Jeju Love Land

Jeju Loveland

Well it seems the Hyori Lee post below has some people accusing Koreans of prudishness. So in the interests of fairness, I though I should bring your attention to Korea’s unique “sex park”, Jeju Love Land.Here’s some more pics and info:

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  1. BTW, this is one of many tips we’ve received over the past month or so that Robin hasn’t had time to follow up on – please be patient while we catch up on the backlog!

  2. omg, even JAPAN doesn’t have this, and i thought japan is the KINKIEST… well, i guess this park is “cute”.
    if i went to korea, thats the first place im spending a night. hahah

  3. I visited a Japanese sex shrine/park on Kyushu many (many) years ago. It featured a penis shaped rock island and a very interesting gift shop. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any specifics.

  4. Any tour packages 😀

    I can’t pretend to be some social commentator or art … guy-person but I think its refreshing to see some images of passion, unlike the locked up and shameful view here in the states.

    Ok, short rant, how is it that showing flesh is getting more and more appropriate but sex no way! Boggles the mind.

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