Sophia Jiang


Sophia Jiang is a model from China. I don’t know if that’s her real name. The iStudio page says it is, and I have no reason to disagree, but I found very few photos of her anywhere else. Guess what?! Now her photos are here. Awesome.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing










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0 thoughts on “Sophia Jiang”

  1. A very innocent and pure looking girl! She is cute as a button and simply adorable in my opinion.

  2. Gotta agree..cute IS the word with Ms Jiang.

    Like how you mix ’em up Travis, variety is good!
    From an unabashed sexpot in the previous post to an innocent looking waify Chinese lass here.
    Now if you took them both home, which one of the two would Mum approve of?
    Now where’s my Xray specs to see under the clothes? hehe

  3. Another Chinese SWEETHART from Travis. AND…so few complaints…so far that she is not UNDRESSED! A tribute to the membership that a beautiful woman can be APPRECIATED…WITHOUT exposing ALL her female charms!! TRULY..a beautiful young woman!

  4. She reminds me (just a little) of a Chinese Salma Hayek. Smaller boobs, though.

    She doesn’t have to be nude, but bikini shots would be nice.

  5. Stunningly cute and another 10 in my books. Having said that, some candid shots would offer proof that her cuteness is not a trick of photoshop/lighting/makeup/photography (I suspect not!).

    I will echo the sentiments for some shots of her with a bit more flesh revealed. ^__^

  6. Marrying her would be like buying a new ferrari that you’re too scared to drive in case somebody dings it with a shopping trolley. So, you end up keeping it safely locked up in the garage while you drive your hyundai to work.

    Not that I’d keep her locked up in the garage…..

    or maybe i would. 🙂

    (no, i have no idea what the hell i’m talking about either….)

  7. kroos: Yeah, that’s why I’m driving a Hyundai to work!

    Haven’t seen enough of her to determine if she’s a Ferrari or not; right now I’d have to say a BMW 3 series.

    I think it would be better to keep her locked up in the bedroom:-)

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