Nana Chinese Model


This is a Chinese model whose name I think is Nana. Could only find one gallery on her since my search technique didn’t work, but maybe you can find more.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?










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  1. Now this I like: these are nice, natural looking pics (not Photoshop jobs), and I like the way this girl poses and smiles. And she’s darn cute too!

  2. Pretty. She is a very pretty girl. I wish the picts were better but she pretty nonetheless.

  3. Yes!…these are nice, natural looking breasts. I like the third shot from the bottom with her hands on her waist with her hips cocked. Like she’s doing a little mating dance or something.

  4. Very pretty and a great little body. I’m sure we will be hearing the comment she is too skinny. Not too skinny for my taste, that’s for sure.

  5. Thanks Doc, you took the words out of my mouth.
    After the last girl, who I just couldn’t make my mind up about; I mean she was certainly pretty, but not remarkable, this one has a sexy maturity (yet hanging on to a youthful look as well) about her that I much prefer.
    Gorgeous long hair that looks WILD in pic 3.
    Cant wait to check out the links, so thanks for those.
    Good find Travis, your back in the ‘mother’ lode (no Nana jokes from me! just a pun).

  6. Bingo! I like her figure, her expressions, her natural look and her smile. I don’t like thin models because they look like they’ve been starving themselves but Nana’s slender build looks like it’s natural to her and just fits.

    If I had a complaint it’d be the eyebrows but let’s not be picky, shall we?

  7. @longtack: I disagree, kind sir, regarding your assessment of this photo:

    I think this is one of the best photos I ever saw on Asian Sirens! The encompassing of the sun cradled between her arm and body; the sun’s rays reflected on the water and caressing her ass and thigh; and yes, the power lines that perfectly bisect her elbows (pivot point) and act as if they were an underwire bra for her as well as giving her power!…these rock.

    I see a lot of contrived shots, this one is natural and stunning, like our woman here…what an ass!

  8. yes please. i will marry you. But would you mind getting just a tad bit of a sun tan…. I know i know, i’ve been living in China long enough to know that a sun tan is evil and bad and to be avoided at all costs.

    But currently, you’d probably glow in the dark.

    On second thought…. i guess that’s not a bad thing……. anaemic by day, glow in the dark at night. I guess thats not a bad compromise….

  9. @ French: I wholeheartedly agree!! That’s one great photo… artistic, beautifully set up, the right time of day and one wonderful ass. I’ve noticed that most Chinese women don’t have nice asses but the ones who do tend to have spectacular ones.

  10. Ok French, you win because while I wanted to crop out the power lines, I can see now why you want to keep them in. At first I thought they looked ‘messy’ but now I think they are quite essential to the ‘naturalness’ of the shot, they don’t distract the eye – how could anyone be distracted by the gorgeous legs and that quite perfect ass??
    Also it’s well lit, and yes I was going to mention the sun against her thigh as being a great effect.
    Glad to have brought the pic to your attention.

  11. Well I’ve made that pic my new background, so she greets me every time I boot up.
    Must be the pic of the week. She makes my mouth drool! Does arf like it? Not ‘arf I’d say!
    oh and yes, well said bankmind80!

  12. @longtack: You have fine taste in photos…I would NOT have seen that photo unless you brought it up, and man I am glad you did. Thank you!

  13. Regarding longtack’s photo, does anyone believe that the long ripple in the water was caused by a boat? If so, why did the boat not stop? Why is there not the head of a Chinese fisherman swimming urgently towards Nana?

    … couldn’t have been a boat.

  14. She is a natural beauty I love her fair complexion …best pic’s I have seen for a while

  15. Myrke, I have found in my lifetime that most (greater than 50%) of the world has no concept of their surroundings at any given time unless pointed out to them. I was once walking toward this woman whose breast had literally fallen out of her shirt and she did not notice, and my two presumably heterosexual friends were looking straight forward and did not see it.

    I know your comment was a joke, but it really is shocking what people won’t notice unless it is pointed out to them, as if they are lost in their own tunnel vision world.

  16. Strange, I like her better with the red dress on… Travis, a woman with a breast out wouldn’t escape my attention, I notice every breast within viewing distance. A man with his cock hanging would probably go unnoticed.

  17. Lovely. Perhaps a bit more up top. And DAMN, I wish these women would eat. Way to many bony corners to bruise you.

  18. No worries Longtack, if it wasn’t for my daughter, I too would make it my background picture. Very refreshing buns of goodness.

  19. AlienOverlord, might I suggest you don’t try to test out that theory around primary schools 😉

  20. myrke, are you so tired of looking at her ass and legs to begin noticing ripples in the water?? and wondering what caused them?
    It pained me to go back and examine that pic (wicked evil grin) and I admit you have me stumped.
    I’ve ruled out a reflection – of the power lines above (too thick), or the poles (sun id in the wrong place for that. Maybe it’s a ferry which has just gone out of the frame.
    I give up, and hope I dream of her ass, and not of a cause for the ripples.
    In hindsight I dont think myrke wants an explanation; rather to make the point about the allure of Nana to men.
    I sympathise with you arf. Hope your daughter doesn’t catch you peeking.
    Oh and guys, I really wish it was MY photo I took of Nana instead of Bear.

  21. 1) OK, that really is a great ass, especially for a skinny girl

    2) She really isn’t that toned though, especially for someone so skinny

    3) To paraphrase Steve Miller “Somebody give her a cheeseburger!”

    4) Yeah, skin cancer’s a bitch, but so is vitamin D deficiency. A little bit of sun, please.

    5) Overall, very, very nice.

    6) It’s not my daughter I’d be worried about, but my wife:-(

  22. she looks almost identical to a chinese gf of my wife. figure and face truly similar. makes it easier now to imagine the breasts for her friend. she is a nice one indeed. all natural rates best for me.

  23. Actually more than a handful of the A4U girls are Chinese. I just wasn’t sure if she has done any shoots with them. =)

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