Asian Susie @

Asian Susie @ flickr

While clicking around on flickr I found 21 year old Susie. And when I clicked her Sexy 18+ set (NSFW!), I was sure I had to share this find with you guys.

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  1. Haha, I can’t see the set, I dont have a flickr acct. In the pics I can see, she looks really nice. Very very cute! Hard to tell what ethnicity she might be, she looks Korean in some pics, but definately not in others. I hope she stops by here and gives us a little more information about herself (crosses fingers that she lives near orlando and is looking for photographer).

  2. I really like this girl. Unfortunately, her “adult” set is nowhere near as good as her other sets, IMO.

    Doc, make sure, if an when you join Flicker, to set your filters for “restricted” and also click the boxes to allow screenshots, and such.

    While I have a Flicker account, for some reason my filters where set improperly and I had to reset them to see her adult set.

  3. unfortunately it seems that a lot of the pictures in her 18+ set arent her, anything that show full nudity including some that dont are of a cam girl called aleenuh

    which was a big let down when i recognized the room from other pictures i have (which DOES show the face)

  4. One of the problems I have with the 18+ set is that her face isn’t visible. (I have other problems with the set, too.) If argent is correct, now I think we know why. (Although many of these girls go by multiple names. I’m assuming that, since argent has seen the face, he knows it is a different girl.)

    Too bad, because her normal sets show a very pretty girl, IMO.

    Oh, argent…hold your head up! :#)

  5. No face? Sounds like I needn’t bother joining Flickr to see this set – although this girl’s body is fine, her rather cute face is her outstanding feature. Besides, it may not even be the same girl!

    Am I the only guy on the internet who thinks web cams are crap?

  6. A very nice looking girl. Nice find. She seems very ordinary, outside her looks that is, which is quite attractive.

  7. Flickr is one of those prerequisites that you have to sign up for. It’s awesome. I signed up long ago but started uploading just recently. Sometimes I lose track of time on there, especially when looking at pics for Asian women.

    Whoever this chick is, she’s cute. Her regular pics are much better than the adult ones mainly because you don’t see anyone’s face. This could also be a cam scam from looking at her profile since there is no additional info plus the groups she’s a member of unless she’s a freak like that.

    But if you haven’t signed up already then you should. And if you already have an account with Yahoo, then you can use that.

  8. hehe well im not too affected Bigfoot ^_^

    anyway yeah the main pictures of her are very attractive so it seems strange that she would need to fake it

    anyway if you want to see what aleenuh looks like, go to google and do a image search for aleenuh, the very first returns will show her face

    as well as a very famiiar room, and body, make sure your “safe search” is off or you might not see it

  9. Thanks, argent. I wasn’t sure if the first Google image was her, as there is no consistency in the returns for “aleenuh “. Not may pics available, it seems.

    And, for those who didn’t get my earlier reference, “Hold Your Head Up” was the rock band, Argent’s, biggest hit in the early 70’s.

  10. well from the google image search the first two , plus the two of the girl from the back near the shower are her,

    if the mods want me to, i know of a rapidshare link i could pop onto here

  11. argent is the man, quite knowledgeable πŸ™‚

    The non-adult girl is very cute, indeed.

    Doc, what’s wrong with webcams? Either paid or free, they are a great stress-reliever. Good for fantasies too. Of course, the best are those camcorder webcams, you can get all the details. πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m a big fan of Flickr, butβ€”because it’s where I post my family photosβ€”I’m not a big fan of the idea that it’s also a repository for erotica. But then, I suppose it’s like the video store: As long as the mature content is kept in the back room…

    Neither Aleenuh nor Asian Susie does much for me; however, I would like to see/know more about the girl in this photo from the same set.

  13. hehe well you know i was just looking at the pictures, and knew id seen that body before, or at least the room hahah

    but hey its thank to posters like we have here at asian sirens that keeps me up to date in my own asian world hehe

  14. As far as webcams though, I don’t think the technology is there yet – the resolution and frame rate just isn’t good enough for me. And the kind of thing the girls usually do on webcams is just trashy and boring for me. But obviously that’s just me!

  15. One question: Will the police be knocking on my door while looking at aleenuh’s pictures?

    She doesn’t look very old. Plus, older girls are usually smart enough to know the repercussions of posting naked pictures of themselves all over the internet, and teenagers are usually the ones feeling depraved of attention (enough to be uploading these kind of pictures on the net), not 20+ year-olds…

  16. aleenuh is not looking for free attention… she must be old enough πŸ˜‰

    Doc, there are some women using camcorder cams, with great resolution, frame rate, zoom, you name it. Unfortunately, the majority still uses the usual low cost webcams, but there is quality out there, if you search well.

    Trashy or boring… no need. They can do whatever you want them to do. Even talk. πŸ˜‰

  17. But dazn, isn’t the speed of the internet the limiting factor here? When I originally put the camcorder videos up on Sachiko’s site, I wanted them to be streaming, but I just couldn’t get a 25 fps frame rate that way. Is your internet connection fast enough for that?

  18. Yes, internet speed is the factor. You must have a good internet connection both out your hosting and also the viewer must be on broadband.

    And for streaming, you usually need a server just for that, or you can use some flash tricks to pretend it’s streaming.

    I’m not sure about the frame rate, but there are some webcam girls these days, shooting on camcorders, with firewire connections to the PC, and they produce high quality and smooth (tv like) live video. With sound even.

    I can send you a couple links, if you’re interested in checking out a few webcam girls examples.

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