Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique is a half filipina, half polish fitness model & female figure competitor.Unfortunately the only information available appears to be about her achievements in competition, which is quite impressive, considering she is relatively new to the scene.
She has also been recently featured on Muscle Fitness ‘Hers’ (March 2009) & the up-coming Flex Swimsuit Edition (June 2009), which is no small feat.

Fitness models, or bodybuilders, usually don’t get a mention on AS too often as they are mostly too bulky…

But there is something sexy about an Asian woman who works out. πŸ™‚

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique Minton

Monique also has a website, but at this time, appears to still be under construction
Momo Fitness

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0 thoughts on “Monique Minton”

  1. Hmmm, she is probably bigger than me and looks like she could kick me ass.

    I’ll pass….

  2. Pretty woman. Very fit indeed. Shame people call her mannish just because she’s in very good shape.

  3. Obviously not the typical “glamour” model you see here.

    I’m impressed with anyone who can mold their body into something that beautiful.

    Reminds me of an Euro-Asian version of Jamie Eason. Which, in my book, is a pretty good thing.

  4. She’s definitely not mannish like some of the female builder I came across in the past.
    I like what I see and very impressed =)

  5. Kind of mannish was my first reaction. Second reaction was if as a photographer I was going to put my logo on a photo like the one at the top, I would shop out the electric plug outlet. But that’s just me. And hey, I’m not being too critical, sometimes I wish I had that kind of shoulder and upper body bulk.

  6. Lets see; she’s has one half each of my two favorite looks Asian and Eastern Europeon and she is a fitness competitor triple plus…

    Uberdork… yeah she remindes me of Jamie Eason as well, and for sure that’s a good thing.

    Possibly another “Top” list in just a few days. Hopefully some more pics of her will surface.

    Guys.. remember this. When these fitness babes pose for magizines they are usually in ultra lean/muscular condition. Giving them a more harsh/hard appearance. If you were to see them a few weeks later after they soften up a bit, her curves will smooth out, looking less hard and harsh. You’re likely to change your opinion.

    Also Monique does not look man-ish to me at all. There are many fitness/bodybuilding ladies that do look man-ish and there is a big reason why….they take male hormones, yes steriods. These woman are not at all attractive.

    Perhaps she’ll attend the 2010 Arnold fitness expo and i’ll get to meet her in person.

  7. APL, your second reaction made me lol.

    I happen to agree with Keyser Soze, she’s definitely less “man” looking than most of the other female high fitness models.

  8. Yeah, she’s quite sexy, in great shape and still very feminine. Like it a lot! She’s also pretty, not very filipina, I agree.

  9. I didn’t mean her body was body-builder mannish as too many female body-builders are.
    I was referring to her face. She loook lika man! (A MadTV reference)

  10. thanks Subic Man, I find those pictures pretty gross and her body looks as if it were nice before. I think she does have a very nice face. She would most definitely kick my ass.

  11. You also have to consider that as a fitness model she is most likely flexing her muscles during photoshoots giving her a body a harder look.

  12. That makes two of us…I’ve seen this activity leave things a disaster upstairs. Pretty face but I prefer women a bit softer and plush to blow raspberries into her belly.

  13. Sefu… thanks for doing this post. Clearly fitness babes are a niche group not appreciated by most.

    I’ve been into fitness since the mid 80’s and have enjoyed tone and mildly muscled woman since i first discovered them.

    I spent a few minutes searching for info on Monique yesterday, didn’t find much but did see her in looking less “hard” very pretty woman and more asian looking as well. Also she was at one time in her late teens a fashion model in NewYork. and I think i heard something about her getting into MMA fighting. seems a bid bizare but i’m a fan of MMA too, just another plus. Oh, one last thing she’s on the taller side about 5’8″ or 5’9″

  14. Fitness models are always controversial! Interestingly, for me her body’s just fine, but I find her face a little too masculine.

  15. Some of you guys are missing out. She’s got an incredible body and is quite beautiful. Her waist is awesome and is certainly a great asset to have for fitness competitions. Its so small and toned.

    I don’t think she looks masculine at all. She looks like a girl who isn’t constantly stuffing twinkies in her mouth and works out.

  16. @Keyser Soze: Thanks! As mentioned fitness models are always going to be a bit controversial here, and are definitely a niche group. Sportswomen, I guess, would also fall into that category.

    There is something very sexy about an Asian girl who works out or plays sport. Especially if if you’re into that sport too…

  17. No problems here – she’s has a nice body and a pretty face. As far as her being able to kick your ass, with women that’s the last thing you should worry about unless you’re Chris Brown. They have many other ways of making your life miserable, if they so desire, right? Fortunately, mine doesn’t usually so desire.

  18. I like her in the white outfit… haha! The only problem is that I’m rather “soggy” around the midsection and I don’t think she would eat my sushi… heeheehee!

  19. too lumpy..i like fit and toned but still feminine…about her kicking my ass, i think most women can..i am a lover not a fighter :))

  20. Lawboy, you don’t like her lumps? How bout her humps? Guess you won’t be hitting on Fergie anytime soon.

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