Ms Thong


I think Cambodian women are beautiful. But they are not often seen modeling. This is a Khmer model that goes by Ms. Thong. I think she has since given up modeling, which is too bad.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’1
Weight: 95
Ethnicity: Cambodian/Thai
From: London, Canada











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  1. You don’t see so many attractive Cambodian women because they tend to have, as we say, thicker bodies. And too many tats.

  2. Nice booty

    I also like the looks of Cambodian ladies. Guess I haven’t seen enough to notice the thicker bodies and excess tats. Although i have noticed that many filipinas have extra weight in the belly area, and thin elsewhere.

    Also, have an opportunity to go on a date with a Cambodian lady, A friend is trying to set me up with her co-worker.

  3. Many filipinas have some extra on their bellies and hips, that’s true. Specially over 30s. The diet (western) doesn’t help.
    Dunno about Cambodia.

    Ms Thong sure is hot, except for the tats. Attractive face.

  4. She has that harsh, artificial and slightly masculine look that a lot of import models seem to have these days – not to my taste at all. So far the Khmer and Hmong girls (who seem to be well represented amongst import models currently) haven’t been for me, as they frequently seem to have this look (although this one has a slimmer build than most, even though she appears to be a little thick around the waist).

  5. Hot look. Pretty face. Nice behind. No obnoxious fake body parts that I can see. The tats do not bother me.

    Thumbs up.

  6. Just about 40% of the population of Toronto is some form of asian. They had a big survey in the paper 2 years ago, 23% of the population speaks Chinese. So expect to see lots of hotties at the end of your road trip

  7. Cambodian women I would think would not all in all be Dr. Lee’s type, correct? Simply because they are less Chinese looking and often have that look that I generally associate with Thai women? I don’t find that the harsher look is true with most Cambodian women but it is definitely there with Ms. Thong. Doesn’t bother me that much, though.

  8. I’m no photography expert, but I’m guessing there’s a lot of photoshopping going on in many of these pics. Her face looks so different in each pic that its hard to believe its the same girl. Her body is nice though.

  9. @Travis: yes, that is basically correct.

    @wylde8: yes, I believe that is correct too. Current import model glamour photos are usually very Photoshopped it seems (I guess they have to be).

    @slackerking: I thought about ending my comment with “I’m sure slackerking will like her”, but I thought I’d better not be too presumptuous. 🙂

  10. Anyone else notice the disappearing tattoo on her left shoulder? Added after her earlier photos, or Photoshopped out? Anyway, I think she is very hot, but I tend to like all Asians, whether they’re light, dark, thick, thin whatever. It’s why I found this site, after all. Wonder if Ms. Thing is her real name?

  11. I have a weakness for short, hot Cambodian women. I need to see what Ms. Thong really looks like since her look is so varied between pics, but her butt looks good in a thong so she’s alright in my book.

  12. Nice one Trav!

    Having spent the a lot of time in Thailand over the past year, I’m loving these kinds of women 🙂

  13. There is beauty in every culture, shape, size and age. Living somewhere other than Cambodia gives her the freedom to be sexy. I lived in Cambodia for awhile, and she is not the typical woman there at all. If it helps to remember, it is a VERY 3rd world country, and they have a very long way to go. This is not to say there are not gorgeous women there, because there are. However, they dont all have tattoos, look masculine, and most dont even have an understanding of their own sexuality. Just watching the women in the music videos or live on stage is uncomfortable and sometimes cute, but feels they force their “sexuality” as its how they think they should dance. To know what the difference is, search Khmer videos on that popular video site…then pull up something like Wonder Girls video “nobody but you” and see the difference of Women who know their sexuality and those who are told how to be. Its not socially acceptable to be “hot” in that country. Sure they dress up and look pretty for special events, but its in a way to not be unique…but follow the crowd on what is pretty. Women of Cambodia have a very hard life, and the many I had met and still know, spend their time trying to convince any non-Khmer (non Cambodian) that they cannot live without them, need them to help their family survive, and they have sex with these Men..not just one or two, but many to secure some type of future for themselves. Then if they are lucky enough to catch someone who believes they are loving only them and having sex with only them, the guy will marry them and “rescue” their faithful girl from the hell she was born in to. Once married, the women get to pretend that they have been wholesome all their lives with a brand new start. Dont get me wrong, Im not bashing these women, they do exactly what they need to do to survive, even if it means playing second third or 20th to married men. I love women in general, from the thickest to thinnest of them, there is always something beautiful to be found. I find physical beauty in EVERY woman no matter age, race, or attributes. Its when they open their mouths and prove this beauty I see in them right or wrong. All that being said, this particular woman is pretty with most her clothes off and looking like shes ready to get, or was just slammed…but the real test would be to make me wet when shes fully dressed with a simple hello. But ehhh…Im just a chick =P

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