My Web Site Membership Now Only $9.99!

For my latest sexy Bible reading, I’ve done an extended, full nude version for my web site members – this is something I will be doing every month from now on. And even better, so that as many people can see these new videos as possible, I’ve dropped the price of my web site membership to only $9.99 for one month (and $4.99 per month recurring)! Also, so as not to disadvantage anyone who has joined recently, if you joined earlier this year you can claim a $10 credit to use at my online store.

NOTE: Once again, as I suspect discussion on this topic will be very active, and the Doc doesn’t want to have to moderate three heated discussions at once, I have decided to close comments on this post. However, everyone is free to post your comments on my blogall opinions are welcome (indeed, encouraged) and you don’t have to register to post.

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