Joe Chen


Joe Chen Qiao-En is a singer and actress in Taiwan. Apparently she used to be shy about her body because she believed her breasts were too big. Aww. Poor Joe.Stats:

Age: 31
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Located: Taiwan



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  1. If those are real, I’m even more impressed. Either way, we have a winner! More pictures, and more revealed, would be nice, though.

  2. i think she have nice natural breast for her body size. but it’s not big to me. i guess they consider it big since most Chinese women are flat lol

  3. Quyen

    Most Chinese women are not fat. Problem is, they have the soggiest midsections you could ever imagine. They ride bikes – which keeps their legs skinny, but they spend alot of time not working their abs. My last Chinese girlfriend’s abs looked like a damn wet pillow.

  4. Perfect abs.

    When I think of absolutely perfect abs, it is always my amazing past-Chinese gf, or another dozen or so amazing Chinese women.

    To assert that they are ‘less firm’ or ‘naturally soggy’ is completely wrong. Time to meet some more incredible Chinese women (redundant?).

  5. Problem is not working the abs, problem is not doing enough exercise to burn the fat. Maybe the fat belly characteristic changes for each chinese province.

    Hey Travis if Joe still needs some therapy about her breasts, send her my way. I have a special training plan to solve that…… 😉

  6. @nicholiservia: Quyen didn’t say most Chinese women are fat, he said most Chinese women are FLAT!

    Is it me, or do Joe Chen’s breats look much smaller in the photo that Shuai Ge linked to?

    Anyway, thanks to Shuai Ge and Mzungu for the additional photos.

  7. Total hottie. I must protest however.She really should’nt “kiss & tell” about our brief fling…the way she is in the bottom 2 pics.

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