Maya Sakura


Maya Sakura is a full time model living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maya is originally from Tokyo, Japan but now lives in America as a college student. She recently did a shoot for Playboy. Lots of links inSome facts:

Name: Maya Sakura
Place of birth: Japan
Current location: Scottsdale, Az, USA
Ethnicity: Japanese
Stats: 34C-23-34
Height: 5’7 / 171cm
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown



Maya Sakura on the web:

Maya Sakura @
Maya Sakura @
Maya Sakura @
Maya Sakura @ (free 30 seconds video!)
Maya Sakura @
Maya Sakura @ (video!)
Maya Sakura @ (same video at yahoo)

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0 thoughts on “Maya Sakura”

  1. Is she the next asian centerfold?
    maybe not, but close.
    she should hookup with DigitalDreamGirls

  2. Nice.Plenty do-able…but basically she’s “import tunerville”.If you’re gonna be stuck in a ghetto-that’s not too bad of one to be stuck in.I’m ready to tongue worship those abs anytime.

  3. Wonderful body but to be honest her face is far from spectacular. Do-able? Of course!

  4. Easily lost in the crowd. Playboy has a great history in the last couple decades of publishing attractive yet highly forgettable cooke-cutter models. Our only hope for Maya Sakura (name as fake as her tits) is that she plys her assets in hardcore once she realizes her quotidian looks aren’t going to take her as far as she once thought. Nice shave job though, shame about the piercing.

  5. I think the smokey-eyed pic above shows her lovely face. Maybe not distinctive, but if you like her type she’s smokin. I’m not such a fan of the hard-body abs, but she has simply fantastic skin.

  6. i disagree with K4K..she is hot..two thumbs up :))….but News is right, she doesnt look japanese, more like Korean

  7. I agree with dartdude. Her boobs are too spherical and too plastic. I’ve seen better boob jobs.

    Without plastic, makeup, filters, lighting, airbrush and photoshop she’s not particularly special.

    I agree she’s got a nice stomach though!

    K4K is spot on.

  8. By the way Zamscan, do you use a plugin to capture the stills from the video with Media Player Classic?


  9. Nice body, but I think her face was contaminated with western style. If she wants to be more represent Asian, thus she has to be more natural.
    But still she is “WOW”

  10. Wow! I don’t know if silicone is required for Playboy models these days, but it sure seems that pubic hair is not.

  11. yes. korean; not japanese.

    and yes! beautiful face, great stomach (and everything else!), fantastic landscaping down below, and probably the worst and ugliest boob job that i have ever seen. shame, shame!

    and if she was gonna choose a japanese stage name, she should’ve been able to come up with something better than that! jeez…

  12. I’m not so sure – I think both Maya and Kaya (is there a pattern here?) could be Japanese. What makes them not look Japanese could simply be down to facial surgery.

  13. She’s alright. I say that she has had facial surgery to change her look because the natural look isn’t a big seller in America. Her boobs maybe plastic-looking, but they are not the worst that I have seen. There’s plenty of models whose boobs are much worse. And the abs are fantastic. I love models with a nice, flat stomach.

    She could have picked a better stage name, but who cares.

  14. Japanese or Korean, who cares. Love the boobs and also her legs along and that tummy. Oh yeah and her lack of pubes also. Nice!

  15. Yet another unfortunate breast job, one of those that looks OK only if she keeps her clothes on and reveals no cleavage. She has other appealing aspects, but it is hard to get beyond the breasts.

    Playboy totally lost its way, starting about 20 years ago, with its reliance on fake, plastic women. So sad when one thinks of the history of the magazine— remembering the likes of Roberta Vasquez, Karen Valez, Alana Soares, etc.

  16. Opinions range from NO LIKE to WOW!
    Taste, preferences, we surely will never be able to agree on beauty.

    I like some parts of her, but others don’t. Overall, she is sexy for me, but not playboy material IMHO.

  17. I gotta stand up and be counted on this one – I think she’s hot! I’ll take her over any of those chubby import models – at least she’s slim and trim and fit! And I don’t think any facial surgery she might have had is overdone either – her face doesn’t look odd, like a lot of Asian American models. And while I don’t think she’s super pretty, she’s far prettier for me than any of the ‘indigenous’ looking Thai and Filipina models a lot of you guys go crazy over. And for me, her body is just awesome! I like the hard body with fake tits look. Oh yes, I like the clean-shaven look too. 😉

  18. Is there such thing is fake nipples? hehe…even her nipples look fake unless it’s photoshop once again.

  19. she is hot..nice face though more korean than japanese…i like her boobs and her trim muscular muscles….
    ok i will take doc and dazn and we can take on News the rest of ya blind monkeys :)) rumble over Adam’s house:)

  20. Maya is hot. She’s not hotter than the Thai models that I go crazy over, but she looks better than most Import models that are out there. How many models have a stomach that flat? And her boobs are fine. You guys sound like she had the worst surgery ever when they are plenty of models whose boob jobs look much worse. So please tell me why hers are so horrible.

    She may look fake, but what’s so bad with fake? People don’t want to see natural Asian beauty. People want to see a hot chick with big tits and she is giving the people what they want. What’s wrong with that?

  21. Yeah – her breasts do look very fake, but saying she has the worst boob job ever is highly unfair IMHO. They may be fake, but they’re perfectly fake (if that’s what you like). A truly bad boob job is something like Mika Tan’s, which are neither good fake tits, or natural tits, or big tits or whatever.

  22. how many asian models these days have real boobies…not many…so fake is not always bad…they may not feel nice as to others but they look great..perfect actually:) doc is right..what the hell happned to Mika’s boobs..they look horrible..she should fix them

  23. hey arf..dont know if you are asian or not but for some reason most non-asian cant distinguish between certain countries…like koreans and japanese or vietnamese/chinese…it is hard for me to tell sometime but some girls just have a look to them that you can just know right away…though not 100%…it is like me trying to figure out if you are a canadian or american…fun to guess though..this girl looks more korean to am i right? 🙂

  24. No I’m not asian, just a plain ole’ white boy. But my wife is a native Pilipina who looks nothing like her sisters as far as her eyes or skin tone or facial makeup goes when you see them together. I just don’t understand the science behind knowing what asian country a girl is from just by looking at them. All I’m trying to say is, it sometimes doesn’t matter to me exactly where they are from, as long as they are asian. And fine like this girl.

  25. I joined here so I could make this post. I completely understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a silly point to argue. Some people think Maya is hot and some don’t. That’s fine and normal.

    Just so you know, I have know her for several years, since before she moved here from Japan. While she does sometimes get mistaken for Korean, she is 100% Japanese (newworks, I’ll bet you anything on that one). No facial surgery at all. The only thing she has done is the boob job (not the nipples camelgrass).

    One final thing you need to consider, the style of the shots and the post production (e.g. Photoshop) technique, can make anyone (or body parts) look more or less fake. I think this is probably the case here. I am not going to give my opinion here on what I think of her looks because I am biased. I am sure some of you will jump all over me for posting this – so be it. However, I just wanted add something factual here.

  26. We’re cool here, we won’t jump over you (I think). 🙂

    But she can send us some more pics, that’s always welcomed!

    And welcome here too, Realistic.

  27. Hi Realistic – thanks for your considered comments. It is definitely possible Maya’s face is all-natural – as I said, it lacks the ‘oddness’ that is usually the indicator of facial surgery in Asian American models (although if she had work done in Japan it would be much harder for me to spot). I merely speculated that facial surgery may be why people think she looks Korean. However, as I say above, she looks as though she’s probably Japanese to me anyway – she has more of a Japanese ‘mood’ than Korean (or anything else for that mater).

  28. I am not going to spend my time worrying about if she is 100% Japanese or not or if she had facial surgery or not. What matters is that she is Asian, she’s hot, and her abs are spectacular. And be sure to check out her MySpace page. She just put up a new group of photos on there.

  29. Candyman: “…what’s so bad with fake? People don’t want to see natural Asian beauty. People want to see…big tits and she is giving the people what they want…”

    I for one, & I’m sure many others here, prefer all natural Asian beauty. I’ve hundreds of pics of my all-natural Japanese girlfriend & I look at them every day, with great joy I may add. Not everyone is your idea of “the people”.

  30. I need to use less generalizations when I comment. Sometimes it happens though. When I first started out as a photo collector, I used to be a staunch advocate of natural Asian beauty. But over the years, my stance has changed to become more accepting of surgery.

    I love natural beauty. All I am asking is what is so bad with fake? What is so bad with a model who enhances their look with surgery as long as it is not awful? From some of the comments that have been made about Maya, it sounds like she has had the worst surgery ever which I disagree with because Mika Tan is the perfect example. Maya wouldn’t need surgery if there was more of a market for natural Asian beauty in America.

  31. I am, for the most part, with luvgirls on this. I am not totally opposed to surgery IF it is well done. For me, the only worthy breast job is the one that leaves you wondering, at least for awhile, whether it is a job at all. If, on the other hand, you can quickly identify the breasts as fake, as something that could not possibly be possessed naturally by any member of the human species, the surgeon has failed. I, for one, never said that Maya S. had some of the worst surgery ever. It is just bad in the sense that it jumps right out at you as obviously fake. Mika Tan’s breast job is not just bad, but very, very bad.

  32. By the way Zamscan, do you use a plugin to capture the stills from the video with Media Player Classic?
    Posted by: camelgrass on May 21, 07 | 4:19 am

    it’s not a plugin, it’s built into the player
    here’s link for the steps to make sequential thumbnails with MPC


  33. Thanks for all the great links Zam! I don’t care what anybody else says: I think she’s one of the hottest Asain Sirens ever!

  34. hey doc..not the hottest ever but pretty nice. her stomach is the bomb:) and the boobs are to die for. like Borat say….sure like to have mouth party with her:))
    she is one of those models that will look good in one shot but not so good in others.

    her voice is kinda weird though

  35. Oh sweet Jesus that girl is hot. It looks like she spends all day at the gym, which I happen to like. Her entire body is perfectly toned, yet not bulky.

    I think she’s a rare find and if anyone else knows of others like her, by all means, post them!

  36. more please…love the stomach and the boobs….the piercing is cool too…

  37. Let’s not forget a certain favorite of ours; Sunghi Lee (whose body Maya’s is very similar to), who also had her share of “body work” done.

  38. lol. zamscan, why ddgirls?

    This girl has spent too much time in the sun and her skin has suffered. Also, her breasts look aweful. She could pass for a great car show model though.

  39. oh, sorry for double posting, but i read a few more comments further down and have a rebuttle.

    I hang out with a ton of korean people, I think I am rather qualified to say that she does not look the least bit Korean to me. And as Doc ( i think ) said, her mood doesnt look Korean, but instead Japo. ( only us pros can tell… haha. ).

    And as for her name… why????????

  40. I’ll bet she is. Planning to do a shoot with her and Sachiko myself next year if all goes according to plan – fingers crossed!

    And BTW, from our private communication I can confirm that she is indeed Japanese.

  41. The Black Net Dress was a nice photo shoot, but she didn’t look as hot as she did in some of the pic’s above. I’ll have to look at the Sheer Blue Bikini shots tomorrow as I’m over my RapidShare limit for now.

  42. The Zamscan references are to sets of my copyrighted material of Maya, which of course is both illegal and rude by undercutting my market for material I’ve paid to shoot. Just go to and sign up to view, OK??

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