Edison Chen Sex Photos!


The Edison Chen photo scandal is a media scandal in early 2008 involving Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Cecilia Cheung, and possibly other female celebrities.

In January 2008, racy photographs of the aforementioned actors engaging in sexual acts with each other were distributed on the internet. As of 4 February 2008, eight people have been arrested for being connected with the distribution of the photos. The affair has dominated news headlines in Hong Kong for over a week, and has been picked up by CNN.

Check out the clips here, here and here.

Photo stills can be found here.Despite the Hong Kong police enlisted the assistance of Interpol, the spread of the photographs were unstoppable. The actions of the actors and their management in this matter have made heroes and martyrs of those arrested; the actions of the police have raised concerns about violation of free speech and the deference to powerful media tycoons.

Read the whole story on the wikipedia entry about the scandal.


Edison Chen Sex Video Tapes!

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  1. This is incredible! I never thought I’d ever see Cecilia Cheung’s pussy, but now that I have, I kind of wish I hadn’t – boy is she hairy! πŸ˜‰

    She also looks as though she’s had one nose job too many (I do not find her face very attractive at all any more, either here or in her recent films), and interestingly, I’m pretty certain she’s had a boob job too (even though they are quite small). The tattoos are also very unfortunate.

  2. Looking back, the Gillian Chung “bra pictures” scandal seems even more laughable now! How the hell can these celebrities be stupid enough to film or photograph this kind of thing in the first place? It may be free publicity for Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson, but for these Chinese actors, it could well destroy their careers. If they had any sense, there’s no way they should ever have photographed this stuff (even if they’re taking the photos themselves).

  3. known about this for a while now and quite disappointed in dome of these stars and pretty sure most of them wont act or sing again but hey thats life in the spotlight

  4. I was wondering what this story was about but was too lazy to look it up. It’s a shame to see careers be destroyed because of this and they shouldn’t be. Celebrities have sex too. But given the part of the world they live in, the females should know better because their careers will be damaged far worse than the guy’s will from their potential release. Just having them on the computer brings the potential of having them released on the net.

    Warning: If you have stuff on your computer that you don’t want anyone else looking at, then don’t bring it to a repair shop where a tech can easily find it. Chen probably didn’t think much of it but techs like to snoop around and see what’s on your computer or see which website you frequent and it’s pretty easy to do because I used to do computer forensics.

    There was this story not too long ago where a guy was arrested because the tech who was working on his computer discovered his stash of child pornography and called the police. Most times techs keep what they find to themselves or show a few of their fellow techs what they find but rarely they would transfer what they find to another computer or onto disk. The guy who copied the pics from the computer should go to jail, but to hear about another guy being arrested for uploading one pic and then denied bail is completely ridiculous because the pics are already out there on the net.

    And if some guy wants to photograph you nekkid and their release on the net is damaging, then don’t put yourself in that situation in the first place or take the proper precautions so they don’t get released on the net.

  5. Keeping your pr0n on your laptop and then handing that computer to a repair shop–especially for a celeb–is just asking for trouble.

    Encrypt! Encrypt! Encrypt!

  6. Nope, it’s still up. You just need to be patient. Very patient. And while watching these images I keep thinking: when will this whole ‘brazilian wax’ hype finally find it’s way to Asia?! πŸ˜›

  7. People can be SO naive and thoughtless.

    Can you say “military grade encryption”?

    No? Oh well . . . serves you right.

    So, where are the high res photos?? I thought they’d be easy to find. Maybe if I could read Chinese characters . . .

    I don’t think I’ll be asking my stepson for help ;^)

  8. just to show you what photoshop can do for ya. these girls dont look too attractive and their kuchie looks pretty scary as doc said. looks like a peepshow pix. not attractive at all but kinda funny how stupid they were for taking these pix

  9. and another thing this guy Edison has a really small penis…pretty brave of him to put that on tape. gives asian men a bad name :))

  10. @ Candyman, I know that doesn’t concern me at all. I feel lots of legal action should be taken against everybody involved. (one thing i love about china!)

  11. Damn, looks like we’ve already put the Asian Sirens kiss of death on it! πŸ™‚

    Still, whatever site hosts this stuff had better have bandwidth to burn… πŸ˜‰

  12. After looking at some of the shots in Zamscan’s link, the first thing that comes to mind is that Edison Chen is a terrible photographer. The second thing is that it looks like he lives in large college dorm room.

    And the third thing is how sad it is that people who were privately enjoying themselves have had their careers and reputations endangered by malicious and greedy strangers in a computer repair shop simply because their activity involved sex. Why it is in so many cultures that people find the activity of sex to be scandulous is beyond me, particularly when we all engage in said activity. Really, when you think about it, what is there to be shocked about?

  13. Clint is absolutely right of course: there is obsolutely no reason why the “revelation” that celebrities have sex too should make any difference to anything. I guess it reflects the sad fact that people see them as super human or something.

  14. Are there laws against sex outside of marriage or possession of pornography in HK?

    I noticed in one of the articles that there have been protests in the streets and complaints that those involved are being given a free pass since they are celebrities. Did Edison or any of the women break any laws?

  15. Oh nvm lol..and Celia Cheung’s mother is half white…so I dont know what youre going on about nose jobs doc

  16. Yeah, where did the opening pic come from Robin?

    As for kaine’s question, the issue is that Edison et al appear to be being given preferential treatment in the pursuit of the people distributing these pictures – for example, the police initially said it was illegal to even have these pics on your computer, which is obviously total BS. They have been very handed in prosecuting the people involved with this, while largely ignoring similar complaints from regular citizens. This is what people are protesting about.

  17. As to lzbone’s comment, if you look at Cecilia’s photos in the earlier article I did on her, you will see her nose definitely appears larger and more defined now. This is also apparent in her more recent films. However, her face has thined out quite a bit, so it is possible it is an optical illusion.


    so tired……

  19. This is why I get so angry when people accuse America of being “puritanical” about sex. In America, a sex tape is a *good* thing for a celebrity to have. Not so in Asia.

    For more on the story and more links to pictures, visit http://theblemish.com/ Personally, I’m looking forward to Maggie Q pix.

  20. Replying to dartdude’s comment:

    I don’t mind their acting….but if this will stop their “singing” careers then I’m all for it. πŸ™‚

  21. I saw some Maggie Q pics, but I forget where and don’t have the link, they are not those downloadable ones..cause I ain’t downloading crap ha.

  22. Curtis: when people say America is puritanical, they are comparing it with other western countries. In this context, the US is very puritanical about sex!

  23. Compared to Europe the US is extremely puritanical. Look at MPAA, the movie ratings board. Also Clinton being impeached for lying about a blowjob. The French laughed at us plenty over that.

  24. Apples and oranges. This being ASIAN Sirens, and an Asian sex scandal, I’m comparing the US to Asia.

    Oooh, the French. Yeah, their opinion of us is sooo important.

  25. Where I come from we swear all the damn time. I don’t see the big deal. Jeez, its used to emphasize the sentence cause god knows what will happen if I had directed it at someone. Oh yeah I know..oh and that girl may have been under 18 when that picture was taken, the girl sitting on the bed.

  26. It’s all the darn time…lzbone. And that girl sitting on the bed is pretty hot…unless of course, she’s under 18. No comment then. πŸ™‚

  27. That’s just not fair, his little Edison was really little. must be his personality that got these chicks into bed πŸ™‚ questions for the ladies here, “does size matters?” :)) poor little Edison πŸ™‚

  28. Wow. I live in HK and this thing made a lot of noise. However I wasnt able to see any of the pics which I thought were just some naughty few shots.
    However this is much more explicit!!! Great, never thought I was going to be able to see Cecilia or Gillian (my favoratie Twin – looking wise, I mean) spreading their legs!!!I really dont care about the bushes.
    Bravo Edison!!!

  29. I have also found myself indifferent and even at times a little attracted to the bushes. And I’m not talking about George, Barbara or their daughters either.

  30. After reading quite a bit of news about this scandal, and viewing many of the photos:

    I feel such profound sorrow for each of the women portrayed in the photographs, alongside Edison Chen.

    Let it be a lesson to all the young people following this story. If you have sex with a man, and he gets his camera out . . . don’t allow him to appear WITH you in the photos, unless he has a LARGE schwanzstΓΌcker!!!

  31. Although I think Cecilia is a genuinely talented actress and singer (so it would be sad to see her career go down the toilet), my overwhelming feeling toward these people is: how could you be so stupid? Given their position (and their society’s reaction to this kind of thing), it doesn’t take the proverbial rocket sceintist to figure out that you should NEVER allow these sorts of photos to be taken.

    Still, I wonder who else Edison might have done but was smart enough not to be photographed? πŸ˜‰

  32. LOL @ matso’s comment…don’t allow him to appear WITH you in the photos, unless he’s big like arnold schwanzstucker!!!

  33. most asian women are pretty crazy about him, he’s a pretty boy and lucky son of a bitch. getting those hot babes, god i hate him.

  34. I have to say, looking at these sorts of photos doesn’t make me envious of Edison – it only makes me conscious of the fact that these stars are human too, and the there’s plenty of other Asian girls who are at least as attractive as they are. I no longer find Cecilia as attractive as I once did – indeed, in these photos I don’t find her very attractive at all.

  35. I’d also like to make an offer to each of these young women, if they’re interested in ‘damage control’.

    I’m available for photography sessions, if they’d like to pose with a ‘respectable’ schwantzstΓΌcker. It could lessen the embarrassment of having ‘settled for’ a guy with a “teenie-wienie”.

  36. Yeah, well . . . Since I haven’t seen any celebrity offers . . .

    (I can’t imagine passing up an opportunity for a ‘face plant’ in one of those mons veneris “jungles” πŸ™‚

    Although Lily Von Shtup would surely recommend recruiting someone like LawBoy.

    “Is it ‘twoo’, what they say? That you people are . . . gifted”?


    “Oh, it’s ‘twoo’, it’s ‘twoo’ . . .”

  37. irrelevant to the scandal: i hate that this edison guy won the hearts of so many of these actresses! he looks like such a wimpy prettyboy to me πŸ™ like an asian zac efron

  38. and as for people not finding these girls attractive anymore – i mean, what do you expect, right? all of the photos we’ll ever see of these girls have either gone through several stages of retouching or have been taken when they had 10 lbs of makeup caked on. it was interesting to see what some of these girls look like under the lens of an ordinary home digital camera and their regular makeup, but hardly ever are the photos of the girls we feature anywhere close to what they look like in real life, devoid of makeup. (this is especially true for import models)

    i thought most of them looked emaciated; cecilia looked especially gaunt to me. i think this is predictable because the camera does make people look heavier than they are – so i bet these girls were trying to get skinnier and skinnier to look just slender on the camera

  39. Perhaps chicks in Asia like the wimpy prettyboy. Look at all their male pop idols. And they don’t like manly older guys such as George Clooney when it comes to Americans; they prefer di Caprio at age 18.

    There’s a documentary movie about male bar hosts in Osaka that proves my point. They are ultra girly! “The Great Happiness Space”

  40. Ha guys leave them alone.Don’t try destroy people life.They are only human too.I don’t think anything wong that they it.It is their owen life.Let them be free that their owen privately.I thing the people whon release this photos on the net is cazy.jc

  41. I’ve been waiting for a comment on this from our celebrity reporter (Christine)! She is absolutely right of course, although I do feel Cecilia has been going down hill generally in recent years – I do not find her very attractive in her recent films either. Her face has just become too thin, and the nose job I suspect she’s had recently is too much for me. As for the pretty boy idols, I think it is the same as it is in the west: do our pretty boy pop idols represent what women actually go for in real life? I think not. It’s just the cachet of doing it with a star, that’s all.

  42. luvjgirl…i think you hit the nail on the head. i noticed when i was in asia watching hongkong tv and korean tv, the boy actors and performers look a lot like guys trying to look like girls, very effeminate. now we also know they all have little ying/yangs πŸ™‚ j/k.
    and doc, i think you and i agree that most asian women go for the chubby, well-to-do businessmen right? πŸ™‚

  43. i didnt see a lot of hot hot women in the far east with pretty boys but mostly they were with either with Mob guys or rich older, soft and fluffy businessmen. πŸ™‚

  44. Pretty girls messing with an idiot and letting him film. What did they really expect? Once you’re on film and you’re famous, you’re bound to appear on the internet, sooner or later.

    Some ruined lifes because he was messing with married women also. And the funny thing is, because of this, he will probably get more women, who will try to use him as limelight booster. Silly.

  45. oh please, any remotely handsome guy is called a pretty boy. Citing George Clooney doesn’t make sense either since people call him a pretty boy too. They must be doing something right, they probably get more ass than anyone posting on this site [minus paying for hookers haha] ever will, even if they have tiny tools.

  46. burnealtro..you assume too much. George clooney is not a pretty boy. he would be considered handsome in a manly way…like sean connery. these bubblegum pops boys from hongkong and korea are fluffers. they get asses because of their pseudo talents and fame. dont even consider comparing them to real talent. plus they have small wangs πŸ™‚

  47. BTW guys, I’ve just discovered that the girl in the title pic is Mandy Chen. She is actually a Taiwanese model from the very area where I live in Brisbane, Australia! She won Miss Chinese Australia a few years back. This scandal will probably destroy her career as well (she’s always been pretty ambitious). I guess I should do an article on her for AS some day!

    And yes, she is representative of how a lot of the girls look in the area where I live: there’s an amazing number of attractive Taiwanese girls here!

  48. I must say, the girls on these pics/vids are pretty good looking. I really feel sorry for them even Edison. He should’ve known better. Precaution shoud’ve been used by the girls too so to make sure that the pics would not have been leaked. I’m not saying what he did for fun/satisfaction is necessarily wrong because we all have our desires and wild and horny sides, and have done that sort of stuff,but he should not have given his computer to complete strangers to fix without at least knowing and saving his great work on some disks and then delete his shit first. Cuz, man, you gotta be careful and think twice and maybe this shit might not have happened, an no shame, pain/hurt that this probably did cause would not have happened. But, this is great especially if you’ve never imagined that you’d ever get the chance to see them naked. Also, damn, most of them suck dick and some of them have pretty nice bushes, especially cecila cheung. As a matter of fact I like her bush and sort of find it atractive. I’m actually turned on by it. She maybe hairy but there’s also a lot of us who don’t mind seeing a girl especially a good looking one who actually has pubic hair and does not have the shaved bald look(whatever your preference is ok , I understand),but it’s just too plain,dull and boring…like a lion without it’s mane. Ok maybe she ougtta at least trim or shave the inner hair that covers her clit /vagina and clean that area but at least leave her pubic triangle in tact. I’m tellin you there IS something about that patch of hair on a woman that CAN turn a guy on. I’m sure for many. And then there are also those who prefer the opposite. But, whatever your preference is so be it. But, I’m sure many like or don’t mind a woman with a bush or at least some hair down there as opposed to nothing at all. enough said

    Posted by: sexyhair on Feb 20, 08 | 7:38 am

  49. Except for the lack of knowledge about computer security (d’oh!), I hail Edison Chen. Living The Dream. While so many pretty boys waste their lives (and blessing of having the looks and high profile career to make it so easy to pick up hot women) on booze and drugs, he’s getting laid. Good for him. Wear that little thing out, bro!

    And I find it ironic that the US gets slammed for being so prudish but all the Asians commenting on this scandal agree that the ladies careers will be severely damaged or ruined by this – just shows that And Chen, like Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, and Michael Douglas (famous US sex addicts) will probably be able to resurrect his career after a brief hiatus. Hypocrisy lives in all corners of the world.

    PS – the ultra hairy bushes are scary.

  50. http://www.youporn.com/watch/151103
    since i dont know where to post this and we have to post on topic….does this shemale’s woo woo looks bigger then Edison’s?…have to slip it in somewhere. :)) this shemale is hot. you just got to be really careful in thailand eh? πŸ™‚

  51. Whats the topic then? Penile size? πŸ™‚

    That shemale could really fool a lot of us in Thailand I’m sure, she’s hot for a shemale. You have to be careful, specially after some beers when your sight gets less focused!

  52. i tried to sneak one in on doc but was caught :)) need to post this under shemale πŸ™‚

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