Happy Holidays from Sachiko!

Sachiko McLean

Although I am an atheist, Christmas still has meaning for many of us as a time for taking a break, spending time with family and friends, and reflecting on the year that was. In that spirit, we thought it was an appropriate time to update you on what’s happening with me – with a sexy new video! Just go to the What’s New page on my web site to take a look.As long term fans will know, it was originally our intention to release our first commercial video for Christmas this year, as a follow-up to the Raw Demo CD/DVD we released for last Christmas. However, as we progressed with my health and beauty book, we realised that we really had to get a major publisher for it, and that combining it with my exercise video would make it a more compelling sell. So we made the reluctant decision to not sell my next video directly, and offer at least the G-rated version to a publisher instead. At this stage we aren’t sure if we will be selling the nude version directly or not, but until the terms of our publishing deal are finalised, we will hold off on selling it on my site.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Sachiko!”

  1. Good reflection time for you, Sachiko.

    And good luck for that video + book. Better to wait and make it even greater. Packaging is so very important.

  2. Thank you for your pictures, as always Sachiko. Enjoy the time spent with your friend and family.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for your support and understanding! I’m not actually spending time with family myself (as they are mostly in Taiwan), but I am in a reflective mood. 🙂

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