Cai Qi


Cai Qi is a model from China. She has lovely skin, and I don’t **think** it’s just photoshopped skin. I think it is legitimately that lovely. If I’m wrong, then her photoshopper makes nice skin.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing








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0 thoughts on “Cai Qi”

  1. This is a perfect 10. She’s got skin, a face and a body Chinese men dream about at night.

  2. First shot is spectacular, but several of the other shots remind me of a Chinese Celien Dion – who is very lovely, but not for me.

  3. Yes she has beautiful skin and she is probably also photoshopped.

    AmericanArsenal is right about her resemblance to Celine Dion in one or two shots. Despite that, I think she is quite pretty.

  4. …nope/….second shot killed it for me…see chinese woman dressed like this every weekend doing their wedding shots in the streets…contrived poses just dampen it for me…

    I’ve only only got 3 weeks left before I move to singapore after 6 years in China…hit me with something I’m gonna miss…or look forward too 😀

  5. Other attributes aside: Ms.Qi exhibits the Grecian “classical nose” profile as shown in Photo #1. Quite nice.

  6. I can’t find her facial features attractive at all (small mouth and the angle set of the mouth probably being the least attractive), plus she is too thin, awkward and gangly. Not my cup of (Chines) tea. The third shot (leaning on the post) looks like a young teen whose face and bone structure haven’t matured yet.

  7. nicholiservia has a long-standing habit of doing that. 😉

    As for her skin, yes it is indeed Photoshopped, but how good it actually is is hard to say. If only more glamour photographers followed my no touch-ups policy. 🙂 Another unfortunate nose job as well, but it isn’t too bad in this case, and I certainly find her quite pretty otherwise.

  8. I think if I met her in person at some nightclub I could make a better call. She’s just kind of Nice but not to hot. Not saying she looks bad or anything. She’s pretty, very cute.

  9. I don’t care for her nose either, along with her too thin body, relatively flat chest, thin lips and even the eyes don’t grab me. Just not my cuppa tea.

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