Kathy Liu is Jang @ Pacific USA

Kathy Liu is Jang @ Pacific USA

One of the most discussed models at Asian Sirens at the moment is Lee’s favorite Kathy Liu. And as mentioned before by Zamscan, Kathia Liu is indeed the same as Jang Manthana and can be found as Jang in the membersection of Pacific USA (just confirmed by Adam Yurman).

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  1. I could not resist replying to this one. About the mysterious Kathy Liew, She is actually Jang (have her ID on file), and we published her at Penthouse about 5 years ago. She had once done a catwalk fashion show so I added a caption, “Nude Fashion Model”. I think some of the other Asian websites bought into the story a little too seriously. She also starred in some rather intense porn videos with the now infamous, Nong Nat.

    Another reason folks in Asia changes the names to Chinese so often is that some of the smaller South East asian countries forbid nude photography and are currently arresting models and photographer with gusto. It’s very dangerous to shoot nude in Asia even if you are a licensed publication like Penthouse. That is a whole nother story.


  2. Wow, thanks Marco and Adam! So she is Thai after all? Do we know if her blood is actually Thai, or was she just born there? Any info on this gorgeous girl will be greatly appreciated by me – as well as pics of course! 🙂

    There are many Thai who live in my part of the world (and Thai food is my second favourite after Vietnamese), but I’ve never seen a Thai girl who looks like this. There is the occasional gorgeous one, but they still don’t look like Jang. Are there more Thai girls with this sort of look tucked away somewhere I don’t know about? 😉

  3. I guess this whole episode is an example of how difficult it is to get accurate info on the ethnicity of Asian internet models. Makes it hard for we poor posters here at Asian Sirens! 🙂

  4. An interesting thing I noticed in these pics is that she has just one long fingernail (on her right little finger). I wonder what she does with it?… 😉

  5. Lee, there is actually a fair amount of diversity within Thailand regarding the “look” and ethnicity of the women. There are differences between the Bangkok area, the northern regions of Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai, and the Isaan region bordering Laos and Cambodia. On top of that are the Thais of Chinese descent… and you get the picture.

    Judging from what I’ve seen, I’d hazard a guess that a substantial number of models on Asian4U, where I first saw Kathy/Jang, are actually Thai.

  6. I think we all agree that the majority of Asian4You’s models are Thai, but Kathy/Jang doesn’t look like any of them. That doesn’t mean she definitely is or isn’t Thai, of course. As you say, there are actually many different ethnicities within Thailand, as is the case with all the countries on the Indochinese peninsula (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). For example, one of my Vietnamese friends told my about a tribe living in the Vietnamese highlands known as the “white Thai”, who she thinks have some European heritage! How about that?

  7. Just got an email from Khun Ton of Pen Publishing (PH Mag, Thailand):

    “About Khun Jang, we (PH Magazine, Thailand photo team) shot her for in for our magazine year 2000, in Bangkok and we have her Thai ID on file as proof of age. She is Thai but we can’t talk about it on the Internet or there will be problems for us. Some people use Chinese names so they don’t anger the police.”

    So in conclusion, Kathy Liu aka Jang is indeed Thai.

  8. Dont understand why some idiots get wrong vietnamese with thai???? There is a small Thai group in Vietnam but they all living in the highlands and just not enough to be 1% of population.

    To say the truth, no relations has found between Vietnamese and Thai

  9. I don’t think anyone’s getting Thai confused with Vietnamese. I was just pointing out that the highlands in Vietnam have many different nationalities, including Thai but also many others (such as the Hmong).

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