More Asian X-mas babes!


Since it’s still X-mas, I thought you would appreciate some more Asian X-mas babes. A little bit more naughty this time. Check out Thai Amara Ranipas and Rose Pathra at ThaiCuties 😉

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0 thoughts on “More Asian X-mas babes!”

  1. That vid was pretty explicit, but not for me 😉 It’s also hot and hilarious. And to stay on topic, Amara is so damn sexy. I’ve been in love with her since ’03.

    Anyway, happy holidays everyone.

  2. quote: Marco
    “Yep, she was one of the models at the Asian Sirens Expo that we organised back in 2000 and 2001.”

    When is another one of these going to happen? I am seriously interested.

  3. You’ll have to ask Marco, but it seems he lost interest in the Asian models… 🙁 His last post here was on 03/31/2007. His last comment on 05/29/2007.

    Maybe we should all e-mail him and demand his return! 🙂

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