Molly Truong


Molly Truong is a model that I think looks much taller than she apparently is. Standing at only 5’4 and living in Modesto, California – home of the main character of Monsters vs. Aliens – Molly is a model of Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Spanish descent. Whoever her lucky boyfriend is gets to make love with 6 different women at once and they all look like her.Photos:







Prestigious Models

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0 thoughts on “Molly Truong”

  1. Adorable! Nice mix! Cute nose!

    Looks like Kristin Kreuk who is of Chinese and Dutch ethnicity.

  2. It’s a wrap! The lead-off model goes wire-to-wire as the hottest AS post of the year!

    *composes self…clears throat*

    Uh…Ms. Truong is adept at delivering different “looks”. She scores well here.
    What else ya’ got?

  3. I have friends in Modesto….this chick lives in Modesto and they never told me?

    I have ex-friends in Modesto…..

    @fungasfarm: Are you my “nose” buddy?!?!? I thought I was the only one who would comment on a nose. And you are right, she has that Kristin Kreuk thing going on.

    You see people….someday we will all be part Vietnamese and this is what our kids will look like.

  4. I love how she teases so well by coming so close to showing us what we all want to see, but not quite. Very hot girl!

  5. OK I admit it, the wait was worth it. Very nice, and seems to be a very good model. Lot’s of different looks.

    The year is off to a fabulous start!

  6. Good golly, Miss Molly
    Sure like to ball
    When you’re rocking and rolling
    Can you hear your mama call.*

    I hereby submit
    She sure is exquisite
    I’d really like to visit

    But I don’t know
    How to go
    To Modesto

    *Little Richard

  7. Not only is she extremely sexy, she describes herself as “eccentric.” She enjoys math. I’m liable to crack open the calculus book and relearn how to calculate the area under the curve. Plenty of curves to explore here.

  8. Great start to the new year Travis. True, the bar is set high. It can only get better I’m sure.

  9. ZoiKs!!! love the second shot from the bottom above with the white headphones on. Very pretty, Very delicious.

  10. re: fungusfarm and French: This is the nose that all the chicks in China and Korea are having plastic surgery to get. So the secret is multi-ethnic intermixing, although it will only work for their offspring;-) Line forms here…..

  11. I notice under languages on the Prestigious Models page she lists Vietnamese, German and Japanese — I think maybe she forgot one haha!

    I keep going back to her page to gaze at her beauty yet again.

  12. Quite a beauty, wish the asian in her was more pronounced but that’s a silly niggle. She’s quite stunning.

  13. Far out …..To quote The movie ‘Stepbrothers’.”i’d do her in the but while she’s drinking sangria…………….She is stunning…

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