Jerry Zheng


Jerry Zheng is a model from China. Is her name really Jerry? I have a hard time believing that. I suppose it’s not impossible, but hey, why not. Jerry Zheng everybody!Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Shanghai







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  1. Yes. Exactly my type. Only drawback is she is from Shanghai. Hasn’t been a favorite city of mine but with this kind of beauty one can overlook that cities few flaws.

  2. ….contrived poses suck…but shes definitely attractive…quite elegant in a Gong Li kinda way far as weird English names you get some doozies….only weeks back I met a “Zebra Xu”…i shit you not…I also have worked with or known a: Color, Reel, Magic, Man, Mojito, Silver….the list goes on….

  3. Whoa… Attractive girl, definitively my type of asian beauties.
    (Dream) If only she was ten pounds heavier sigh…

  4. Yeah, not bad! 5’7″ is not to tall, not too short.
    Good figure, nice smile (pic 3).
    Great legs.
    Wonder how she’d look standing naked beside the Yangtze with her back towards us, the setting sun kissing her naked thigh, and ripples in the water caused by out of picture boats. Oh and power lines too! 😉

  5. not ‘too’ tall, I meant.
    While I am back here, can I say I have the feeling I have seen her around – in the flesh I mean. I am near Shanghai, as she is.

  6. oh and, badnews, a few years ago I taught a boy student with the English name “Ruler Toe’ – go figure! It certainly was a name you can’t forget at least.

  7. “TingTing” is a favorite of mine…has a kind of ‘RING’…don’t you think??

  8. For the first time that I can remember, I have to agree with AsianWomenAlways. She’s certainly attractive (and I certainly wouldn’t say no), but without all the Photoshopping etc., I don’t think she’d be terribly outstanding – just another young, pretty Chinese model. Still, I’d take one of these girls over just about any import model (or most Thais and Filipinas), so its all relative.

  9. Sorry, this is a big step above same ol’ same ol’, IMO. Great smile and terrific legs. I think this girl is probably very pretty with or w/o Photoshop.

  10. I was thinking the same thing Doc, and AWA, but I didn’t want to sound unkind to her.
    You could say ‘same old, same old’ to the usual P***boy models or for that matter a whole host of long haired, blonde, buxom (doctored, mostly) photo-shopped (mostly) models from the west.
    IMO when a girl DOESN’T have to appear naked to be incredibly sexy (like Jerry here, but also others on this site) must say a lot about her attractiveness.
    The drop-dead gorgeous Chinese women I see ‘in the flesh’ every day here I would LOVE to see posted in AS. And this girl, as I alluded to above, as being familiar to me, reflects that idea.
    Am I off-beam here? I am struggling a bit to say exactly what I mean.

  11. Well okay – I do have to agree that her legs are way above average, although great legs are becoming surprisingly common amongst young Chinese girls these days too. The fact that I live in a place full of girls like this probably gives me a different perspective to most here, but I also have to admit that I never get tired of admiring them.

  12. I think longtack makes a good point as well: as a Chinese model, I don’t feel this girl really stands out from the crowd, as with many of the blonde, buxom models in Playboy. But take them out of that context, and they certainly do stand out. So as I said in my original comment, it’s all relative.

  13. Certainly nice legs, nice smile, nice dimples and seems to have nice breasts too. She’s above the average chinese model, for me.

  14. Thank goodness for reality, because remove Photoshop and the 10lbs that we’re all anxiously awaiting would magically appear, and the truly pretty girl would emerge.

  15. You guys are mostly correct about “same ol’. What I am saying is simply she is just another out of the cookie cutter of Asian women. I love Asian women, but I have MY idea of the perfect one. Most of the rest fall into the “same” grouping. Now there are a very few that rise above that group, and I am still looking for that perfect Asian woman!

  16. AWA, I like your follow-up statement. In fact I quite agree with you about loving Asian women and yes, me too – looking for the perfect one is my quest too.
    Perhaps your original post of “same ol’ same ol’ ” needed this extra explanation.
    But having said that, that cookie cutter does turn out some gorgeous women – even if they all do tend to look the same. We could do worse couldn’t we?

  17. @AWA/lt>>>There is this story about a Spanish dude…happened a few years back. He had a “quest”: Find the Seven Cities of Gold!(aka Quiviera) The Native Americans (sly dudes), kept telling him the gold could be found in the NEXT city!! To shorten the story: He never found much in the way of gold. Ended his journey almost starving in the American Desert…not too far from where I reside. Moral? I think you got it?!

    Oh yeah…the “dude” was Coronado.

  18. Very cute …and she smiles in some pics too !! always a plus for me. She is a perfect ‘Asian Siren’.

  19. Been a little busy lately, almost forgot to comment on this leggy beauty. She is indeed a winner.

  20. She may be same ol’, same ol’; but if I saw her in the Asian grocery store I might just ditch the wife.

    Or the wife might just ditch me for staring:-(

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