Mistress Kyoko: East meets West


Originally hailing from Tokyo, Japan, the Asian capital of S&M, Mistress Kyoko now makes New York City her home. From the Eros New York website a lonely man can schedule her for escort services that may well prove naughty and nice.Her extraordinary style consists of a distinct blend of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. Full story here.


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0 thoughts on “Mistress Kyoko: East meets West”

  1. Nice! Especially that white outfit thingy. First thoughts: she would make a great Bond Girl.

  2. sorry but her face is too techno looking..like those artsy fartsy runway models..two thumbs down on this one but nice outfits:)

  3. I went to the site, and kinda don’t really understand. So she offers some kind of service, how much does she charge you? LOL I am just interested in the price, and no I will not call her, and she kinda freaks me out a bit. She’s like a little devil and I am so afraid she’s gonna cut or bite my penis off. I am scared.

  4. now this one actually might really be japanese! maybe…

    btw, a-s is apparently being intermittently blocked by the thai cyber-gestapo. weird…

  5. What a novelty. Paying a hot chick to treat you like shit. In my experience, this has always been free. 😉

  6. Yes, Adam contacted me about AS being blocked in Thailand earlier on today. I am currently looking at ways of dealing with the situation – any suggestions would be welcome.

  7. Perfect location in Manhattan: she must get tons of investment bankers!
    As for me, I am not in that kind of stuff, yet I wouldn’t mind giving that naughty girl a good’ ol’ spanking!

  8. Now wait a cotton pickin minute! She looks more chinese than japanese too me. What do you guys think. Just joking. She is hot though.

  9. I just went to the link LawBoy has above, and she has a really great pair of legs and her buttocks are to die for! I know where I’ll be spending my vacation this summer. Big Apple here I come.

  10. Here in the US guys pay women every day to be treated like shit: dinners, expensive dates, gifts, jewelry, trips, marriage, etc.

  11. At least, this one is upfront on what you will get! And we don’t have to be trying to sleep, thinking now how she has been testing your patience. 🙂

  12. wow thailand the new Nazi regime?….you got to do something doc…
    i dont get this..you pay her to get insulted and humiliated…but no happy ending?…sounds like a bad date:))

  13. giving girls gifts….. never do that……… NEVER… no gifts until you see them naked…….

  14. you guys are too damn cheap. I have seen Mistress Kyoko many times… and yes she’s 100% Japanese..

  15. I tried to go to her site again and it it’s gone.
    I have not seen her in a while , but when i find out what’s going on i’ll post.

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