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Hitomi Tanaka is another recent JAV star, having gone down the well worn path from being a gravure model. She has also tried some ‘mainstream’ acting, having played the ‘red ranger’ in Bakunyu Sentai Burst Ranger Part 2.Hitomi didn’t quite find the success she was looking for, so she started making porn. Now she is one of the biggest AV idols in Japan.

Unfortunately I was not able to find any nude/topless photo’s (other than screen caps), but these are the best of what I could find.

Birthdate: July 18, 1986
Body Measurements:97 – 59 – 83 cm
Cup size: J cup
Home town: Kumamoto
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Blood type: AB
Height: 153 cm
Hobbies: watching movies, cooking and baseball










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  1. What’s really remarkable about Hitomi is that the rest of her frame is relatively small compared to the size of her breasts. She may not exactly be petite, but she’s a far cry from the likes of Fuko.

  2. I’m kindof glad no one’s found naked pictures, not sure I want to so those things hanging any lower than they already are. Other than that, she’s okay, pretty averagely pretty.

  3. she is simply a freaking goddess! anytime an Asian female with large naturals is on the scene, I am there 🙂 Hitomi might be the sexiest well-endowed Asian adult star to come on the scene that isn’t fat or have had huge implants (i.e. Minka). IMO, she is the best so far that has got it all. looks (cute,not gorgeous), curves in all the right places (not fat/slim) and the most luscious pair of naturals I have seen!! some will not agree with my assessment, oh well. btw, I have seen her completely naked. WOW! plus she is doing hardcore, awesome is all I can say. the woman even squirts!! good lord..:)

  4. …and yes, this is coming from a big fan of Mahiro Aino, cankles and described as a member of the “anti-breast vocal minority” <ggg>.

  5. I was actually pretty convinced she had implants back when only bikini pics were available, but after having seen some of her toples screen caps (they are around), I’m not so sure. There is a subset of the vocal minority I refer to who actually love big tits, but only if they’re natural – J-idol worshippers often fall into this camp. Hence, they really hate it when you tell them they actually have implants, as it means they’re not allowed to like them any more! Men can be extraordinarily hypocritical and dishonest when it comes to what they say about big tits.

  6. Oh yes – all that squirting in Japanese porn (all the JAV girls seem to have extraordinary squirting capabilities) is fake. And obviously, you can’t just accept that a girl is all-natural just because they say she is. I’d appreciate it if anyone can point me to some good topless video footage of Hitomi – I’d really like to know if she has implants or not once and for all.

  7. those are some big tatas but I still look at a girl’s face first…Her eyes are too far apart.

  8. I love this woman.

    There is a lot of footage of her nude now that she has porn videos out.

    For example, go to to megaporn.com/video and search for her. Check out Hitomi Tanaka – Threesome on Beach.

  9. Thanks maxdiesel, but that video is frustrating! When she leans back, we could have gotten conclusive results, except that she holds them up! All her videos I’ve seen are like that.

    Whatever the case, even if Hitomi does have implants, she clearly had quite large natural breasts to start off with – ironically, the larger your breasts are originally, the more natural any augmentation will look.

  10. I’ve just spent the last hour or so going through as many of her topless videos I could find (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s go to do it!). When I’d only seen her bikini videos, I was 90% sure she had implants – they just seemed too round for natural breasts of that size, and the way they moved in bikini tops looked more like implants (they moved as two units, rather than undulating as such large natural breast normally would).

    However, after watching so much of her topless footage, I’ve somewhat reversed my opinion – I am now more convinced she could be natural! The way her breasts change form as she moves around doesn’t suggest there’s implants inside them. It still remains possible that she had large breasts to start off with, and got augmentation to make them huge, which would make the implants hard to see beneath her natural breast tissue. And even though they’re saggy, natural breasts of this size are still usually flatter than Hitomi’s.

    I guess a problem here is that there aren’t too many Asian women with natural breasts this size to compare with. It’s also a demonstration of my principle that (unless they’re very obvious) you can never be 100% sure if they aren’t topless.

  11. Yeah, that’s the big problem with big natural tits, and a key reason why I prefer good implants (they hold up against gravity a lot longer).

  12. @MrJason: That reaction holds up for just about any woman in that age range (regardless of chest size). Especially Asians. Through their forties, they can be smokin hot, but after 50, they seem to take a quick slide downhill from there. I’m all for milfiness, but never got into the gilf thing.

    Hitomi is just damn fine, absolutely hot! And I take her and love pillows any day over some skinny girl with the chest of a 12 yr old boy!

    Someone said her eyes are too far apart. Not really sure about that. They look fine to me, but the comment made me think of the episode of Family Guy where Peter was Uma Thurman’s “eye wrangler” and kept having to push her eyes closer after they would drift away from each other!

  13. There’s such a thing as too big — for me Hitomi’s boobs cross that line. I know it separates her from the pack, but they could be dialed down about 25% and she would still stand out (pun intended) and look better to me. Still, I wouldn’t mind being suffocated by them for a while.

  14. @Wings: Now there’s some honesty! You may not go looking for a girl with a rack that big, but if she came on to you, you wouldn’t turn her away! Hell, I bet you don’t even know Japanese for, “I’m sorry but your boobs are too much for me. Do you have an equally hot sister with a flatter chest?” Lol!

  15. I can honestly say, those big mambos wouldn’t interest me in real life. They would cause major deflation in the important lower region.

    I don’t care if they are real, or fake. Just WAY too much breast for me.

  16. Hitomi was a challenge for Doc! 🙂

    She looks good, I like the big tits. For a while, at least. Pretty face too, nice body. Gonna watch some movies!

  17. The variance of people’s types on this website never ceases to amaze me. I have no attraction to Hitomi at all – not just as a model, but in general. If I met her on the street, it is unlikely I would even bother with a second look.

    But this is not me complaining. I like that there’s such variance. It just means that any model posted has the potential to be appreciated. Also, it means that while you guys pine after these girls on the street, I can go after the ones I like with less competition =).

  18. Come on Travis – you’d take a second look at those tits just like everybody else would, if only for their novelty value.

    And yes, she certainly is a challange for me! I wonder if Hitomi might be a Japanese experiment with string implants? They really don’t behave like natural tits of that size normally would when they’re in bikini tops, but I can’t see any sign of implants when she’s topless either – string implants might explain this apparent discrepancy. Maybe.

  19. Yeah, I agree that “sloppiness” does indicate that they’re natural, but they maintain an unusually round shape for breasts of this size when they’re in bikini tops. They also seem almost too “liquid” at times. I have to wonder if Hitomi is the recipient of some kind of experimental new type of implant I don’t know about? Still, I guess the most likely explanation is just that she’s a natural freak with highly unusual breasts – not just in size, but also in texture.

  20. Hm… Originally I had written “even with smaller breasts” but I must have deleted it. You are correct, if I saw breasts like that I would probably turn my head, possibly laugh. But the whole package even ignoring the oversized breasts – face (especially eyes and nose), even body – not a fan at all. The only attraction I have to her is from the waist down, and that is debatable.

    But yeah, I suppose I would look a second time and think to myself “woah, what?” before turning around and laughing hysterically with my buddies, possibly making obscene hand gestures.

  21. Longtime lurker here. Sure, this girl might not be a perfect beauty but notwithstanding that, she is absolute triple-distilled 200-proof sex in a frosted shot glass. On an atavistic level this girl just screams fertility.

    The funny thing is she doesnt seem to be much of a performer in her hardcore videos. Its strange because you tend to presume that a girl that endowed would be more libidinous than average, even though there’s really no basis for that.

  22. While she’s not exactly my type… I do really like the last pic. Hitomi looks vulnerable… haha! All that come to my mind when I see that pic is: Attack!

  23. Go through any of her porn stuff when she is being fucked really hard, and there is no deformation in her boobs as they thrash about. They just move like there is something heavy (and I agree, well hidden) inside.

    When she does doggy, the base of her boobs are thick and solid, then only way down do they taper off, not like you’d expect real naturals to do.

    Her boobs are ENORMOUS, but they exhibit a real sold resistance to a guy’s hands, boobs this big would be really soft and squishy with little resistance.

    When she lies on her back (check out her lesian scene), then her boobs support themselves. Even in scenes where they fall beneath her armpits, they look really weird.

    As she exhibits so many examples of classic ‘fake breastery’ then as the old saying goes, if it looks like lion, smells like a lion, sounds like a lion, walks like a lion, then it probably is a lion.

  24. Thanks for the info malau! As you know, when only bikini pics of her were available, I was quite certain she had implants – as you say, her breasts maintained their shape too well, and had too much resistance. I’ve only seen a little of her hardcore stuff, but what I have seen was (as I say above) inconclusive. It is good to hear from someone who has seen enough (and has enough of a critical eye) to make an accurate judgement! They do look soft, but I’ve never seen natural breasts quite like this.

  25. They are real. I’ve seen a couple videos and ive got some pics on my harddrive of her. If you look you’ll notice that her left breast is slightly smaller than the right, its something that the photographers try to hide with angles and her using her hands to fondle them. But that doesn’t change how smoking hot she is. HAWT is the word that best describes her. Also no scars are visible in the nudes ive got.

  26. Most fake tits don’t behave entirely like hers do, yes, but I’ve never seen natural tits this size this that behave exactly like hers do either. Malau points out the many indicators that she does indeed have implants, albeit well hidden under quite a lot of natural breast tissue (I’d say this girl started out big, then got augmentation to go mega).

  27. Interestingly, I came across a recent nude set of Hitomi where her breasts have the sag I would expect of breasts her size, without that artificial roundness they display in so many of her pics. I am now wondering if she may have virginal breast hypertrophy, which is a rare condition most often (but not always) brought on by pregnancy. It would explain a lot of the characteristics of her breasts: the unevenness, and the huge nipples. It would also explain the unusual consistency of her breasts, which is quite unlike most ‘healthy’ breasts of this size. Such breasts may be more inclined to form a round shape when pushed against than ‘healthy’ breasts of this size too, as they have somewhat different internal structure, due to the very rapid growth associated with this disorder.

    This disorder is almost always treated with breast reduction surgery, as it is normally very uncomfortable for the person suffering from it. Hitomi my be the only model I know of who has actually embraced it and made a career out of it – it would certainly explain why her breasts are so unusual. I have to say though: hypertrophic breasts are almost never what would normally be considered attractive, and while I think Hitomi’s tits look great when they’re covered, when they’re exposed they aren’t attractive for me at all.

  28. So I have a question. here is a topless photo of Hitomi. Do people really find this attractive? Because to me, these are really unattractive, but everyone seemed to like her here.

  29. I actually agree with you Travis, as much as I love big tits. As I say above, Hitomi looks much better with her top on. The oddness and unevenness of her breasts is one of the reasons I believe she may have virginal breast hypertrophy – these aren’t normal, healthy breasts in the clinical sense.

  30. I think the issue for me, personally, is that any time I see breasts over a D, that photo is pretty much exactly as I picture them. They are immensely saggy, awkward, large nipples, and look more like fat than they do some type of blessed gift. Fake breasts that are above a D I feel the same way. It just holds no appeal to me, and I can say with honesty that I can’t even imagine the feeling of finding really large breasts attractive.

    Not that I think everyone here is wrong. Not at all. I think I am actually the odd one out here. It does appear that a lot of people find large breasted women to be immensely attractive. But sadly I’ve never been able to picture why, as it holds just nothing to me.

    These days I’m starting to think B-cup may actually be my favorite cup size. Large enough to stick out, small enough to look healthy to my eyes. C-cup too, but that’s shared by everyone.

  31. I think you are far from alone, but tastes vary within the individual as well. I prefer smaller breasts but enjoy looking at big breasts and when clothed often prefer them.

    I was puzzled by the attraction to ‘big butts’ that started a number of years ago, that I associate with the rise of rap/hip-hop but now I see the appeal. It may just be that I’m getting older and the standards aren’t what they were 😉

  32. I am going to retract my statement above. I really don’t want to be anywhere near those things.

    B-cup is fine as long as the breasts are perky and the rest of the body is in great shape.

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