Genevive Valente


Genevive Valente is a model I have come across in many different places. Now she has one more place. Hopefully this adds to her popularity.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Filipina/Spanish/Chinese
Located: OC







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0 thoughts on “Genevive Valente”

  1. This is mine Girl!! Double “10” even that some things are not real on her (Her tits and lips) WOH! She makes me melting down….

  2. i agree with denver11 – smoking body but not so pretty facially. i generally like my asian girls lighter in skin tone too

  3. Everything about this girl makes me think she is dirty… as in the good way. I have the feeling she’d be quite the little vixen one-on-one. Some of her facial features are a bit too dramatic for my tastes, but the possibilities that go through my mind when looking at her pics more than make up for it.

  4. I knew it couldn’t last…those tasty Chinese beauties would eventually disappear and Travis would return us to the VaVaVoom Gallery!
    Feels like I just visited a noisy,nasty strip club…no cover-charge…!

  5. Looks like a total sex kitten. I think would thoroughly enjoy tryin’ to make her purrrr……

  6. This girl is in great shape. What a figure! Forget the chinese ethnicity, this baby is filipina. 🙂

    Just like arf, I love the pinay skin tone. She has ok face and those boobs are killing me.

    Travis, you have come across her many times? So why just share now? She’s hot!

  7. She does have “extreme” features and I generally don’t like hardbodies, but this is a very sexy woman. I like them small, too, 4’11” and such an athletic body is a turn-on for me.

    The last picture shows her unique features off to beautiful advantage, wow! I might make a poster of that pic. I like the darker skin on a woman with these features, light skin would be misplaced. The blue contacts work on the final pic.

  8. Take away her extreme plasticized body and you have little to write home about. Not a fan of her lips at all and her face just doesn’t do it for me.

    A most definite pass. She may be selling sex, but I wouldn’t be buying.

  9. Very Very Nice, Nik2…that last shot was grrrreat. I’m a big huge fan of green flip-flops.

  10. Oooh Oooh!…I almost let out a howl when I saw your last nakedasiangirls pic, Nik2. So close and in my face with them beautiful bosoms and and her juicy lips. WoW!

  11. In the second photo that Nik2 posted, I find her very attractive. In other photos, not so much. She reminds me of a Filipina I used to see at work – tiny, huge boobs and huge lips. Unfortunately, the lips almost distracted me from her boobs, at least until she bent over for a cleavage shot (she always sore scoop tops).

    daznlover’s point is well taken.

    arf likes her!!!!

  12. You know, the more I come back to her profile the more I like her. She certainly is unusual in that her looks are like no other…

    Those breasts- weather real or enhanced, are perfect. She has a look about her that is, as many above have noticed- very sexy.

    I wonder how her career will turn out….

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