Hong Kong musician, model and actress Karen Mok

Karen Mok

Hong Kong musician, model and actress Karen Mok (aka Wenwei Mo, Man Wai Mok, Karen Joy Morris) is quite a mix. Her mother is quarter-Persian, quarter-German on her father’s side, half-Chinese from her mother’s. Her father is half-Welsh on his father’s side, half-Chinese from his mother’s. Karen attended university in London, attended United World College in Trieste, Italy, for two years studying Italian literature. She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and Japanese. She records in Cantonese and Mandarin, and raps.Raised in England, Karen made her film debut in 1993 with Tigers: The Legend of Canton. In 1995, Karen starred as a demoness in the Chinese Odyssey films with Stephen Chow as the Monkey King. In 1996, Karen appeared as the priest’s daughter who falls for Jordan Chan’s Triad character in Young & Dangerous 3. She reprised the role for the 4th installment a year later. Karen would appear alongside Stephen Chow in God of Cookery, Lawyer, Lawyer, King of Comedy, and a cameo in Shaolin Soccer. In 2002, Karen starred alongside fellow actresses Shu Qi and Vicky Zhao for the Corey Yuen actioner So Close.

Some facts:

Name: Karen Joy Morris
Chinese Name: Mok Man Wai
Place of bith: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Eurasian
Birthdate: June 2, 1970
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 45 kg

Karen on the web:

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Karen Mok

Karen Mok

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  1. Although she’s not entirely my taste, she has a nice body and is huge in Chinese-speaking countries – I can’t pick up a Chinese language magazine without seeing her in it!

  2. About time Karen Mok got her due here on Asian-Sirens!

    However Robin, your applaudable cut and paste bio neglects to mention her unforgetable bit-part in Wan Kar-Wai’s “Fallen Angels”–a quirky, endearing role that won her a Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress trophy.

    What’s more, first and foremost, Karen Mok is a major pop star in Asia who is much more celebrated for her music than film acting. And while she makes a nice piece of change singing sugary Chinese ballads–a must for any pop star to cut it in Asia–she can crank out some spirited rock songs.

  3. yikes…how come the last pix she looks bad…photoshop on the first one?…she looks like a Thai bar girl in the last pix and a starlet in the first…

  4. First pic, photoshop. Last one, real shot (with some bad lighting).
    Sorry to tell you, but the photoshop girls don’t exist for real. 🙂

  5. dazn..that is why it is always good to see them in person:)….i tell ya, that last shot is not very flatering … it is like nite and day…

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