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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Paul Po.

This is Jessica Michibata. She is born and raised in Japan (Fukui), but is obviously mixed: Mom is Japanese, Dad is Argentinean but half-Spanish, half-Italian. Currently an international model, with more activity in Japan obviously, Jessica is also famous for dating Formula 1 racer Jenson Button.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 173 cm / 5′ 9
Body: B85/W58/H88
Ethnicity: Japanese with Spanish/Italian blood
Currently Lives/Models: Japan
DOB: Oct 24, 1984










Her MySpace
Wikipedia entry
Her blog
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Official Homepage

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  1. Well, I guess those who thought the girl in the last post (Lauren Mary Kim) didn’t look Asian enough, may rethink that, in light of Jessica, here. I have yet to see a picture of her where I think. “Oh, sure, she’s Asian.”

    She is certainly attractive enough, in a nondescript sort of way. I like the picture in her underwear, with the tennis racket and the last shot, in the black dress. But there isn’t a lot that makes her stand out from other models, IMO.

  2. Thanks for the entry Robin and Paul.
    Jessica is very attractive but kinda milk-toast here on AS. I DO like the sensuous last pic in the black dress….

    Lady Gaga (Gag Gag) as her MySpace soundtrack is well…disappointing.

  3. i feel the discussion about ” not looking asian enough” is tiresome. Maybe, we have to make it clear what criteria for girls to be posted on AS. Does she has to have asian blood? Does she has to have asian look? i think as asian look is pretty hard to be defined, it’s enough for them to have asian gene to be posted here. As for this case, jessica is ok. anyway it’s just an opinion from me.

  4. We used to have a guideline that a girl should have at least 25% Asian blood. But I think we let that rule go after some serious discussion πŸ˜‰ Nowadays the rule is:

    Asian-Sirens mission is to show the beauty of Asian women (mostly Oriental/Pacific looking*) in the form of an online blog magazine.

    The * provides a list of countries that are considered to offer what we are looking for. (And trust me, Japan is on the list! ;-))

  5. OH!…excuse me…I thought this was ASIAN-Sirens! Must have clicked on the wrong site?? bye

  6. Am I seeing things, or is the lingerie she’s wearing in the tennis court pic see-through? Is that the real original image?

  7. I have to agree that Travis’ photo is smoking hot!

    I also agree that she looks more latina than Asian (even down to her fabulous ass!) but she has a good body, and her face responds well to the right makeup (I think she has one of those “blank canvas” faces that the fashion industry – and indeed many current glamour photographers – love). And she has a few very hot photos!

  8. Pretty woman.

    Not Asian enough?

    Any visable trace should be enough…

    After all, in Alabama, pre-enlightenment, you were condsidered black if your “blood” was 1/32 African.

  9. While she may not be 100% Asian, I’m 99.99% sure no man posting on this site would turn her down if she invited him into her bed.

  10. I think she’s very pretty, and while she doesn’t “look” very Asian (except in the pic with the shopping cart), she is half Asian and she is good looking. therefore, I believe she qualifies as an Asian Siren.

    dazn, I don’t drink coffee, but for her I’d start:-)

  11. I normally just lurk here, but I can’t resist posting on this one. As a half-Asian woman, I can DEFINITELY see that she is half-Asian in most pictures. I think the majority of people posting here are simply too unfamiliar with half-Asians to notice the differences, but to someone like me it really is quite obvious! I would NEVER mistake this woman for being 100% white. Sometimes I can even spot someone who is 1/4 Asian.

    Once I was watching a TV show with Michaela Conlin in it (half Chinese, half Irish, or something similar). I didn’t know who she was at the time, but I knew seconds after she appeared that she was part Asian. I saw it in the eyes and eyelids and the structure of the face. My (white) husband blew me off and said there is no way she is half Asian. Looked her up later and… I was right! Try to compare more half-Asian women to 100% white and 100% Asian women and maybe, with time, you will also be able to spot the subtle signs that someone is a half-Asian instead of only recognising the more familiar white features and tossing her aside as ‘too white’.

  12. Papaya,

    Glad you posted. Also glad you brought up Michaela Conlin. I’ve brought her up here before, as I think she is one of the sexiest women on TV. Not the best looking (although I think she is very attractive), but the sexiest. I don’t understand why your husband had trouble believing she was Asian…she is quite obviously Asian, IMO.

    I have a good friend who is half Japanese and half mixed-Caucasian. You can tell she is Japanese…but it is very faint, most of the time.

    I think the issue with Jessica, as it turns out, is the makeup and lighting in many of the pictures. They look to be purposefully hiding her Asian heritage (or more properly accenting he European looks). I have to say, if I only saw the first picture, I wouldn’t notice it, either.

    You can see she is Asian in some of the other pics, though. The funny/interesting thing to me is, some here think the model posted previous to Jessica, Lauren Mary Kim, doesn’t look at all Asian. I can’t see how they miss that:

  13. Dean,

    I agree. I wouldn’t say that Michaela is stunning, but she does have that sexy aura about her.

    I don’t understand either. Though he has definitely improved!

    I think when you know what to look for, it can be easier to tell. It’s not only in the features (nose, eyes, facial structure) or the shape of their body (frame size, torso length, shape of legs and even boobs for the women), but can also be in less noticeable features. E.g. Asians tend to have sparser, less defined eyebrows, or the hairs sometimes grow down. The latter I have never seen in other races.

    Yes, I agree that some of these pictures emphasise her caucasian side more. I think it is definitely easier to tell if someone is half-Asian from real life or videos rather than from pictures.

    I can’t see how anyone thinks Lauren Mary Kim doesn’t look Asian either!

  14. Miss Michibata is too European looking for my taste.

    Check out another Latin-Asian mixed model Akemi (Barbara) Katsuki – who is half-Japanese and half-Brazilian.

  15. WoW!…that butt of hers in Travis’s pic above is just oh so nice. Downright perfect. She’s hot, hot, hot.

  16. I posted her, because I think half Asian models are so interesting, all so different, unlike carbon copy AV girls and racequeens, who tend to not leave much impression. Jessica’s Japanese side appears clearly to me. Great find Travis, I had not come across that butt picture which deserves more circulation!

    Jessica is an invitation to mix ethnicities, what else do we need?

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