Cheryl @

Cheryl @

“Sitting in a crowded Starbucks waiting for Cheryl to arrive for her interview with her agent we wait patiently to see what luck we will have with casting today. In walks the most radiant and pretty young lady we have seen all day dressed like a smart phone company executive and prancing like a runway model. We are stunned. We yell “Book’em Dano”, and the agent does not understand. Oh well, not everyone remembers Hawaii Five O. The stunned agent can not believe that we do not need to take time to interview her and that we hire her before she sits down.”

Check out Cheryl @ (Photography Adam Yurman)

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  1. She’s lacking in the chest department? Not in my book! 😉 And yeah, she does have great legs.

  2. She is lovely. is her nose surgically enhanced or is it just makeup? it looks a bit blocky.

  3. Judging from this photo I’d guess she’s had some surgery on her nose, but it is far from conclusive. Could be the angle, lighting, makeup etc. I’d need to see more close-up shots to be sure.

  4. Yeah, I think I would have hired her before she sat down too. Though it probably would have been something like “Yowza!” emanating from my mouth. 🙂

  5. Actually, if the story in her intro hadn’t been converted into a PR piece, I suspect their actual words might have been something like “holy s**t!”. 😉

    On a more serious note, it would be interesteing to hear from Adam just how accurate the intros for his models are.

  6. Hi Lee and everyone at AS. It is not easy writing the intros for model photo sets. I don’t like writing at all. But is is much easier when there is some kind of story to tell that actually happened. As Cheryl’s intro decribes, I was meeting a new agent at a Star Bucks in a shopping mall to see what talent/models he had in his agency. He said a new model would make an appearance as well to see if I liked her look during our meeting. When she arrived I was overwhelmed with her look and made a mental decision to book her before she sat down. I was very impressed with her natural beauty and poise. Her nose is not surgically enhanced and I promise to get you some more photos of her to see different angles.
    She is not a bombshell but I think she is naturally pretty and refreshing. I also got to use my new Canon 200 mm F 2.8 lens on this photoshoot for the first time which is partly why her legs look exactly the way I intended them to, making them nice and balanced with the body as longer lenses will do.

  7. Hi Adam. Your intros certainly make your job sound glamourous. Then and again, I guess it is! The 200 mm F2.8 lens does give a nice sense of perspective.

  8. Hey does anyone know how to recover a username/password to pacificbeauty? I mean one you actually purchased. I got one awhile back and sent them an email recently asking for help but they won’t reply.

  9. Actually, while I’m sure Adam can help, I believe he has other people handling this stuff. Anyway, I’m sure he can get something sorted for you once he sees this.

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