Shiori Fujitani – prettiest face and boobs in Japan?

Shiori Fujitani

Continuing with our current ‘best breasts in Japan’ theme, I present Shiori Fujitani. I haven’t rated her ‘best natural breasts’ because I think she has implants, but once again due to the skill of the Japanese surgeons they move very naturally and are very soft. Yet breasts this perfect could almost certainly only be produced artificially – indeed, I think she has quite possibly the most perfect breasts I have ever seen.

In my opinion she is also the prettiest of all Japanese models – quite a statement, given all the competition! But that really is what I think, so despite the fact that she isn’t as slim as my usual taste, she is my absolute favourite Japanese model after Jun Kusanagi – the prettiest face and the prettiest boobs in one girl! What’s more, she also has an irresistably cute and loveable personality on video – what a package!Despite all this, she doesn’t seem to be very well known – I haven’t been able to find a comprehensive list of her videos anywhere – not even at AV Idol. Interestingly, she retired from AV some years ago, but came out of retirement a few years back and is now active again – this is quite unique for a Japanese model in my experience. And she still looks as young and pretty as ever – amazing!

Here are a few Shiori galleries from around the web:

She released four lovely photo albums that I know of, but I can’t find any info on the net on these either. Sadly these are long out of print – I have three of them, and the only person I know who has the other one won’t sell it to me at any price! 🙁

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0 thoughts on “Shiori Fujitani – prettiest face and boobs in Japan?”

  1. How about Emirie (Emiri,Emery) Yoshikawa?
    She’s part Dominican.
    Name: Emiri Yoshikawa
    (aka Emily Yoshikawa)
    DOB: 6/3/80
    Birthplace: Dominican Republic


    Sign: Gemini
    Blood Type: A


    Height: 158 (cm)
    5 ft 2 in
    Measurements: 93-55-85 (cm)
    37-22-33 (in)
    Cup Size: F

    now don’t tell me she has implants

  2. I love Emirie too, and will be doing a post on her down the track. However, I am sorry to say that I’m practically certain she does have implants – natural breasts just don’t ‘stand up’ like Emerie’s tits do. You will also notice she looks significantly smaller in some of the pics you link to – the last one in the second gallery, for example. These were probably taken prior to her (most recent) boob job.

    I have her on video too, and they move more like implants than natural breasts.

  3. Gee, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. The big naturals are great, “butter face.” I much prefer Reon Kadena or my current obsession, Akira Watase.

    I’ve checked in with Asian Sirens for a bunch o’ years now, but this is my first time seeing the new layout. Thanks for everything!

  4. I can understand that you might prefer somebody else (after all, there’s plenty of pretty Japanese models to choose from!), but “eww”? And you were complaining about us criticising Tila… if you are going to complain about others making negative comments, then you best not make them yourself.

  5. I happen to luck onto two AV dvds that had a young Shiori Fujitani in some of the clips. What a pair of luscious boobs, suckable nipples, and beautiful set of lips down under. If anyone would like me to do some screen captures of this beauty, let me know, and I’ll oblige.

  6. YOu know what Dr. Lee, I have to say with your mouth calling Tila all kinds of names like you know her or even like she did something to you, I have no respect for that. And now youre calling Shiori Fujitani the best face and boobs? I have to disagree and when I said “eww” is to say you have proved you dont have good taste for women, I have seen better lookin japanese than this. That’s my opion, like it or not. And honestly I prefer not to talk to you back and forth on this post. NOt Worth it.

  7. I think Tila is far better at defending herself than you are. And as I said, I understand if you think there are other models in Japan who have a prettier face and boobs than Shiori – you are entitled to your opinion. That doesn’t mean I have bad taste, only that my taste is different from your’s. However, you aren’t really expressing an opinion, you are merely trying to find some pathetic and childish way to ‘get back at me’ for my perfectly legitimate criticisms of your beloved Tila. And if you don’t want to talk back and forth, then why are you doing exactly that?

  8. wow..close ups!….very nice…she is pretty but some photos are not flatering…but i bet doc or adam can make her look hotter…:)

  9. These are video grabs, so they are by nature ‘warts’n’all’. Also, these are almost certainly taken from one of her ‘come back’ videos, which means she’s over 30 in these shots! Unless they’re from that ‘pirate’ uncensored version of one of her early vids, in which case she’d be in her early 20’s here. Still, she looks exactly the same now as she did then anyway!

  10. warts? ewww….btw doc..dont mess with viet chicks, they can quite mean and agressive until you buy them a car :))

  11. “Warts’n’all” is just a common English expression for ‘unflattering’ – Shiori certainly doesn’t have any! 🙂

    And yes, I’ve had some personal experience with Vietnamese girls. 😉

  12. Actually LawBoy, I don’t think kimnguyen_03 is a girl – I’ve met Vietnamese guys who call themsleves Kim (I know it’s a girl’s name in Vietnamese, but it can be a guy’s name in English).

    If kimnguyen_03 is a girl, then I humbly apologise for offending her and her good buddy Tila. 😉

  13. Yes I am a viet girl and yes we are spicy if you get to taste us 😉 . It is because we eat spicy food everyday? dont know if that has anything to do with it j/k.

    Lawboy, I always say “get me a house on the hill with a good looking naked man on the bed” and I’ll be good. =)

    Thank you Dr Lee, I accept your apology and please accept mine for being so mean.
    Dr lee, I dont know Tila or know too much of her, but being a viet woman, it’s hard to make it in the industry that Tila is in. And regard of what she does to promote herself, I still think she deserves it all because she worked hard for it.

    I know some of you dont like her and you guys are entiled to your own opion like I am entiled to mine.

    Much love for Tila, one of my viet people.

  14. if kim nguyen is a dude, then we are in big trouble…plus i didnt think kim was dude because she argues like a girl…. ; )

  15. Hi Kim. I’m glad you’ve accepted that we are entitled to different opinions on Tila. And trust me when I say that I love Vietnamese people – I have a lot of good Vietnamese friends (I even speak a little Vietnamese), and I think Vietnamese women are the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, one of the things I dislike about Tila is that I feel she gives Vietnamese women a bad name – she is about as far from what real Vietnamese women are like as you can get. And IMHO she isn’t the best looking either (not by a long shot). Xin loi. 😉

  16. doc, i agree with you about tila and how unvietnamese she is…but for some reason she looks so hot to me, more so than lucy luu…plus tila got great boobs and ass…like a tiny firecracker..i hope she ends up doing porn:))..i am going back to saigon and find me a Tila:)) hey kim how about posting a pix of yourself 😉

  17. Yes I am a viet girl and yes we are spicy if you get to taste us 😉 …
    i thought most viet girls taste pretty sweet…what is this spicy stuff…that can give the guy the willies:)

  18. Here are 3 more of Shiori Fujitani from same video. Her profile says she was born 12/22/82, which means she turns 25 later this year. Mac OS X disables screen shots of dvds, so have to work around software to do a video grab; have to view the dvd clip to get the right image, then photoshop to brighten/darken and crop, then upload to my site, and finally post here. More work then you might imagine, so please appreciate even the warts and unflattering shots.

    Anyone have any idea who either of these ladies shown below might be?

    I’ll put more images of Shiori Fujitani later, plus I still have one more video clip of her (though not all that different than the one whose images I’m putting up now.)

  19. Hi tangoll – I know the last one but her name escapes me right now. Might come to me later.

    As for the profile you have for Shiori, it is completely wrong. Her first photo album (I have it in my collection) was released in 1993, which means she would have been eleven when she produced it! I can guarantee she wasn’t though – she was in fact born on 1974/12/22.

  20. hey doc..i am glad AS is liberal about some of these pix…keep it up..quite a tease with these double R rated pix:))

  21. I have just removed the ‘explicit’ porn images. We are not that liberal 😉 Feel free to post links to porn, but not the explicit images itself. (Let’s just say ppl should be able to open our site at work! ;-))

  22. Hmmm, I’m not sure people can look at AS at work anyway! I found where you drew the line between ‘explicit’ and non-explicit quite interesting. Anyway, I guess we have to clarify our policy on this issue.

    Anyway, whatver Robin and I decide on this issue, you can link to any kind of image you want.

  23. Okay, this post has been fully updated now.

    However, this doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the pics tangoll! Please keep them coming, even if you just post links to them – you can do it simply by replacing the IMG tags with URL tags.

  24. I guess it’s easier just to post the links; here are the last 4 plus 2 that are explicit. Note that in one of the explicit ones (with SF-hx1 or 2) that the guy’s tool is visible, though the dvd action is one of intercourse.

    That’s all from this clip.

  25. Lawboy I do have pics of myself but I am not a model so dont want to ruin this site.
    Lawboy are u viet??

  26. Dr Lee Khong xao het

    I was born and raised in SaiGon but havent use vietnamese for awhile so my vietnamese get rusty.

    Dr lee I know you like a woman with big breast, but I have to say not lots of vietnamese woman have big breast, maybe a cup B or C but not bigger than that.

  27. B and C is fine for me. Its the proportion that matters. B or C cups on a lithe young woman about 5 foot tall in ao dai is about as hot as it gets. My neck hurt from all the pretty girls on the streets of HCMC. District 1 is like heaven.

  28. No matter how rusty your Vietnamese is Kim, I’m sure it’s still better than mine. 🙂 And Vietnamese women are usually beautiful and slender enough to get away with not having large breasts. 😉

  29. Oh yes, LawBoy is Vietnamese, and we don’t care if you aren’t a model – all photos of Vietnamese girls are welcome here (I’m sure LawBoy will agree). 😉

  30. One more thing: I am in absolute agreement with redlaw on this one. The sight of those beautiful, slender Vietnamese girls in their ao dai is just breathtaking.

    P.S. For those who don’t know, Ao dai (pronounced something like “owe yie”, with a downward inflection) is the traditional women’s dress of Vietnam.

  31. hey kim..i am viet…and like doc, we would love to have you show us your pix 🙂 have you not been back?…district one is Quan Nhat…the best place to eat, dance, and stay..very expensive.

    doc..girls in ao dai are great especially the part where you get to take them off ; ) foods for the Gods!

    tangoll…sorry man..Robin had to be a party pooper:)…took away my porns

    doc..i have seen vietgirls with D cups…and a 23 waist!…

  32. Saigon is cut up into 22 Districts. Most are urban – a few are in the countryside. District 1 is in the southeast-center of Saigon. It is where the US Embassy was during the war and is where all the war museums (until recently known as the American War Crimes Museum) are now. Reunification Palace and Vietnam’s Notre Dame is there, The famous Uncle Ho statue is there. It is also where all the great clubs are, (e.g. Apocolypse Now) and western stores are… You can buy those Manolos on Dong Kho at US prices.

    It is a whole different economy than the rest of HCMC and is where most of the tourists spend their time. If you want to get a great bowl of Pho or see how the rest of the residents of Saigon, head out to Cholon in District 5 and 6. This older area is the Chinatown of Saigon.

    I love Saigon. ;^)

  33. hey red are you in saigon?…i am coming to saigon this month:)) apocolypes is not good and not safe..lots of hiv poss..becareful…enjoy saigon

  34. doc..i have seen vietgirls with D cups…and a 23 waist!…

    My closest Vietnamese friend is like this (or rather was – babies take their toll). And not only that, she’s a great cook with a great sense of humour! Sadly however, she is married to somebody else. 😉

  35. Lawboy: Sadly, I am not in Saigon till later in the Spring. Have a safe fun time.

    I agree that there is a lot of poison fruit at AN. The prettiest roses tend to have the sharpest thorns. With that said there is no place in SEA that is safe from the hivvy plague so a peek in Apocolypse Now is still required viewing and viewing only for a 1st time visitor. don’t drink too much and watch your back, front, wallet and mouth. You can get in some trouble quick if you don’t.

    BTW – For those in the know there are some very nice private nightclubs along Dong Kho that have the most amazing beauties in the world. I would still recomend full body latex hazmat suits but I think you can count on getting more mileage from the manolos you have to pony up than at the places your friendly neighborhood cyclo driver will take you.


  36. Cam on guys for letting me know, I came to the US when I was 14 and that was about 11 years ago. I haven’t been back home yet and would love to. I miss eating Pho and all the food you can buy on the street. Are they still selling stuff on the side of the street??

  37. Dr Lee… you must live close to lots of viet people, I noticed you know lots about viet language n culture, that’s so great.

    Sorry about your friend being taken by someone else, now that depends on where u live, if u life in canada, cali or houston, there’s a big population of viet women there =).

  38. Kim: There are some great Pho shops in Saigon but to be honest I like the Pho in the US and Canada better.

    Toronto, Montreal, Mountain View California, San Diego, Arlington Virginia and Baxter street in NYC have some great Pho. I think the reason is the consistancy in the recipe. you can count on the quality time after time. Pho that has too much anise or hasnt simmered long enough doesnt taste nearly as good.

    In Saigon there is a new chain called Pho 24 that is taking over the Pho scene. It is excellent Pho that is available 24 hours a day. It is fast becoming the most popular chain in Vietnam.

    For more authentic Pho in Saigon or for Pho Hue, try A-Pho in Cholon or Binh Tanh Market.

  39. It’s funny when I left Saigon, we didnt have a PHo place that open 24 hours a day. Everything is so different now that even I can’t even believe.

    One of the other thing that I really miss eating is Ha cau (dumpling), since saigon have a big population of chinese, they also make the best Ha cau there is.

  40. When enjoying a nice bowl of Pho, I like to ponder if Shiori Fujitani has the prettiest face and boobs in Japan. There. Back on-topic.

  41. Hi Kim. Actually, my friend was already married when I met her. But not to worry, I scored another really good one (Asian, but not Vietnamese). 😉

    And the reason I know so much about Vietnamese is because there are quite a lot of them in Sydney, where I originally come from. Although they lived in a different part of Sydney from me, I used to work with them. I am very happy with my life since I moved to Queensland, but I do sometimes miss them. But my best friends come to visit me anyway.

  42. And Robin is right, this thread is way off topic. But as it combines a few of my favourite things (Shiori, Vietnamese women and Vietnamese food), I don’t mind at all. 😉

  43. heyrobin…i like to think of big boobs when i am eating pho too:) maybe we can incorporate Kim, pho and boobs together:)) j/k pho 24 in saigon is very good, better than PHo Pasteur. Kim you should go back…the food in saigon now is amazing…..i am going back in 2 weeks…suckas 🙂

  44. Don’t forget LawBoy, we have to get Shiori in there somewhere to keep this on topic. 😉

    Hmmm, eating pho with Shiori – now that’s a nice thought. 🙂

  45. doc..lets bring kim into it…but the $100 dollar question is…does kim looks like Shiori…:)) we are waiting for pix em kim…he he

  46. lol you guys r silly
    sorry Robin…I started it

    Anh Lawboy, take me with you but where is home for you?? Saigon or Hanoi?

    And something something Shiori

  47. NO em kim is ugly and looks nothing like Shiori =(

    I do have a question for Dr Lee and robin, since you guys are the people that take care of this site, can we see your pictures? well I saw robin pic already but the ladies like to see how you guys look like. please with chocolate on top 😉

  48. So, is this a dating thread now? Lee, it seems there is need for yet another type of post! 😉

    (Ohw, and the answer is no. This site is about ‘the essence of Asian beauty’. Not about the bloggers. We just do our job. And a tough one it is! ;-))

  49. A dating thread eh? Well, if an Asian girl wants to find a guy, there’s plenty to choose from here! 😉

    Kim, if you really want to do a photo exchange, please contact me via my icon on the left – I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s! And if Shiori wants to join our dating thread, I’m sure I must have a bottle of something special somewhere that I’ve been saving just for her (if not I’ll buy one). 😉

  50. doc…dont cut in man…me working here:))

    kim…i am in the US but leaving for our home country pretty soon…maybe i will run into BEBE Pham:)…i will bring you back some Ao Dai..size 0 or 2 right?… 😉

    I dont want to see doc or robin unless they pose like Shiori and have big boobs like Shiori…ha ha…

  51. Anh Lawboy I am a size 2 how did u know?

    Hey we never know, cause Doc and Robin could pose better than Shiori.

  52. Well guys it’s been fun but i’ll stop posing on this thread cause I think we’re getting someone mad.

    talk to guys on a diff. thread

  53. The face is also really good..But THe Twins overpower everthing else…

    wonder what the dumper is like….

    My guess is there’e a very hairy bush hiding out there also…

  54. Thought I would resurrect this thread to remember what beautiful tits Shiori Fujitani has. All the links above from have been uploaded.

  55. This was an interesting thread I missed. I have zero attraction to her whatsoever. The exact opposite of the type of girl I like. But hey, to each his/her own.

  56. My interest in Shiori Fujitani is because I share the same date of birth, 22 December, with her. Of course, the day she was born, 1974, I was actually in Tokyo working for an American-Japanese joint venture company. Today she is exactly half my age, but I am in Hong Kong.

  57. See what age does to you — can’t calculate correctly anymore. I’ll be 69 in Dec of this year, so SF isn’t exactly half my age, just nearly so.

  58. Once you’re over 50, don’t add to your age until the birthday actually arrives. BTW. 69 would make you an extra dirty old man:-p

  59. Dr Lee or anyone else, someone here on this site pointed out a website that if you gave it an image of a model or pornstar, the website would try to identify who the model or pornstar is. Does anyone know the address or name of this website? Thanks.

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