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Natalise was recently one of Maxim’s Girlfriend of the Day (thanks for the lead Gene). They only keep the last 5 girlfriends online as far as I can tell so if you missed it on Maxim, I have copied the mini-interview to my Asian Divas Yahoo Group.

Natalise is a Stanford graduate who is pursuing her dream of being the first big Asian American pop star. A good place to start is her official website (warning it is Flash based but was fast loading on broadband). In particular, she has a video clip and also music clips along with a photo gallery, bio, news, etc.

Here is a photo of Natalise performing:


Using google, I found a couple articles about Natalise written in 1993 (I later found they are also on her website but hard to read due to font size) in the google cache and have reposted them for convenience at:

Singer Natalise’s sky-high dream
Of Love and Natalise – SF Weekly cover story

Natalise is also on MySpace like most musicians and models. On MySpace, you can find more pictures of her and maybe get to know her better. Here are her MySpace pages:

Natalise music page including downloadable music clips
Natalise’s regular MySpace page

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  1. Thanks Badboy for the great report on Natalise. I hope she makes it big. She has one of her music video previews here which I think might be too explicit (lyrics wise) for MTV. It’s called “Get Me Off”

    I saw in one of her interviews that her parents are from Burma (Myanmar). Ever notice how many Thai people we encounter, but seldom any Burmese people. Strange, cuz Burma is right next door to Thailamd.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. A few days late but I just found out that Natalise’s Get Me Off music video was video of the day at Maxim’s Blender on August 30th. It links to the same clip that northman mentions in the comment above so if you don’t see it on Blender you can still view the same clip.

  3. I think she’s very cute but a bit too Tila-ish IMHO. I prefer a more Jocelyn Enriques sound, but I bet her music does well in the clubs. I wonder what she’s like on stage… I’m not talking about the pole you pervs! Although…

  4. Her face is pretty cute, but her body’s too thick for my taste, and her style is way too so-cal. I haven’t even dared to listen to her music – I know exactly what I’m going to be assulted with. 😉

  5. Yeah, she does have a very so-cal style. I think she’d look better if her hair were a natural color.

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