Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Lately I haven’t been looking at import models as much as I used to when I first started out collecting photos aside from a few names because it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone that I was interested in. That was until I found out about Janelle Ha who I think is pretty hot. Hopefully she will pique your interest as well.I found out about Janelle when I was on Flickr browsing through the pictures that were uploaded by those that are on my contact list. I’m usually on there everyday looking for new pictures, and this one particular day, I came across this picture of Janelle taken by jchennav in a Hankook Tires uniform, and immediately, I needed to find out who she was and begin searching for more photos of her. I think Hankook has the best race queen uniform out of all the companies that I’ve seen, and she rocks that uni well.

Along with being the face of Hankook Tires USA for 2009, Janelle is also on the cover of the July edition of DSport Magazine which is currently on newsstands. I just picked up my copy on Monday 6/1. I love her smile, dark hair, and lovely figure. I have been fatigued as of late with the heavy makeup/dyed hair look that many models rock, so it’s a refreshing change for me to see a model like Janelle.

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha

Janelle Ha


Ethnicity: Filipino
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 32-24-35


Prestigious Models
DSport: Model of the Month

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  1. Very nice find. She’s hot and pretty tall for a filipina. Is she full filipina? I ask because her last name leads me to think otherwise.

  2. this girl reminds me a little of Nautica thorn. And yes alot of import models use a different name I found out when I saw pics of my ex girlfriend’s sister on various import model websites but using a different last name. I’m guessing some don’t want their families to know they are taking revealing pictures? Because my ex and I had no clue.

  3. Looks Chinese.
    Like her a lot.
    In #8 you can see what her non-photoshopped boobs look like, and she’s still hot!

  4. Lovely! I just wish she would wear her hair as she does in the black bikini picture!

  5. I love my import models, but I’m not really feeling this one. Nice figure though, and I do like the black bikini pic. I agree she should wear her hair that way.

  6. she looks like a cross between nautica thorn and pheobe cates… not a bad combination in my opinion.

  7. “In #8 you can see what her non-photoshopped boobs look like, and she’s still hot!”

    #8 and the black bikini shots are the best of the bunch. Wonderful figure, nice hips, sexy navel.

  8. Number 8 is my favorite pic. I am a huge fan of cleavage, but it is not necessary. She looks great (better) without it.

  9. she has a look I personally associate with many American models, a prominent chin/jaw which I don’t like much. It may be that the gap between her top lip and nose is short relative to that between the bottom lip and chin. The best shot for me is the last where the angle negates this.

  10. She does look like a cross between Nautica Thorn and Phoebe Cates. Speaking of Nautica, I met her before and she is gorgeous in person.

    I think if she was anything other than Filipino, it would be mentioned. And she doesn’t need to have a huge rack to get my attention unlike some other models.

  11. I know what Luke72 is talking about, and I feel the same way. Still, I’d take this girl over many current import models though, and interestingly, I think she actually looks better in the less processed shots.

  12. I actually enjoy her natural look with no evident tats nor piercings to either enhance or mar her appearance, depending on your preference. Refreshing.

  13. She looks much better in the event photos. I love those shots of her in the black bikini.

    When I was preparing to finish up this article, I decided that I needed two more pics to use and I ended up finding those shots of her at the last minute. Shout out to ninpou kobanashi for the great shots of her. I love Flickr.

    And I didn’t even see this pic below until just now. I love that body.

  14. Her body is great and she reminds me of Nautica as well, but there’s something that just doesn’t quite look right to me. It may be her nose.

  15. Wish she didn’t hide her face under all the make-up, but she’s a very beautiful girl indeed.

  16. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She’s my type of girl! I just need to get a fast Japanese import.

  17. Yes!!! I like her better in the black bikini photos with less eye make-up.

    Wylde8, the only thing that doesn’t look right about her is that I’m not with her:-) (Fat chance)

  18. Slackerking, I’m not really feeling this one either, and that’s the problem. I wish I was feeling her:-)

  19. Actually, I’m with wylde8 on this one – her nose does seem to stand out a little too much in the glamour shots. But it looks okay in the casual shots though, so perhaps it’s just bad makeup. Ultimately, this girl is pretty average for me, but still better than many current import models (who are often actually below average for Asian women IMHO).

  20. Wingsfan19, I’ll agree that she actually looks really cute in the bikini photos. In fact it doesn’t even look like the same girl, definitely a bad makeup job. I’m thinking in real life I’d think she was pretty cute.

  21. This is one that my chubby, sushi making, Toddishness would try to chase down. She may be faster than me but I WILL have because I can be amazingly “tennis shoes” (tenacious)… haha!

    She’s one of those girls that I just like looking at… a lot… haha!

  22. Thanks Candyman, I still wish I was feeling her.

    Flipn, you crazy, man:-) (And that’s a good thing)

  23. That’s nice, Candyman.

    You should invite her to stop by. We’re mostly harmless. Mostly.

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