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I was going through my list, picked a model, and, as what occasionally happens, as I was searching for photos of the model I happened upon a new model. In this case, it was Mz Symphonie. I immediately was curious what Asian Sirens would think of her. I really have no idea, so I bring her to you. Mz Symphonie has one of the strangest clitoral piercings I’ve ever seen (white fabric?), but she has some good photos, so here you go.Stats:

Age: 28-32 (?)
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai/Laotian
Located: Boston, MA













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Gallery 2
Gallery 3

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0 thoughts on “Mz Symphonie”

  1. Excellent bod! Decent butt, nice boobs, but the winner is…the clit! Awesome piercing, whatever it is, and the labia for the win! Love it!

    I can see how she could be around 30 in some of the pics, but in the ones with that blue/silver eye shadow or whatever it is, that stuff makes her look 10 years older! Which isn’t all bad and lends a kind of milfiness to the shots.

    Is she just a model? For some reason, her name makes me think she’s a DJ.

  2. No real ass…but that’s not a deal killer here.Her whole eyshade/brow game needs a do-over.Again…not a deal killer.Not feelin’ the clit piercing.Nice rack.She could make the team as a third receiver/special teamer…despite the things I don’t like.(American football joke)

  3. The only serious flaw is the makeup and eyebrow job. She reminds me of Terence Stamp in ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’.

  4. Ouch! Way too stocky and nasty looking for my taste, and rather ladyboyish – the piercing turns me off as well. Nice boob job though (they’re the only really feminine thing about her IMHO), although I’m surprised no one’s complained about them yet. 😉

  5. Elric: you like that kind of movies?

    Doc: nothing to complain about those hot, luscious boobs. 🙂

    I like her a lot, sexy, curvy, strong body. Mz must be a lot of fun! Pretty smile also.

  6. She’s definitely thicker than many of the models that are presented here, but she’s not TOO thick for my tastes.

    That said, I will at least concur with Dr. Lee’s “ladyboyish” adjective. Her face is very masculine and NOT attractive.

    Candyman: That looks like a pimple to me. ^^;; You’d think they’d want to touch that up in photoshop or at least take the pic from the other side. Yikes! lol…

  7. Average face at best. Pretty thick. Boobs that look like they were drawn with a compass–and please let some air out. Heavy eye shadow and bizarre clit decoration as distraction devices. No thanks.

  8. “Think I saw her ‘bustin’ wild horses in Wyo last summer!!”

    Think I saw her too, Nighthawk!

    After applying the silicone stab–a breast poke straight in their eyes–she would use her tampon string to bind their hind legs!

  9. My mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice…” so…

    On the piercing, it looks to me like four diamond studs on a silver chain (diamond dangler?). I’ve seen them in navels but never in a clit.

  10. This place is joke! This chick is hot and all you can do is rip on her for one thing or another. I think you all have this cocept of the perfect woman.
    This is not a healthy concept.
    I take it you have hot chicks take there clothes off for you everyday!!! hahahah
    Dr.Lee, you sir,have got to be the pickiest man on the planet.You should ALL reference the comment above by
    Curtis G.
    Lastly,i find the term “thai bar-girl” to be offensive,does that make her any less attractive than a NON-“bar-girl?
    OR do you like your hot chicks to be naive virgins,unsploit,untill you chat them out of their knickers?
    You guys here need a lot of help!
    Ladyboys?????? Many of you have a fear of the “lady-boy” looks.I find this rather strange,as if you have ever spent any time around them,you will find that they indeed are quite attractive.
    Perhaps you are afraid of the potentially damning erection in your trousers? hahahhaha

  11. @nokk: regarding your email, I do indeed have a real life – with access to a lot of exceptionally attractive Asian women, which is why I am so fussy. There are literally hundreds of girls featured on this site, so for me to get excited by them, they really do have to be outstanding enough to get my attention relative to both all the other girls on here, and the girls I see every day in real life. It is only natural that I will be picky, while those who see far fewer attractive Asian women won’t be very picky.

  12. Oh yes, regarding the “Thai bar girl” thing: it is simply a fact that the vast majority of Thai girls who model for porn sites are indeed bar girls, and they tend to have a certain look. It isn’t a value judgement – merely a statement of fact.

    Also, with regard to ladyboys: if they’re as feminine as someone like Harisu, I actually don’t have a problem with them. However, it is fact that they often look masculine, for obvious reasons! 😉

  13. I think in real life, Mz Symphonie would blow me away. Here on Asian-Sirens, she’s just hot. Especially in the 3rd shot like daznlover said in the past. Love the squat.

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