Katie Chung Hua


A few weeks back, Dr. Lee introduced me to Katie, who is a professional fitness model/bikini competitor. Katie started body building at the age of 19, and is one of the sexier fitness models I’ve seen in a while.Stats:
Age: 26
Birthdate: May 30, 1986
Birthplace: Idaho Falls, ID, USA
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 106 lbs
Measurements: 32-24-34
Location: Boise, ID, USA











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  1. Too scary. I mean, she’s sexy in a Xena Warrior Princess kinda way, but she’d probably rip my balls off for farting in bed.

    Are those roman numerals on her right hip a tally of all her lovers, or the number of men she’s head-locked and forced to eat their own scrotums?

    I’m heading back to Molly……

  2. I don’t care for girls that can break me, but if she didn’t have those horrible tats maybe…

  3. @Wingsfan: She plays hockey!

    Good-looking woman. Different style than most featured here. I love that she is so goal oriented.

  4. Lovely face and fit body. She doesn’t look Asian in many of the photos. And when having tattoos of a foreign language, it is best to go with a friend who really know the calligraphy of that language. So you can choose a tattoo artist who will give the best result. The 2 Chinese characters “loyal” and “flower” on her side could have been a lot better.

  5. I’m with longtrack on this one. I like her when she smiles, which isn’t often enough. I also think a bigger, more authentic smile would work even better than the little smirk/half smile she seems to prefer.

    I assume the scowl she typically uses in the photos, is to enhance the warrior/fitness image. Might work for some, but not me.

  6. Yes! As a big fan of asian fitness girls, I’ve been a fan of Katie’s for some time. Personally, I think she falls into that sweet spot of not being overly muscular, but still very fit. She definitely has a bikini competitor body, and not a bodybuilder body. Katie is smoking hot and I’d be thrilled to hit the gym with her any day.

  7. In some pics she looks feminine and hot and in others she looks more masculine, which i’m not attracted to

  8. I came back for a second look and I proclaim her hot.

    Yes, I read the interviews. Some Sirens here can’t rub two brain cells together- I am not trying to sound mean, but, ya know- pointing it out.

    This woman interviews well, has goals, and has found a calling. She doesn’t need a sugar daddy or $2,000 purses from some Italian-sounding purse maker to validate herself or pay the bills.

    That, plus that body, means she is hot.

  9. In still photos she does look a bit masculine. The pic in the tub is super sexy! After watching her video, I actually like her a lot more! She really is beautiful and bright! I like her a lot!…… minus the tats.

  10. I’m continually amazed by the number of posters who associate lean body types with masculinity. This comes up each and every time a girl who is even slightly fit is featured here. That’s how a girl is supposed to look if they’re in shape, and I certainly don’t think it makes them any less feminine or sexy.

  11. She’s hot!!!! I bet she looks better in person. My goal is to have a body like hers since we both have the same height and weight.

  12. New Years resolution? You should make it happen…Quyen. My goal is to hit the gym/weights this year and get my wifey up and going.

  13. @French – my hockey days are long over, but I’d love to get her in the corner! Although she’d probably knock me on my arse:-(

    No complaints here about her look, although ya’ll know my feelings about tats, and these aren’t very well done.

  14. Wow, she’s intense, I totally love the amazonian women as long as its not overboard. I wouldn’t mind being squeezed between this one’s thighs. I was wondering about her breasts though. What do you think, real or synthetic?

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