Nara’s “Veggie Love” Casting Session

Nara was one of many girls who auditioned for PETA’s “Veggie Love” ad, which the animal rights group claimed was rejected by NBC to run during Super Bowl XLV. (Funny, since the Super Bowl was broadcast on Fox, not NBC.)

Anyway, I prefer a girl who likes to sink her teeth into a good steak, and since I assume that being a vegetarian was a prerequisite for appearing in the ad, I don’t think Nara would be a good choice to invite out to Sizzler for dinner. Oh, the long white vegetable Nara is enjoying is a daikon, also known as an Oriental radish.

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  1. The Sizzler still has a salad bar. Then we talk about her no meat diet later. Good looking woman.

  2. This brings back some memories from the 1970’s. I was in college at a screening of In the Realm of the Senses (check it out if you haven’t seen it ). This “art film” was essentially two people having sex for almost the entire time.

    But the sexiest part of the evening happened before the movie rolled. A very sexy and petite young blond girl was sitting with her large black boyfriend. She was eating a Sugar Daddy. (In case you haven’t see one, it is this: ).

    Anyway, this woman was working the candy like nobody’s business. We were squirming in our seats before the movie actually began.

  3. I run a blog and at least three times a week I get a press release/something outrageous from PETA.

    Veggie Porn, pictures of naked women lying in six foot long styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic wrap like meat, dogs attacking women in swimsuits, kind-of-thing.

    Basically they’ll do anything to get their name in print, and they actually made an offer to sponsor the blog of a friend of mine for $4700 for five years, the only condition being he had to feature a PETA article once every ten days.

    The transaction wasn’t transparent to his users, who figured it out in about thirty seconds and dumped him en masse.

    He used to have a nice business and traveled the world. Now he has to go out and get a real job.

    PETA’s like the mafia, they’ll come in the back and strip all the value out of your site and not think twice about doing it, because hey… you should’ve known you were dealing with PETA.

    Sad tale, but he’s since heard from four other site owners it happened to.

  4. Exhibit A: PETA runs an ad in Variety or another major trade publication.

    Every aspiring actress thinks “oh, I’m going to get $3M of career publicity when I’m in this thirty second Superbowl ad… except there is no Superbowl ad, they didn’t even submit it, or get a price quote or anything, and the model release allows them to do almost anything with the footage, but all payment is based on the footage being used in a Superbowl spot, and its some outrageous amount, because hey, if I never have to pay it, I’ll make up a really, really high number that a lot of attractive young models will show up for.

    I’d bet my last dollar our friend Nara didn’t see a dime from her performance, and will certainly never see her footage on any NFL TV spot (because they cost money).

  5. TheCollecter: over what time period was that $4700 for? Was it just a one-off payment for five years? If so that’s hardly worth it.

  6. I don’t know if that’s a daikon in my pocket, but I do know I’m happy to see her!

  7. Travis, I think you mean Lana Croft, but I think “Nara” looks familiar as well. Perhaps I saw her at the Chinese supermarket:-)

  8. @Dr Lee, yes, with no bonus for overage (huge hit amounts, etc).

    At the time he thought it would be easy money and he was running 5-6 new stories a day, but he killed his cash cow by taking that offer.

    He had an unusual group of core users that were probably more articulate than most.

  9. Kinda scary when she chews the daikon. I wasn’t impressed with the technique at all!
    But she’s a hot sexy girl. I wonder if she likes cucumbers. Being a veggie and all. And lettuce. And so on.

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