Maria Ozawa Music Video

Nevermind that this Japanese hiphop video is a joke made by talentless wannabes. Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa is in it. She looks ridiculously hot even with her clothes on.

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  1. Only in JAV should Maria be seen getting down with losers. That’s just a convention of the medium. In other media, she should be seen hanging out with bigshots.

  2. Please please please…somebody, pop a cap in their asses. It’s time for a 1-8-7 up in here. If you ain’t black or an american from the hood, no rapping please. It’s worse than Rico Suave back in the 80’s.

  3. Agreed, Candyman, she’s is quite the hottie.

    I don’t blame Maria for taking an acting role in a bad video (and let me say, as horrible as that one was, I have seen and heard FAR worse).

    She still looks great, that’s for sure.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  4. That clip (and song) totally sucked! What a waste of time.
    And to be honest, Maria looks hot, but not Asian enough for my taste… that Canadian blood seems to be pretty dominant! 😉

  5. Robin, do you think Maria actually looks a little LESS Asian than in the past? I sort of noticed that.

    I’m not complaining, as she is still, clearly Asian and quite hot. But, I did think that she looked even less Asian than usual.

  6. The dominant Canadian blood must be diluting the weak Japanese blood as the years go by. I wonder if she would look a little more asian if she was mixed with say, some United States blood. Or perhaps a little English or German blood. Maybe even try a little Danish or Polish blood. Ooh ooh, how about some Icelandic blood…WOW! Certainly not any French blood though, too much like the Canadian type and she wouldn’t look asian enough. Butttt…I’m no expert on races and blood mixtures. Maybe Dr. Lee can tell us more. >_<

  7. Love this girl. To the experts: Those tits real?

    Meanwhile, are there uncensored photos/clips of her to be had? Can’t believe some U.S. studio hasn’t snapped her up.

    Amazing a girl that scorching hot is going bukkake in Japan.

  8. amazing that, that fat white guy can make it in the entertainment industry considering he has no talent what so ever and is ugly as hell guess it just goes to show that no talent losers can make it anywhere in the world

  9. I honestly don’t have a problem seeing her. More Maria is a good thing. I’ll just keep that mute button at the ready when she cameos in an awful rap video. She doesn’t look that much Asian and in some pics she doesn’t look Asian at all, but she is hot so I will keep looking at her. Plus her boobies are natural and she does bukkake 🙂

    On a side note when I was looking at info for Maria, I came across two other chicks who are mixed but look more Japanese than Maria does. They are Anna Ohura and Tina Yuzuki. Anna has some tig ol’ biddies and Tina is a little hottie, but right now I think Maria looks better.

  10. If she was my girlfriend or significant other, I would never be sad or cry again. Never…ever…ever.

  11. I don’t think she would be as successful if she just modeled unless she posed nude or did explicits because the gravure models that are out there blow her out the water. Plus I’m sure she enjoys what she’s doing. Why model when you can be drenched in hot spunk. 🙂

  12. True enough, can’t argue with you there. Mind you I wouldn’t mind if the gravure models truly did “blow” her out of the water. Now THAT would sell!

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