to support the republican party. These folks like to associate themselves with what they perceive as the party of the wealthy. Maybe they are hoping for wealth by association?

    3) I see a lot of ex-military guys, especially ones over age 60, who are staunch Bush supporters just because they came from an era where war and invasion was equated with patriotism. I have respect for all war vets and I’m not going to put them down. But I can see why they would support Bush based on the era they grew up in.

    4) Then, there are the religious/moral people who have fallen for the republican party’s propaganda as being party of “morality”. These people are so focused on one issue that they turn a blind eye to all of the anti-humanitarian polices of Bush and his bosses.

    Everybody has their buttons to be pushed including me. And I think the emotional issues are what shapes most people’s politics. But, I’ll always stand as a proud liberal/lefty if you want to call me that. Especially if the alternative is bringing down America.

    Just think how much better off we would be if all the $MULTI-BILLIONS$ was put into alternative energy sources instead of these wars. Not to mention all the needless grief of the families of the fallen soldiers that could have been spared. Very sad indeed.

  26. I get a kick outa liberals. Republicans are all defined as rich white guys that won’t let any minorities into their reindeer games but you guys are exactly the reason why minorities shy away from joining the GOP. Any time anybody black or hispanic or Asian decides to speak as an individual and ally themselves with the Republicans then they are persecuted as an Uncle Tom or told in Michelle’s case that she has “low self esteem” or should “go back to her own country”. Bush has the most minorities of any President in American history working on his staff and yet they are considered traitors instead of pioneers trying to change the system from the inside. I used to work in a democrat stronghold and let me tell you I never saw more prejudice and racial bigotry then I did there. One woman even pulled me aside and told me she thinks she may be working for the wrong side when she sees a Powell or Rice or Gonzales or Chao being appointed to positions never held by a minority before.

    Michelle like most conservatives (yes of course there are religious nuts but not all) just believes in calling it like it is. She like I believe that a person should be judged on their own merits and shouldn’t receive special treatment because of their skin color, ethnicity, or religion. If blond haired blue eyed guys were going around blowing up shit around the globe then I would hope racial profiling would be going on in my case too. That’s not the case, it’s mostly if not all being perpetrated by Arab Muslims. So is it wrong to racial profile?…maybe but I feel safer. It’s too bad but this is the world we live in now. Basically if you’re a liberal, then minorities should be seen and not heard unless it’s railing against the injustices of the white majority. But have a differing opinion and then you’ll see how racially progressive liberals really are. Just ask Michelle or Condi.

  27. I get the impression the conservatives like to put up people like Michelle in the hope that it makes them look unprejudiced. And ironically, I think the dems are victims of the opposite problem: they want to try to get some republican votes, so they are very conscious of putting up racial minorities as candidates. It is a sad reflection of the widespread racism that still exists in America, and how easily people like Michelle and her supporters are fooled.

    It is not surprising at all that Michelle denies her heritage: her’s is a very clear case of reverse racism. She obviously isn’t concerned that her philosophies would more than likely have prevented her ancestors from coming to America (to answer Niklas’s question), as she doesn’t identify herself with them. Somebody who is so deluded about who she herself is obviously wouldn’t be able to think clearly about anything.

  28. i am not sure if this is a correct term for Michelle but is “uncle tom” a good reference…sorry to our african american brothers if i am ignorant…but if “uncle tom” is what i think it means than she is a fricking “uncle tom”

    what a surprise she is married to a white economist….not that marrying outside your race is bad but the “self haters” usually do…again no offense to those who actually marry for love and not to move up in their social and cultural status…

    and Mike Abundo….i will join you brother and we both can grudge boink:))…i really dislike this wench and she is not that good looking either….wait till someone she loves get deported or treated like second class citizen…damn “uncle Tom”

  29. I’m confused
    Where I come from “liberal” isn’t a dirty word.
    But it seems in the US, no one seems to want to be associated with that word. (correct me if I’m wrong)
    In my book, liberal is good, it means you’re open minded. Is that such a bad thing?

  30. witty…the rightwings have made liberal=commies…to scare people…if liberal means enjoying sites like AS then i am a fricking liberal:))

  31. Yeah, it’s strange isn’t it. America was once proudly liberal; indeed, that’s what made America the dominant nation in the world today. If this present trend toward conservatism isn’t reversed, the US is doomed – mark my words (although we may not see the full results in our lifteime).

  32. she use to write for the Seattle PI when she was in Seattle, in person (maybe it was me) she didnt have make up and look ok not ugly but i have to say tv and make up makes her look good…without make she is very young looking…other then that Michelle is very out spoken and opinionated. but when she was here in she was alright and now on TV she is hot.

  33. Does anyone know why her video was taken down? Certainly, it’s easy to find Michelle Malkin videos on You Tube, so she clearly wasn’t banned.

  34. “If blond haired blue eyed guys were going around blowing up shit around the globe…”

    That’s brilliant, and pure irony here, as who ‘blows up more shit around the world’–literally and figuratively–than the whites boys at the helm in the White House and their ‘rape and pillage’ global domination corporate cronies?

    Great to infuse a bit of politics and social issues here at Asian Sirens without people digressing into the all-to-easy blog-trap of personally attacking each other.

    Fortunately, we are united in a higher cause here. So let’s get some babes up send Michelle Malkin to the archives.

  35. Yep, that’s absolutely right – white guys have blown up far more ‘shit’ than any other race in history. I guess we should be racially profiled. πŸ˜‰

  36. most violent of the races…:) not to mentioned you guys carry the schizo genes and 90% of serial killers are of nordic descent…so much for the master race…but…..we still love ya and your women…lets end this and send this wench to the archive

  37. Well I’m joining K4K and CLM and banning myself from here now. Never heard so much racial hatred as I have from LawBoy against whites and the Doc’s own self-hatred of his own race as I did in this thread.

    Very sad that White people and America has done so much harm to you guys. I really hope we get the nuke we deserve, you’ll all be much better off when Communist China is the Super Power of the world.

    Take care boys always thought you were a little more enlightened than the dreck I read above.

  38. “she rocks. can’t beat a hottie with a brain!”

    Anyone who supports Ann Coulter and the Bisj war machine can be accused of many things, but having a brain certainly isn’t one of them.

  39. I never said I hate my own race – I was merely stating the historical facts. We have to admit to our mistakes and take responsibility for them, otherwise we will be doomed to repeat them (as the Bush administration is doing now with the Iraq war).

    The alternative is to take offence at the merest hint of criticism and fly off the handle, as darklighter1 is doing here (and all conservatives tend to do). This is not the way to improve yourself or your country. It is the path to irrelevance.

  40. No matter how articulate a point of view, certain people will always disagree and employ the Fox News approach to retort, as evidenced by the comments of ‘darklighter1’ and a few others.

    Rather than use logic and reason to articulate a substantive position–which takes reflective effort and some basic composition skills–it’s easier for them to just throw rocks.

  41. The guy doing the commentary for this woman (Michelle) has to go. WTF? He obviously has a point but I don’t think anyone wants to listen to him. Having someone like him in the background of her video was a slight rude awakening.

  42. i am sorry dark you feel this way..i do not hate the white race and in fact i owe much of my professional success because of the opportunity i received living in this great country…but you have to be open to critism. i respect the conversative views as long as it is open to educated debates….i believe in strong leadership and an intelligent leader who is fair and unbias….for example even though i am considered to me moderate liberal…i didnt like jimmy carter and his leadship..but i greatly admired abraham lincoln and god forbid..reagan, and the first Bush…..but for God sake, this president and the current political climate now in the US is so so devisive and anti minorities, women, and believe it or not the Middle Class…what Lou Dobbs on CNN. this has to be the worst time in US history under this imbecile bush and his conservative agenda..it is all big business and god this god that…please respect other’s beliefs and dont ram your ideas down my throat.

    this girl michelle and ann f*cking coulter are the hate mongers that attacks all things non conservative white ideology…Coulter i can understand but a minority woman…if only she can see the light…stupid girl…wait until her half breed kids get second class treatment like people of color gets…maybe then she will realize….sorry dark..you should stay to keep the debate interesting and two sided…peace out:)

  43. To everyone on both sides of this argument, I think Michelle’s ethnic background is a total non-issue. There is a percentage of people who (for whatever reason) will be on the side of the president and those who tell him what to do and say.

    And liberals, she just happens to be Filipino. There is no need to insult her and call her names to make her look bad. She does quite well on her own by spewing her anti-middle class politics.

    And Lawboy, I agree, it’s all about BIG BUSINESS and corporate profits and to hell with the middle class. That is the essence of this white house and it will be its legacy. Thousands of brave soldiers killed for oil and Haliburton. Very sad.

  44. Guys! It’s very easy to go out of line when discussing politics, religion or girlfriends! πŸ™‚

    Let’s cool off after the rants. DL1, we need some republican views around here, don’t let it all to the liberals. πŸ˜‰

    Michelle is some kind of blog princess, I first noticed her in Technorati. She’s attractive and intelligent, I admire that. Just don’t share many of her political views.

  45. This comment was moved from the Ms. Annla post. I certainly see Dr. Lee’s point that the connection between models who use myspace aggressively and Michelle Malkin is tenuous, so I’ve moved it here.

    Regarding Time’s person of the year 2006, I invite you all to see Malkin vent
    about the fact that Tila Tequila got mentioned by Time and she didn’t.

    You Tube link:

    Tila Tequila on Time magazine:

    Ms. Annla:

  46. And here is mine moved too. Maybe doc can erase my cooment on the other thread.

    Done! – the Doc

    On that Youtube Michelle’s, she is not criticizing Tila directly but only Time magazine.

    However, I would enjoy a lot seeing a Malkin vs Tequila debate. πŸ˜€

  47. The youtube video from this thread, I find the off voice so funny. I’d swear it’s a filipino and it’s just funny to hear him in his rant while Michelle keeps going and going.

    She really is determined and at the same time he is just saying she should lighten up. But in the background she keeps going and going, very serious about the whole thing. Tough babe! πŸ™‚

  48. zama202 you really are completely FULL OF SHIT. No one on daily kos has called Malkin a “flip bitch” or “asian whore”. What a bunch of crap.

    You are displaying exactly what bothers people about conservatives, that you have to lie to make a point.

    Malkin lies time and time again on her blog, and most people are sick of it. The latest example is how she got all jacked up that AP “sympathetic to terrorists” by fabricating an Iraqi source, then when he proved to be real, she clams up.

  49. You may be right, Johnny. But I did find this at Think Progress, via a search on DK:

    Malkin is a whore on the order of Mann Coulter. She is supposedly embedded with the troops. I really wonder if she gets out of the Green Zone. I doubt it.

    Comment by Tom β€” January 12, 2007 @ 10:47 am

  50. I think the point here is that nobody on the liberal side has derided her on the basis of race, which is the basis zama202 was using to claim that liberals were hypocrites. Of course some people are going to use nasty words to describe her – her own words and actions invite it.

    As for the conservatives, it is they who are the true hypocrites – preaching the seven deadly sins while perpetually breaking one of them (lying) and pretty much all the others as well. Hypocrisy at its worst.

  51. Dr. Lee, as a fence-sitting independant voter who won’t vote on party lines I can tell you I’ve read some incendiary racial bullshit posted about Ms, Malkin int he past on a variety of political (left-leaning) sites. One need only scan you-tube or a variety of blogs to see this stuff.

    It would seem politics brings out the worst in many of us.

    IMHO, Ms. Malkin is a brainy beauty with whom I agree on some issues, not all. But you owe it to yourself to check out the hotair.com archives for her trampoline video. πŸ™‚

  52. That trampoline video was the lamest. I can’t believe that I wasted my time searching for it. Here is the link if you want to check it out.


    I’ve know about Michelle for a while. When I would see her on tv, she didn’t say anything that was too crazy. Now I see that she turned into a liberal-basher. An Asian Ann Coulter. And she vents about the most pointless stuff.

    Most people wouldn’t care about what she had to say if she wasn’t somewhat attractive/appealing or bashing liberals.

    I won’t get all worked up over someone like Michelle because it is pointless. And Republicans and Democrats aren’t looking out for me so it’s pointless for me to defend either side. The Bush Admin. is still screwing stuff up and most Americans can’t see that. Democrats won’t change anything. They had plenty of chances to do so, why wait until 2007 to start speaking out? Oh well, back to looking at hot Asian chicks, politics are giving me a headache.

  53. i just hate the last part of the video when you said that” you think filipinos are always complaining about everything”. You! who ever you are, Dont blame the whole race! Another point, she was raised in America, very different culture from the Filipinos, OK!

  54. I cannot stand this woman. There is no getting around the fact that she is a horrible person. I agree that she is clearly intelligent, but that brain of hers could be put to much greater causes than being the world’s largest bitch. I feel sorry for her husband, he probably can’t even pop an erection without her permission.

  55. hmm bob…i would have to agree with you. maybe because i am asian, but i prefer a woman to be strong but still feminine…you dont have to be a ball breaker to get your point across. maybe this is why i prefer asian women more…sorry gals.

    michelle reminds me of a lot of female lawyers…if you ask the male lawyers most will tell you they do not like the female lawyers because they tend to go out of their ways to be bitchier..a bunch of ball breakers…sorry if this comes off as sexist..but i think a women can be strong and confident with out having to be a bitch…just my 2 Bahts πŸ™‚

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