Cassie: Revisited


Cassie was featured before when she first came on the scene back in 2006, but that article only received a few responses. I didn’t even know she was Asian until I looked up her bio a few weeks ago or knew that she was featured already until I looked in the archives. Usually I can remember who has been featured on Asian Sirens without looking, so it seems that I missed that article on her.

Recently she’s been in the news and back on my radar because of her nude pics that were leaked onto the internet, so I figured I would give her a revisit because I think she is very gorgeous. Maybe you will think the same.Originally, I was going to scrap this article since Cassie was featured already, but I decided to continue for those that may not know about her, or like me who didn’t know she was Asian, or for those that have been living in a cave for the past few weeks and haven’t heard the news that her computer was hacked and her nude pics were released on the web.

I first took notice to her when the video for her first single, Me & U came out and was a pretty hot song at the time, but what I couldn’t get enough of was checking out her sexy, petite frame, that beautiful smile, and those luscious lips.

Currently she has a new single out off of her forthcoming album entitled Must Be Love with Puff Daddy which I think is alright. And it’s unfortunate that her computer was hacked into, but if you don’t want anyone to see you naked, then don’t take those pictures in the first place. Anyway, here’s more photos below. And if you need a better look at her, I have 300 pics that you can check out as well.














Official Site
Cassie Got Hacked, Naked
My Cassie Sampler

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  1. Cassie’s a cutie. As far as getting enamored with R&B singers, I have been a little more attracted to Ciara and Tamia, but Cassie is definitely up there. Her mix is crazy, too. Filipino father, Mexican, African American and Indian mother.

  2. Ah, how strange. I just checked out her photos again and realized that I am considerably less attracted to her when she is not smiling. Whenever she is smiling, her attractiveness level goes up several points. Interesting.

  3. I agree she’s a whole lot more attractive when she’s smiling. Her look is still a little too “islander” for my taste, but her body is impressively trim and fit – I can imagine she’d look pretty hot on MTV. Anyway, another well written and researched post Candyman – you are a very welcome addition to the team!

  4. Pretty girl.Unfortunately doing business with Diddy almost guarantees a one way ticket too ANYTHING BUT “happily ever after”.Most people leave his “stable” broke and/or disillusioned and/or …

  5. Thanks Doc. It’s great to be doing my own posts now. I love to write, especially about my favorite subject: beautiful Asian women. It takes me about a week to complete an article once I figure out who I want to write about.

    Cassie looks exceptionally hot in the videos that I see her in. She smiles a good amount in the videos that she posted on YouTube, but she needs to smile more in the photoshoots that she doing. It brightens a room. Regardless, I think she is gorgeous.

    So far she is doing fine with Diddy, but to me she was only going to go but so far because of the type of music that she does, so it’s not like she needs to jump on another label or something like that.

  6. Fabulous mix. It gives her the rythm. And filipinas definitely have the rythm in them.

    Fabulous body too. And her lips are special. What a great start for saturday….. 🙂

  7. One of the best smiles out there? Really? Maybe we’re being blinded by the fact that not many models who are posted here ever seem to smile. Suffice it to say, she’s cute when she smiles, but gorgeous? One of the “best”? Come on.

    I’m sorry, about launching a dissenting opinion – but in the photos where she’s not heavily airbrushed she looks, at best, “decent” – but nothing to write home about (oops!).

    To each his own I suppose, but this girl does absolutely nothing for me. There are surely more attractive filipinas than Cassie.


  8. I’ve always thought she was pretty hot. Somehow I missed the news on the nude photos. Too bad there aren’t more of them.

  9. sevendeuce she doesn’t do anything at all for you? Not even on the pic with the white shirt? We have a Doc here, if you need one. 😉

  10. Cassie is a very fine woman. She looks like a darker skin version of my cousin Katie.

  11. Candyman, thanks for going on with your decision to do this post.

    I remember learning of Cassie back when Me & U first began getting radio/video play. Thought she was nice looking and the song was decent, has a bass-ish grove in it that i swear is a sample of an older song, but i just cannot place it…any of you know?

    Now with this post I’ve learn much more about her.

    Thought about what to write here since yesterday, and well it would be way too much. So i’ll keep it short as i can.

    I think Cassie is incredibly great looking. For certain on any of my “TOP” lists. Unfortunate she’s working with puff loser. I wish her well, but I think the same as Stripes on this.

    And Doc. really? did you have to say it….again; her “look” is too Islander for your tastes. Come on, we all know
    you like the paler ladies…next time remind us the sky is blue also. …. hey i’m just joking with you…cool.

  12. edit to my post.

    the bass-ish grove i’m referring to is first heard at 1:13-1:14 and 1:18-1:20.

  13. Not everyone that I look at have a great smile. Sometimes their grill isn’t all too cute. When Cassie smiles, it’s the first thing that I notice.

  14. Well dazn, this Doc is actually largely in agreement with sevendeuce! I think she has a great body, but her face really isn’t for me at all. The smile does improve things a lot, but definitely not to anywhere near gorgeous. Still, with that body, as I said I’m sure she’d look pretty hot in a skimpy outfit on MTV.

  15. She’d look even hotter in a skimpy outfit in my bedroom:-)) Is no one going to mention her outstanding ASSer?

  16. daznlover: She has a nice body, but her face leaves much to be desired.

    Of course, if I met this girl in real life, I’d date her in a second. But this is not real life, so my fantasy girls and my critical eye get to be much more unrealistic. 😉

  17. I didn’t say she was gorgeous, but she is very pretty for my taste. Doc and sevendeuce, at least we agree on the body.

    sevendeuce, I’m glad to know that this is just your very demanding internet personna talking. Was getting worried. 😉

  18. I’ve always liked Cassie… I had wondered she had some Asian in her… haha! Don’t worry Doc, I’m not going there… haha! I like her even more that I have seen her NEKKID!

  19. I just wish Christina Milian was part Asian and that she had some “bomba” (nekkid) pics circulating… haha! That would really make my day!

  20. Cassie’s lips are always the first thing that I notice when I look at her. If only she could hook me up with a kiss or something.

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